The Wedding Ones: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Time for another little foray into the world of wedding planning...

Today I'm thinking about bridesmaid dresses.  In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a very "traditional" person, and the same holds true when it comes to bridesmaids dresses, meaning I don't like the idea of my five awesome bridesmaids wearing the same thing.  I put quotes around the traditional, since I don't think matching bridesmaids dresses actually has a very long history, but that's what we associate with bridesmaids nowadays, so whatever.  My bridesmaids are all lovely, stylish people and I think they should be able to wear something they like (and will hopefully wear again) to my wedding, plus I'm just not a big fan of matchy-matchy stuff in general.

That said, of course I want them to look like they're part of the same bridal party, since they'll all be standing up there together, so it was an easy jump to deciding they should wear something that fits into the color palette of the whole affair;  I'm sure you'd be able to guess said color palette by looking at the dresses, but for any colorblind people out there, we're looking at aqua blues and light peaches and golds.  My dress is solid ivory lace with a longish tea length hem, so I think it would make sense if they wore something shorter than my dress, probably knee-length or up (obviously not too short!), and hopefully something with some pretty lacy details, an exciting pattern, or a cool texture or something to make it fun.  Vintage or vintage-inspired is encouraged (my dress is 1950's), but most importantly I want them to find a style that they feel good in.  I divided the dresses into groups for the purpose of making pretty graphics for this post, but the goal would be to have a good mix of styles and colors between all the girls.

Also, what is it about the simple solid colored bridesmaids dresses that are advertised to me all over the internet (it's like every website knows I'm engaged and puts up the requisite ads... creepy) costing hundreds of dollars??  My wedding is in California and none of my bridesmaids live there, so I'm already asking them to pay for travel and hotel costs, and being the thrifty person I am, I just can't fathom asking them to spend much on a new (or used!) dress.  For this little collection of dresses I scouted on the internet, most are in the $30-$90 range, with only a few exceptions.

I've been combing the internet (ok, mostly just ModCloth and Ruche) for dresses that my bridesmaids could either choose to buy online or just use as inspiration for their own dress hunt.  I'm hoping to have the chance to do some bridesmaid dress shopping with all my girls, partly because it will be fun (duh) and partly to make sure everyone is able to find something they love that also fits into the overall scheme.  Each dress in this post in numbered with the matching link at the end of the post.

What do you think of my bridesmaid dresses concept?  Which one is your favorite?  Do you think they'll still look like one bridal party in all different dresses?

Happy Pi Day!

1. Flower Market Date Dress from ModCloth - $72.99
2. Life is But a Gleam Dress from ModCloth - $89.99
3. To A Skylark Crochet Detail Dress from Ruche - $44.99
4. You and Sky Dress from ModCloth - $84.99
5. Sugared Peach Lace Dress by Tulle from Ruche - $74.99
6. Beach Boutique Dress from ModCloth - $57.99
7. Falling Stars Dress in Daybreak from ModCloth - not currently available :(
8. Convivial Pursuit Dress from ModCloth - $129.99
9. Mimosa Polka Dot Dress from Ruche - $46.99
10. Ice to See You Dress from ModCloth - $82.99
11. Coconut Layer Cake Dress from ModCloth - $49.99
12. Vintage 1950's Dress from Etsy - $85
13. Not a Prosecco Too Soon Dress from ModCloth - $94.99
14. Tea Cupcake Dress from ModCloth - $67.99
15. Beachy Peachy Dress from Etsy - $32
16. Sketching Stories Dress from ModCloth - $87.99
17. Sonoran Desert Printed Dress from Ruche - $38.99
18. When the Night Comes Dress in Petal from ModCloth - $99.99
19. White Wine Night Dress from ModCloth - $62.99
20. A Fine Outline Dress from ModCloth - $52.99
21. Belvoir Visit Lace Dress from Ruche - $39.99
22. Pretty as a Parasol Dress from ModCloth - $79.99
23. Pale Pink Posies Dress from ModCloth - $54.99


  1. You are so organized! I like 9,11,14 myself. I love the Cupcake Dress (14) but might be too silly for the MOB (mother of bride).
    Hope your bridesmaids (and maybe guests(?)) are duly inspired by your ideas!

  2. Love your colors and choices. Another online shop I like is eShakti if you need any more options!

  3. Love the concept, option 2 is my favorite.

  4. Nice Post....Beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses. All designs are amazing. Great job!

  5. I love the colour of the dresses.....they are so cute!

  6. My maid of honor just directed me to your post, and I want to thank you for reminding me of who I am and what I like.

    This idea is genius. <3 Thank you!

  7. These are gorgeous. i'd love patterns of some.


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