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Hey Thrifters!

This week we found double (or maybe even triple) our expectations for a normal good week, and we are really excited about it!  We definitely worked hard for it, but oh boy did it pay off!

Most of our purchases came from a "Super Mid Century Estate Sale," as it was listed on Craigslist, and it did not disappoint.  I spotted the ad about a week back in my renewed CL searching, and as soon as I found it, I knew that we needed to be some of the first people in the door.

We've been to countless estate sales, and due to our relaxed nature (a polite description for lazy--especially on Saturday mornings) we rarely arrived prior to eight o'clock.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cut-throat world of estate sales, that's late... very late.  Well for this particular sale, we planned ahead, set an alarm, and woke up at 5 am to get there by about 6:30, since it was over an hour drive away, and when we arrived there were already five people ahead of us on the waiting list!  We got numbers six and seven, which we were pretty pleased about, especially considering that by the time the sale opened there were almost 70 numbers handed out!  I'd attribute this mostly to the fact that they had a full dining set of Herman Miller Eames chairs and table, along with several other big MCM name brand furniture pieces.

We, however, had smaller goals, and the knowledge to snag our items fast.  Also, if you've followed us for a while you may remember a set of lovely Danish modern day beds we picked up at an egregiously low price from an estate sale (and then promptly sold one for $500, which was enough to pay for reupholstering the other one for ourselves, which you can see on the Tour the Space page in the office... which is going to change this week after we share new photos of the office turned bedroom!).  Anywhoo... this estate sale was organized by the same company, and we knew they priced things to sell, which turned out to be absolutely true once again.

So, just to give you an idea of what we were looking for after searching the photos of the estate sale online ahead of time... we wanted six items: an Arabia Finland pitcher, a Dansk ice bucket, a set of three Chemex coffee pots, and a framed print of Tuckerman Ravine (a local hike and ski location of epic proportions for the East Coast).  We tried to figure out what rooms things were in based on the photos, and we divided and conquered as soon as we were in the door.

So, yeah, we got everything and more!  We are extremely happy with our large version of the Dansk ice bucket and the lovely medium sized Arabia milk pitcher (listed on Etsy here) with Julia's favorite cat pattern.  Also featured in this picture is a iron plant stand made from railroad spikes which is a bit too heavy to list on Etsy due to it's potentially ridiculous shipping costs, but it would be great in our (future) booth... or at least in our own space for now.

No need to pinch yourself; you're looking at the CM-4, the CM-2, and the CM-1 by Chemex.  Not only that, but we also got several packs of unused filters!  We'll be selling these as a set on Etsy shortly.  I've wanted one of these forever, but my little brother just got me a very similar product for my birthday with a very convenient re-usable cloth filter and filter handle thingy.  I will, however, be enjoying their presence in my kitchen until they eventually sell.

Not all may feel the same affection for the sport, but I've been skiing in the North East since I was four years old, and Tuckerman ravine is simply iconic, so I wanted this piece to keep.  Based on the online photos, I thought that this was a photograph, and being a photographer myself I was pumped, but once I was there and it was in my bag of goodies, I realized that it was actually a print of a painting, and I was even more intrigued.  This $5 piece of art has now replaced a Paint by Number painting in our office turned bedroom, and it couldn't fit our bedroom scheme better.  You may notice there are a few reflections in this image; this is due to the fact that it is framed and behind a piece of glass.  We struggled at first to find a way to photograph it without the reflections, but the light was dwindling and we decided to just do what we could with it.  Julia ended up holding the piece up while I photographed it, and I just cropped the rest of the print out for the post.

We picked up this metal rack at the estate sale for $5 to hold a selection of our growing collection of vintage blankets in the office/store.  This simple investment in our display will hopefully pay off when we get a booth, so we can sell some of these guys!

These are also estate items we found this Saturday, but the Man on the Moon was actually found at another estate sale we visited on Saturday afternoon on our way home; it's a Souvenir Issue of the Boston Sunday Globe from 1969 in excellent condition.  The vintage books (which we love for styling photos), cross country skiing booklets, and brass duck bookends, however, are all finds from the first epic estate sale.

We've been collecting books for a few months now, but we have an affinity for blue hardcovers, and Julia particularly enjoyed a hilarious collection of knitting books from the 40's-early 70's.  The best is This is Knitting (think "This is Sparta!" when you say it).

The round floral table cloth and the wood chevron-esque inlay tray were also from that amazing first estate sale, but the long blue $4 toolbox and the crewel of the sunflowers (made to look like the Vincent Van Gogh painting) were dug out from the basement of the second estate sale we visited.  I'm definitely keeping the blue toolbox for my growing collection of Polaroids and other instant photographs.  Everything else, on the other hand, will be listed in our Etsy shop soon.

This wool hat (made in Italy by Brooks Brothers) and black satin and velvet birdcage veil and box were also from the first estate sale where we made out like bandits.  We've bought a good number of fur hats at Savers, but this is our first time buying items like this at an estate sale.  The veil and matching box in particular are very cool--Julia had a lot of fun wearing the veil this afternoon--but it will definitely be for sale as soon as we can take pictures of it on her.  I, unfortunately, don't look great in the men's hat on the left... Julia thinks it needs someone with a beard, though she is opposed to me growing one.

Can you guess where we picked this 1970's globe up?  Savers!  I know, it's not often that a Savers purchase is a surprise on our blog.  Of course we went this week, but this was the best we could come up with on our single visit.  We're definitely not disappointed though, it's in perfect condition besides the fact that it is missing it's original book (we put something else in there to take pictures).  I'm sure someone on Etsy will appreciate it though, and it's already listed here.

Check out our awesome homemade candle!  You can read all about how we made it here
And to end on a very positive note, I bought this beautiful little Lane side table at the second estate sale we stopped at this Saturday.  Unlike at the first sale I had to talk the sellers down a bit, but it's awesome.  I am tempted to keep it, but it would probably bring us some easy money on either Etsy or Craigslist.  Julia is trying to convince me to sand off the black paint from the legs and bring this baby back to it's original wood glory, but with all of the solid wood Danish modern furniture in our space I'm tempted to leave it as is for a little contrast.  Any thoughts?

It's not our usual custom to post our prices, except on items we're keeping, but we're so excited about how well we did, we wanted to provide a little glimpse into the financial side this week.  We won't give you the specifics of each piece, but we're happy to say that for all of the over 20 items in this post we paid just under $170 total, and as a very rough estimate, we think we could make four to five times that much if we sold it all. This is thrifting (Sparta)!

We hope you all had a good week, too, and we look forward to your links and comments!

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  1. Lots of wonderful finds!Love the hats!

  2. What a great week you had! I love how you are styling the pictures now, they look great! Of course I like everything you found, but the Dansk ice bucket and the Chemex trio are my favorites. I don't know if you know already, but there are chemex with an embossed mark that are worth a lot of money! Check yours before you list them!
    Thank you for hosting.

  3. Yes, I agree about your photo styling! Something my blog posts totally lack!!

    I am crazy jealous about your finds...getting up early was worth it!! I would love to score one of those ice buckets! And the Arabia cat is so cool!

    Love the side table..I would keep it black!

  4. Hi Christopher and Julia;

    Love your finds. I learn so much about mid-century when you show and tell. Love joining in, thanks for hosting.

  5. Oh another globe!!! I've been after one for ages!!!!

  6. That blanket rack. I die. And for $5!?!?!

  7. All of the scores are gorgeous as always! When I'm ready to get back to thrifting (too...damn..many scores to list and price right now) I'm inspired to check out estate sales hardcore. I'd leave the table as-is, too.

  8. Congratulations! You did so well. Beautiful stuff. :)

  9. A set of three Chemex carafes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! What an amazing score and you should do quite well selling them. Estate sales are amazing, huh? Definitely worth the lack of sleeping in.

    Have a wonderful week, guys!


  10. always so many gorgeous finds! i really admire your dedication. hard work brings great results.

  11. I like the black on the side table even if it isn't original. But, as I look around my house I see that I just seem to like black and teak/walnut together. So, maybe it's just me. As a side note, I LOVE my Chemex. If you haven't already, you should do yourself a favor before selling those and brew just one pot. It is so good.

  12. Wow, epic week for you! I love everything, but especially that globe. I've never seen one with a space for a book in the base - very cool.

  13. You had an epic week!! So many faves! To start - the congo bucket (such a score), the cat pitcher (side note I found one in a thrift this week - asking price? $65!! - yeah, had to leave that one behind), the chemex set - wow. Thanks for the link up.

  14. I love the sunflowers embroidery and the way you have displayed the blankets!!
    Aqeela x

  15. oooo those blankets.....that chevron blanket is gorgeous! XX

  16. Whoa! Great finds. And I thought I was the only one who had a good Chemex haul! ;-)

  17. Holy crap, good for you guys for getting up so early! It looks like you were handsomely rewarded. I saw the globe on Etsy this morning and was instantly jealous. Nice find!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. amazing finds! Love the Chemex, of course. And Tuckerman's Ravine! My hubby raves about that place from his youth back in the '60's.

    LOVE your photo styling..

  20. I have just found your blog and am enjoying looking around. Your collection of vintage blankets are beautiful!

  21. I am in love with everything you found. ALL OF IT! I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds! http://www.brightgreendoor.com/2013/05/go-get-your-garage-sale-on-with.html


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