The Nifty Thrifty: Another Vintage Smorgasbord

Hey there fellow deal seekers,

We had a great week here at alivingspace -- not only did we celebrate both of our birthdays (mine is the 11th and Julia's is the 16th), we also thrifted two huge sets, an awesome desk organizer, and a wonderful Danish modern armchair and ottoman.  If only we could get that antique mall booth!  Until a space opens up for us we'll be finishing up our changes to the shop page, adding copious amounts of listings to our Etsy shop, and we're beginning to post more on Craigslist to work up our selling momentum.

This colorful collection of 13 glass canisters with orange plastic lids was a Savers purchase, and will quickly find its way up on Etsy.  The style and condition of the plastic makes us believe they are vintage, but they don't have any markings that have been helpful in figuring out who made these; any ideas?  As you can see, we had fun styling these items with our own collection of cool little vintage things.

The whale tray (made by Mebel in Italy - on Etsy here) and the cork desk organizer (the second one this year!) were Julia's finds from a Salvation Army run early this week.  The curious paint by number enamel plate, however, was a Savers pick; we found a painted sister plate, but someone had done quite the terrible job of painting it, so we let that one go for someone else to enjoy.  If you can't see the paint by number markings, I recommend clicking the picture to see the larger version... we had no idea they made paint by number plates!  What kind of paint would you use to keep it food safe though?

The lovely set of dishes you see in this picture is just the tip of the dinnerware iceberg!  This is a sampling from the beautiful 51 piece set that was just waiting for us when we arrived at Savers for our weekly pick.  The set of Stetson "Yellow Dogwood" includes eight place settings (dinner plates, bread plates, soup bowls, berry bowls, saucers, teacups), one serving plate, one serving bowl, and one extra teacup.  We had never seen this pattern before, but Julia recognized the Stetson thunderbird mark on the base, so we loaded them up into our cart.

This collection of fur hats was not all acquired this week, but we did find the little mink pillbox hat on the left at Savers, and the other two were also from Savers over a month ago.  We just tend to procrastinate when it comes to photographing clothing.  We've had a lot of luck selling fur and especially fur accessories on Etsy, so we definitely need to get on top of listing these.

These authentic Russian (the tags are written in Russian) rabbit fur trapper (bomber? aviator?) hats are awesome--we discovered them at  Savers at the same time as the pillbox hat above.  I'd be really tempted to keep them for myself if they weren't just a little bit too small for me.  Wah wah.  Someone will be thrilled to pick them up off us on Etsy though, and that'll make me just as happy as a big comfy fur hat.

If you're confused about seeing this Georges Briard casserole again it's because we're pairing it with this new old warming stand that even still has its original Georges Briard tag! 

I wish we had more space, so I could take better pictures of these!

And last but definitely not least... I bought this beautiful Danish modern chair and ottoman from a fellow resident at the school where I teach.  It's not perfect, and it needs cushions, but Julia and I are totally willing to put the money into re-upholstering this bad boy.  The straps on the chair are leather, which is pretty old and hard at this point, so they might need to be replaced.  "Made in Denmark" is stamped on both the ottoman and the chair, but we haven't found a maker's mark yet.  We're really tempted to consider keeping it, but we could probably find a buyer pretty quick on Craigslist--we'll definitely get the cushions made first though.  It's gonna be SWEET!

Oh yeah, you might have noticed the two other items in this photo; the two vintage blankets chillin' on our lovely new chair are Julia's finds from two different Salvation Army stores.  The blue one is crocheted, and the green one is 100% wool and made in Ireland (Happy St. Patrick's Day!).  Blankets are surprisingly lucrative... if they get listed.  ;)

What do you think of our finds?  Any favorites?  What did you thrift this week?  Link up below!

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  1. Hi Christopher and Julia, great finds this week, love the little tin globe especially. Thanks for hosting.

  2. The orange canisters remind me of Erik Kold, like these https://www.etsy.com/listing/89337913/vintage-erik-kold-plast-canister-set , although those are plastic. Maybe they also came in glass?

  3. Love the canisters. What a great color!

  4. It almost hurts me to read your thrifty finds each week.
    But I read them anyway.
    You have amazing thrift stores in your area.
    I live in the LA area and there are too many people in the movie biz who know what is cool and therefore the competition is steep!
    I still thrift though, and do always find some treasure--just not as many great pieces as you.
    Those canisters are wonderful!
    And glass too!
    Despite my complaining, I do love your blog and look forward to it always.
    Love from,

  5. Wonderful finds,as always. Of course I love the chair and ottoman. I am also not sure of the designer or make but looks very similar to the work of Ib Kofod Larsen. Cheers

  6. So many nice finds, I don't know which is my favorite. Love the furniture, but finding the casserole stand was pretty lucky and having the set completed makes it extra special. Have a good week. (ps: I'm following you on twitter).

  7. Love the chair and you would certainly need those blankets here in chilly Scotland!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Dang, you guys scored this week! I will be watching your shop for the cork organizer. It would look awesome the vintage button push pins I have been making.

  9. the cork desk organizer is fantastic! and to have scored not just one but two... lucky, lucky!

  10. That orange jar set is very cool. Happy birthday to you both!

  11. Love the orange canister set! And the chair will be stunning when your done with it. Nice finds! Thanks for the link up.

  12. Wow wow wow. Again!

    I could do with one of those fur hats right now!

    Thanks for linking up to Magpie Monday x

  13. Fantastic score on the chair! The canisters could be pyrex, but then those are always marked. Happy birthday!

  14. Nice chair! Thanks for the party

  15. Fantastic finds, fantastic blog. Im a new keen follower. I would have linked up, but its not a recent find, my wedding dress was vintage second hand find. It is on my blog though. Taz

  16. wow those are great! the dishes are so cute.


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