The Nifty Thrifty: Oregon and the Moon

I know... we're two days late!  We probably should have mentioned last week that posting would be a little sparse, since I was away in Oregon for the week, and Chris joined me for the weekend to attend my brother's wedding.  Fun times were had, that is until we took the red-eye home last night.  Today we pushed through the exhaustion to take a couple pictures, so you will have to forgive us for this brief and tardy Nifty Thrifty post...

While in Oregon, we went to the second day (slimmer pickings, but half off!) of a few estate sales with my mom and picked up some cool pieces for next to nothing.  This mod little "Lloyd high intensity lamp" folds up and bends in every which direction.  At the same sale we spotted this tiny red Dansk enamel butter warmer; it has some chipping in the enamel on the outside, and it seems to be a newer version, but we couldn't resist it.  Our last notable estate sale purchase was this 1971 printing of the American National Red Cross "First Aid" book in almost perfect condition.  It has a great vintage look and is filled with tons of hilarious and awkward illustrations.

That's it for the thrift finds this week, but we realized we forgot to share this recent Ebay purchase from a couple weeks ago...

Chris had been desperately searching for one of these Chein moon globes with the awesome tulip-like stand ever since he discovered they existed, so he was stoked when we won this beauty on Ebay for $35 plus shipping (which is a pretty good deal for this guy... especially since we're definitely keeping it).  One item checked off the wish list!

What do you think of our finds?  Have you checked anything off your "wish list" lately?  Do you love red-eye flights as much as we do...?  I'm hilarious, I know.  Time for bed!

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  1. Not a fan of red eyes either but you did manage to find some great pieces! That lamp is totally hot! The globe is super cool and def. a deal for that price! Thanks for the link up.

  2. That globe is awesome! Glad you guys were able to add it to your collection.

  3. That globe is stunning. Now that I know they exist, I think I may need one too.

  4. I want a globe like that! One more thing to add to the wish list! Thank you for hosting.

  5. Thanks for hosting, glad you put your party up. Have a great week.

  6. You have sure been busy in a happy way. Glad you held your party. Have a great week.

  7. I LOVE that lamp. That is awesome!

  8. Great finds! I love the lamp!

  9. I'm a collector of "red stuff", so I love your lamp and butter warmer. So fun!

    That globe is simply amazing. I can see why you would fall in love with it!

  10. I love that book, have the same one. Looove the orange lamp and globe, so beautiful!


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