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Hey Thrifters!

We've been really busy over the past few weeks re-organizing our space, doing spring cleaning (we posted about our bedroom last week, and this week we'll be sharing lots of pictures of our newly styled space, which we took this weekend!), applying to teaching positions for next year, trying to get a booth at an antiques mall, and getting my car prepped to sell, along with a whole slew of other things.  And after having such a successful haul last week we decided to take it easy this week, but in keeping with our recent trend of awesome finds we picked up some great stuff.

Firstly, we have to admit that the lovely set of 5.5" Cathrineholm bowls you see in this picture were not thrifted, but in a dramatic change of direction we actually won them in an Ebay auction.  I hadn't even placed a bid on Ebay since I was in high school, and Julia had never bid on an Ebay auction, but these were coming up on the end of the auction and the price was just too good.  So we did some mental calculations and decided that we should put in a price that we would be happy to spend on it, and placed our bid within ten seconds of the auction ending.  In general, Ebay is a great place for finding awesome things at good prices, but every once in a while it can be a great opportunity for those looking  to get things on the cheap.  I personally love Cathrineholm, and I'm always down to house some beautiful enamel until it sells, but more than that, I am convinced that just having Cathrineholm in our shop will attract the kind of vintage buyer we are looking for.  We are trying to sharpen our shop and increase the number of desirable items, so that our shop has more of a boutique feel rather than a flea market one.

The yellow Dansk butter warmer was Julia's big find for the week at a Savers in Connecticut.  We were down in CT because of a job interview for myself, and while I was inundated with meetings, Julia was shopping away at the numerous thrift stores in the area (a very re-assuring part of the process), and while on her explorations she also picked up the brown enamel pan on the left at a Goodwill.  Julia found the patriotic eagle crewel on linen canvas at our usual Savers earlier in the week.

Along with her other Savers finds while in CT, Julia also returned with these two Blue Heaven round cake/baking pans.  Although Connecticut was not exactly on the top of our list of places to move to, we were actually quite surprised at how interesting the geography and the number of thrifty opportunities there were for us in the area--not to mention the relative proximity to Boston and NYC.  Julia was actually behind just about everything in this post, including the Temporama and Blue Heaven serving platters, which she found at the Savers in Nashua at the same time as the  eagle crewel.

How was your week in thrift?  What do you think of our finds?  Have you bought things on Ebay before?

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  1. Nice Catherine Holm bowls. I buy on eBay sometimes, not as much as I used too. The BF buys a lot of car items, I buy bulk Biore stripes (they are about $14 for 8 I think in Canada, 50 for $25 on eBay) & random stuff. I have never bought glassware, but am bidding on some right now. Too nervous about having them shipped & breaking.

  2. You are on fire! It is interesting how we fine tune our picks after a while, right? The cathrineholm will bring a lot of traffic and that on itself is worth spending a bit more on those bowls. Thank you for hosting and good luck with your job search.

  3. Nice finds! eBay and I are good friends, though I usually buy things for my personal collections there rather than for the shop. It's hard sometimes to find things worth reselling when you factor in shipping, but sometimes you get lucky! Wishing you a speedy and successful job search. :)

  4. I love your find this week! I've found a couple of Cathrineholm items at the thrift shops, but I look every time I go in hopes of finding a light blue bowl (to keep of course!). I took a rare break from thrifting this week to try to let some of our stock thin out, but I'm already itching to get back to it! -Melissa @ Scavenger Hunt

  5. you always find such great stuff and your room makeover is fab xxx

  6. As always Christopher and Julia, love seeing what you found. Thank you for hosting. Have a great week.

  7. Another week of great finds. We have been buying on ebay lately too. There are plenty of great last second deals to be had. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I love the striking blues and yellows you are using!

  9. The Catherine Holm bowls are lovely! I saw one the other day but it was so horribly beat up that I passed on it and it's crazy price tag.

  10. Wow some great finds I must admit I've never heard of Catherine Holm but those bowls are nice. The brown pot is something I would think about buying if I saw one. I have the Dansk pot to and I'm always on the hunt for more.

  11. Hi guys! I'm a little late checking out the links this week but better late than never! I love the Blue Heaven pieces. Although I primarily only collect Pyrex, I have brought home this particular pattern on occasion. Something about it (turquoise!) just appeals to me.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.



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