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Hey Thrifters!

So, as Julia mentioned, I was visiting a lovely town on the West Coast this past weekend for an interview at an amazing school, and I definitely felt the support from all of you.  And I'm excited to inform all of you that the interview went very well, and I did indeed get the job!  So, Julia and I will be frequenting the five local thrift stores in Ojai, California as well as the many others in the surrounding area for years to come, starting this summer!  Of course this means we'll be making many posts about our new location and our upcoming move west over the next several months, but for now I'll just show you what we've picked up over this past week...

We've been stepping back from our normal thrifting recently with all the stress of the job search and the excitement over the move, but that doesn't mean we haven't found some pretty cool stuff this week.  While visiting the school in Ojai, CA I checked out a few of the local thrift stores and found this awesome Dansk cutting board for $8, which I have been wanting for months now--our current large cutting board is just boring and a bit hard to clean because of its design.  This cutting board, on the other hand, is sloped from a flush edge on one side to an indented edge on the other for catching the unwanted bits from produce and meat alike.  I'm definitely keeping this one... and taking it off our Etsy registry.  I also spotted several cool mid century modern pieces at the stores while I was there, which gives me hope for finding great things next year, but they would not have fit in my carry-on bag, so they had to stay.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we've also been picking up a few things on Ebay to boost our Etsy shop; the teak Dansk salt and pepper shaker/mill is one of them.  I love these combined salt and pepper shakers, but I really want the squat version of this one for our home--so this will go up on Etsy shortly.

This beautiful set of orange Cathrineholm lotus bowls was also an Ebay find, and they will also be rushing to our Etsy shop within a day or so.  We recently added a set of small Cathrineholm bowls that we also bought online, and they have brought lots of viewers to our shop since.  We will be selling these as three different listings: the bowl in the upper left, the two little bowls in the front, and the large bowl on the right.

We forgot to take pictures of it, but we also picked up an awesome tin Chein moon globe off Ebay for $35!  Like the Dansk cutting board, this is an item I have wanted for quite a long time, and now it's mine!  All mine!!  Muah ha ha ah!  Uh... anyway.  I guess we've gotten many things we've wanted this week, but although the Dansk and the moon globe are awesome, my new job is definitely our big win for the week.

How was your week in thrift?  Did you pick up anything interesting?  What do you think of our purchases?

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  1. Congratulations Christopher on your successful California trip. Big changes ahead, lots of fresh thrifting opportunities. Thanks for hosting Julia and Christopher.

  2. Congrats!! Fantastic news on the job and relocating to CA will be amazing. All the best for you both. Love the finds this week. Green over the Cathrineholm and those Dansk pieces are winners.

  3. Sounds like an exciting move with great thrifting possibilities. Love the bowls!

  4. you always find such great stuff x

  5. Well done on the job, I'm sure it'll be fun discovering lots of thrift shops when you move!

  6. Congrats on the new job in Ojai. Envious that you guys will be thrifting in California soon! Love the Catherineholm and the Dansk items, too.

  7. Congratulations on the job. I enjoy following your blog. Great finds. Thank you for posting.

  8. Congratulations and all the best on your new adventure in Ojai! I went to college not far from there, in Santa Barbara. I think you are also fairly close to Ventura, which has lots of great thrift shops! -Melissa @Scavenger Hunt

  9. Congrats on the new opportunity, how exciting! I can't believe that Dansk cutting board was only $8. I just saw the same exact one at an estate sale and it was much, much more than that! Closer to retail, way out of my budget. Good finds!

  10. Congratulations on the job, and good luck with the move! :)

  11. Wonderful finds...I love the bowls! More importantly, congrats on the job! A coast-to-coast move -- how exciting!

  12. Yet again your photos make me go oooh and ahh!

    I think the chopping board is my favourite this week x

  13. Ugh. I can still remember the time I found some Cathrineholm casseroles at the Goodwill and didn't get them because I didn't know what they were.
    I'm smarter now. Not much, but a little...;)

  14. Congratulations on the job and welcome to California! We will have to meet at some point.

  15. I'm a little late to join - but it made my day to stumble by finding you today.
    Love your compositions & photography - a compliment I don't five out that freely! (Tough critic.)
    New follower & happy fellow thrifter.. Sharing is a big part of the fun!

  16. Congrats, Chris! How exciting to move to a brand new city with brand new thrifts! Oh the joy:-)

    Love those Catherineholm bowls. I will find those someday. My sister loves anything orange and these are definitely something I would love to surprise her with.


  17. Just now reading this. Congrats on the job. Ojai is my hometown and I love it. You will too!


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