The Nifty Thrifty: Decanters, Roly Poly, and a Brass Trash Bin

Hey Thrifters,

So we're making a few changes to how we approach our thrifting, our space, and how we sell our items.  Don't worry, we'll still be on Etsy, and weekly here for The Nifty Thrifty (plus all our other posts about our apartment, wedding planning, DIY, etc), but we'll be tightening the screws throughout. Like we've mentioned in a few of our more recent posts, we are looking for booth space at an antiques mall in our area, and we've reorganized our living space to accommodate a shop room for displaying and selling the items that don't make it up on our Etsy store.  In addition to these awesome changes, we'll be posting all of our "for sale" items on our "Shop" page, so even if something isn't listed on Etsy, you can still easily contact us about purchasing it!  Also, we will be putting more effort into styling our blog photos, and we're slowly working on redesigning some elements on the blog (which will go live as soon as they're all ready) to clean up and improve your overall experience here.  Definitely let us know if you like the changes you see!

Julia and I had a great week: we finally bought a bed frame (hooray for craigslist! We'll post about it as soon as it's all ready and photographed), we went to a pretty good and very well priced estate sale, and we made some solid purchases at Savers--of course!  The two decanters with corks and the enamel fondue pot and plate were some of our favorite finds from the estate sale this past Saturday.  I've never seen such awesome decanters... I may have to trade mine out for these, but you'll be able to find the fondue set on our shop page and up on Etsy soon.  We used a few items from our personal collection for styling purposes in these photos, so the globe bank and books are both vintage, but not new finds--the same goes for any items not mentioned in the text below each photo.

The two crazy Danish modern style nut crackers were also from the estate sale we visited on Saturday, but the set of four glasses we found at Savers.  The white-haired nut cracker is the nicer of the two with its tuft of real fur, painted on eyes, and "Japan" sticker on the base, while the green haired one has googly eyes glued on and just feels a little less cool;  we found them at the estate sale in the midst of an assortment of bad Christmas stuff--a little reminder to look through everything just in case it's oddly organized.  I am tempted to keep the glasses, but the nut crackers are hilarious too.  They'll probably both end up on Etsy and our shop page, but we'll definitely enjoy them while they are here.  

This beautiful set of mid century barware was also a find at the Saturday estate sale.  These will definitely find there way to Etsy soon, and yes you'll be able to find them on our shop page as well.  We are always tempted to pick up these silver rimmed glasses--they're classic mid century, and definitely have a market; usually we don't go for the ones with thinner silver bands like these, but the full set of roly poly glasses with the matching decanter and glass stirrer convinced us to go for it. 

The Gemco salt and pepper shakers, the Greek themed ice bucket, the corked glass container, and the Georges Briard glass were all from Savers in Nashua, NH.  We'll be adding the corked glass container to a larger set for Etsy, the ice bucket will also go up on Etsy along with the salt and pepper shakers, but we may actually make a candle out of the Georges Briard glass.  Julia came up with that great idea, and I'm totally down for it!  The ice bowl is very similar to the Jeannette Glass Hellenic pattern, but it is a little different, so we're not quite sure if it's made by the same company with just a slight variation, or if it's something different.  Any ideas?

This set of six large mod yellow flower glasses and the Pyrex lemonade pitcher were Savers finds, and all will be available for sale, right on time for Spring!

Along with the glass decanters at the top of the post, these items are easily my favorite finds of the week.  The Hudson Bay style wool blanket (unmarked, and with a red/black heather background) we bought at Savers is just amazing, and just my style, and the brass trash bin we picked up at the estate sale is equally as amazing.  It's impressive how updating simple unexpected things like a trash bin can really make a room feel polished.  We'll probably keep both for now (the blanket is already making a welcome appearance on our sofa in the living room), but who knows how we'll feel later!

What do you think of all our finds this week?  Any favorites?  It's so interesting to see what everyone likes week after week!  Did you go thrifting and pick up anything cool?  Link up below!
We hope you enjoyed the new and improved Nifty Thrifty, and remember to check out our shop page, and our Etsy store for new items!

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  1. Thanks for the party! Love your roly poly glasses! Tres chic. I am going to visit your shop and favor away!

  2. Hi Christopher and Julia; hope you share more of your 'shop'/room changes as they evolve. I did post a misc. collection of thrifts and collected previously on my mantel this week, with the star being the mushroom from my DGS. Thanks for hosting, I love seeing what you've found during the week.

  3. Hi C and J, congratulations on all the great changes to your page and to the styling of the pictures. I think having a store where you have your blog develops your brand. I am thinking about doing something like it, but I am going to wait until the fall. I will come to you with questions! Great finds this week. I think the blanket is gorgeous, but all the glass is pretty fabulous too. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Great post that I think many renters many renters can find ideas about affordable apartment decor. After all, being original is all about being creative and resourceful!

  5. Another globe and love the corked bottles! We have that rocking chair too!

  6. Love the brass box - fabulous find! Linking up for the first time today.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. loving the glass in your finds this week! I linked up the little man in my laundry room who makes me smile when the ironing is trying to make me cry! xxx

  8. I love all of your scores as always :) Each. and. every. one. I'm working my ass over on my end on fixing the site, photo style, branding, and item storage, too. It's tricky to get it all right and it's always an evolution. Good luck getting it all together you two, everything looks amazing thus far!

  9. I agree about the waste bin. Elevating the simple waste bin to such beauty and dignity is fantastic! I would so keep that! Great find.

  10. So much to love in this post! Your photo styling is amazing as always. As for favorites, I think it would have to be the decanters and the brass bin. Good luck with all of your changes!

  11. You guys always find such great stuff and then photograph and stage it so nicely! I love looking at your website, it's so visually stimulating yet calming at the same time.

  12. Love! YOu guys always do such a great job styling! I wish I had that talent!! I love the brass trash bin! What a beauty!
    :) -Heather

  13. Love that trash bin now I need one too! Also love the blanket, it would be a keeper for me as well. Nice job on the styling and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes. Thanks for hosting.

  14. Lovely, as usual. I think your blog photos are perfect as is!!

  15. The little salt and pepper shakers are my favourite and I love the colour of the fondue pan too.

  16. The blanket and bin are definitely my favourites this week! I managed lots of things like a typewritter, old suitcases, records, but my favourite finds were a 50s kitchen cabinet and a starburst clock!

  17. you know how much i love thrifted linens and wool style blankets are my absolute fave! and that bin is great... so functional and gorgeous.

  18. I used to have a little globe bank something like that one, it's so cute!

    Thanks for hosting every week!

  19. Great finds! I have many of those cork topped jars, I buy them whenever I see them because they're usually cheap enough! :)

  20. I'm gonna have to go with the the second pic. Love those 4 glasses and the nut crackers are different. I've never seen them before.

  21. That trash bin is the bee's knees!


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