The Nifty Thrifty: I'd Buy You The Moon

Hey Thrifters!

The Nifty Thrifty is back, and on time (unlike last week)!  Shockingly, we didn't make it to Savers again this week.  Since we found out that we will be moving in early July for my job next year we have been cutting back pretty dramatically on our regular thrifting.  We have, however, continued with our online purchases to boost the quality of the items in our shop.  I hadn't bought anything on Ebay since high school, and at that time I was mostly buying new items, but I've recently realized that it is another great place to look for good deals on vintage goods; you just have to make sure you stick to your spending limits.

This 6" Replogle moon and celestial globe set is one of our most recent Ebay purchases, and they are both already listed in our Etsy shop!  I'm super happy with my recent Chein moon globe purchase, and since I have an affinity for moon globes I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have these little guys in our shop.

This is an awesome little 4" stainless steel and orange enamel Cathrineholm bowl I also purchased on Ebay.  I might end up selling this at some point, but it is in excellent condition, so it will have to chill on my dresser for a while before I can decide whether to part with it or not.

Like our finds, or did you find anything exciting this week?  Let us know, and link up below!

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  1. I also purchase on Ebay from time to time. It is a wonderful pandora's box. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Always fun finding things and then passing them to the next owner. Thanks for hosting. Love joining in.

  3. Oh I am always super jealous of your globes! These are incredible!

  4. hey your back that's great! I linked up 2 posts, I hope that's ok as I missed you last week. So loving those globes especially the paler one, i love maps. Wow what exciting times you are in hope you are keeping stress levels downxxxxxx

  5. Those globes are killing me with their awesomeness! I've been eyeing them since you listed them on Etsy...

  6. Hi Christopher and Julia. Thanks for hosting. Moon globes - wow !


  7. In looove with thos globes, I'd love having those around until they sold. Stunning.

  8. The celestial globes are incredible. What a find!

  9. Love the globes and the CH bowl. Thanks for the link up!

  10. I did not know that there were moon globes. Those are awesome! Thanks for hosting the party again this week!


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