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Last week we posted a little peek into our new bedroom, and this week we have a lot more to share!  We've been doing lots of spring cleaning and organizing to get our apartment in shape, and last weekend we spent hours taking photos of some of our favorite parts.  We're kindof perfectionists when it comes to taking photos, and we're trying to up our game on that front even more lately... it's amazing how long it can take to capture the "perfect picture" of a space, especially a space that is small, awkwardly shaped, and solely lit by whatever natural light is coming in the windows.  That meant a lot of cramming ourselves and the tripod into very tight situations... and a lot of trying to get our pets to sit still enough for those slow shutter speeds necessary to capture the light, because every picture is better with a cute animal in it:

Right?  This is the sitting area in our bedroom (check out the floor plan I drew in our bed post to help figure out how all this pictures fit together).  Most of this furniture was in our old office (when the bedroom was the office), but it stayed during the move.  Things we have added are: the cowhide rug moved from the living room, the Lane table we bought at an estate sale a few weeks back, the Periodic Chart of the Atoms (which you can see in this post, which also shows what the old office/now bedroom used to look like) moved into the new office and was replaced by a National Geographic moon map and some thrifted art, and Chris's dresser moved in to the window nook.

We love this little relaxation area almost as much as Odo loves rolling around on that cowhide rug (seriously... what is that about?).

We posted a very similar picture of our new bed situation in our bed post, but we took a new picture for good measure with the few tiny changes we have made.  Plus, Bella was sleeping in a super adorable way, and who can resist that?

Here is the view coming out of the bedroom and walking down our long hallway/entryway towards the living room.  We moved that credenza into the hallway from the office, where it conveniently holds our mail organizer, lots of art, and one of my favorites from our globe collection (made during WWII).  To the left is the bathroom and then the landing and stairs down to our front door, and to the right is the office/shop/mess of inventory (hence the lack of new pictures of the office... it's a small room packed to the brim with stuff and just isn't much to look at right now).  The entryway and long hallway are great for playing fetch with the dog, but it does take up a lot of our 962 square feet with not very useful space.

This is the view of the main sitting area in our living room from the doorway.  Since you last saw this room, we have bought a coffee table (at Savers for $7, oh yeah), bought a really cool huge succulent plant at IKEA for said coffee table (for $20), moved the sheepskin from the couch to the white Eames style rocker, and put the Hudson Bay style wool blanket we picked up at Savers on our couch for a simpler, more cohesive look.

Looking back at the doorway from the opposite corner of the room, you get a better view of the new (to us) coffee table, plant, and sheep-on-Eames, plus a lovely look at our freshly re-styled hutch.  We think it gets better every time we re-organize it, and we especially like how we tried to stay closer to the color palette of the rest of the room this time.

Turning to your right from the last picture, here's a look at our eating area in the living space.  You can see the display case on the right, which holds a lot of the dishes we have for sale in our shop on the inside and our personal globe collection on top, and our lovely little table nook.  We've moved our orange Eames office chairs to the dining table since they took up too much space in the office; graphically, we think they look great, but logistically, the arms bump into the table and make them a pain to get in and out of.  Not a permanent solution, but at least they're better than the folding chairs we had before.

This is a little snippet of our kitchen, looking into the living room.  Our kitchen has a fatal flaw, which you can't see in the floor plan, where it just looks huge.  The ceilings slope down on both sides of the long galley style room, so there is no room for upper cabinets, windows, or art along the length of the room, making the space not as functional or as photogenic as it could be. There is one small window at the very end of the room, but it does not provide much light and makes photographing the kitchen absurdly difficult.  We did manage to get this picture, which shows how we have dealt with the lack of upper cabinets by adding some wood lawyer bookcases on the counter to hold our frequently used dishes, along with our cookbooks and our personal collection of enamelware and such on top.

Coming back into the living room, this photo was taken from the doorway of the kitchen back into the living space.  Because of the odd layout of the room with the dormers and sloped ceilings, we had to get creative with our space planning in order to have a "living room" area and a "dining room" area; it can be hard to show how this works in photos, so hopefully having pictures from all angles makes it a little more understandable.

Also worthy of note... we like how the hutch and small gallery wall fit around the TV to make it blend in with the rest of the wall in a much more subtle way.

And finally, a view back down the hallway, all the way from the living room into the bedroom where Bella was still sleeping on our bed.  In case you were wondering, that crazy plant on the right is an aloe plant that Chris's mom pawned off on us since she had too many, and we love it.  We want more interesting plants, as they add so much life to a space.  In fact, observant people may have noticed that some plants were moved around a bit as we photographed to make sure there was enough plant life in every photo!

If past years are any indication, the "Small Cool" contest should be starting on Apartment Therapy soon, and we are looking forward to submitting photos of our space!  We were hoping that the contest would start sooner, so we could link up to our entry in this post (as we will need tons of votes and support from you!), but it hasn't gone live yet.  So, we'll definitely let you know once that's out there, and if you like our space, we hope you'll find the time to help us out when that happens :)

In the meantime, what do you think of our apartment?  What's your favorite part?  Also, maybe you can help us out... we can only submit 5 photos for the contest; we think we know which ones we want to enter, but perhaps your opinions will sway us... which 5 photos do you think are the best?


  1. Do you guys need a roommate?! You have a lovely home. I'm pretty sure I love all of it! Especially the Pyrex displayed on your big shelf. And the globes, I love globes. I used to have a nicely styled house too, then I had a baby and he likes all those lovely little things. For now most of it has been put away or stashed some where high. It's worth it though, he's pretty cool. : )

  2. What wonderful pictures of a wonderful little home!

  3. Your sweet dog has gotten so big. These photos give me a better perspective. Odo must think he killed that cowhide rug for you! He must be a hunter.
    Great photos, I don't know which ones to choose. They do make the place look very inviting.
    Sad that I'll never be able to see your apartment in person. :(

  4. Your home is amazing. We need to keep more of our finds. I especially love the rug in your living room. Cheers - Chris

  5. LOVE your apartment! I'm seriously inspired to go re-arrange and re-decorate my own apartment right now, but because it's almost 11PM, I'll refrain for now. Nicely done! :)

  6. The top five and the second to last are my favorite pics. I wish I had a good place like that to store my globe collection. I love how well they are showcased, like art.

  7. Your living space is BEEEEAAAUTIFUL. Definitely worth the time you guys spent to take your photos, they turned out perfect and I love the photos of your adorable animals. I know how you feel with taking photos, I spend hours on it too. You'd think it would be easier in an apartment filled to the brim with windows but then you can't take a shot without glare on something or the windows being blown out all over the place so it looks like your home is filled with big white squares.

    I was wondering if you guys would let me write about your awesome vintage filled space one day for a new feature I'm working on about that? I'll e-mail you the details. Thanks!


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