Shoe Art, aka Help My High School Art Department!

We haven't done an art post around here in quite awhile, instead focusing on the vintage and styling side of things recently, but art is always a big part of our lives.  Chris teaches high school photography, and I have taught lots of art, too (as a middle school art teacher, then after school classes and private art lessons), and we are HUGE proponents of the importance of art education and developing creativity.  We've both been working in the private school industry, but I went to a public school where I happened to have an awesome art teacher (yay Mrs. McBride!!) who has developed a great art program, and they need your help!

Lakeridge High School is in the top ten of the Northwest Region of the very cool Vans Custom Culture contest, and they are in the running to win up to $50,000 for the art department!  The students were tasked with creating four pairs of Vans shoes, one in each category of Music, Art, Local Flavor, and Board Sports, and boy did they go all out!  Go to www.vans.com/customculture/vote to check out all the entries, but especially to go to the Northwest Region and vote for my alma mater, Lakeridge High School.  I have to say, even though I'm a little biased, the Lakeridge entry is definitely one my favorites out of all 50, as they really took the concept to the next level by re-imagining their shoes as art, not just decorated shoes.

Here is what they came up with:

This one is my favorite, for the amazing attention to detail, total shoe transformation, and awesome title.

The "art" shoe is just genius; they actually made a really interesting sculpture using all those bits of shoe innards.  Now that's thinking outside the box.

Bringing in some Portland, OR pride, I love how colorful and crazy these dragon boat shoes are.

And finally, their heavy metal music shoes are the most shoe-like of all their entries, but are still totally out there and awesome.  I mean, just look at those tongues...

So please, if you are as impressed as I am by these super creative high school art students, take a moment and go vote for Lakeridge High School in the Northwest Region of this contest!  If they win their region, all 20 of the Lakeridge student designers will be flown to New York City on Vans dime for the final event, and they will have a one in five shot at winning $50,000 for their art department.  Thanks so much for your help!

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