The Nifty Thrifty: Airline Blankets and Paint by Numbers

Hey Thrifters!

We hope you all had a productive week--we know we did.  We made big strides in the future direction of our blog and store, completely changed the layout of our space, and we still managed to find some pretty sweet vintage items:

We picked up this metal basket at Savers in Nashua, NH this week, but the two vintage airline blankets were from earlier weeks, we're keeping these for now... and who knows, we may start a collection.  We posted about the teal one in this Nifty Thrifty post (in which a very helpful reader, Brittany, helped us identify it as a North Central Airlines blanket), but we found the grey pinstripe United Airlines blanket at Savers a few weeks ago.  Oddly enough, both blankets were made by the same woolen mill (Faribo).   Julia wanted to buy it when she first saw it, but it was marked a little higher than we were willing to pay; luckily, it was still there on President's Day, so we were able to nab it at half off!

Julia picked up this set of four mod Mikasa Cera-Stone plates in the Gigi pattern at Savers this week.  This design seems to be pretty rare on the internet, and the colors and style are awesome, so hopefully they'll go quickly.

This is Julia's other find of the week--large sets of mid century dinnerware like these are usually a win for us on Etsy, so you can imagine how quickly we tucked this 20-piece set of Taylor Smith Taylor "Boutonniere" dishes from the Ever Yours line into our cart at Savers on Friday.

Julia had passed up this enamel roasting pan a few days before, but then when we were at Savers on Friday we realized that it was cooler than we thought and it was actually designed by Georges Briard.  We've seen a bit more of his designs recently, and there is definitely a desire for it online.  Up to Etsy it will go!

This awesome paint by number of two hunting dogs will be a great addition to our shop.  For some reason we end up finding up a lot of hunting themed vintage items, ranging from glasses to art.

This vintage Hanson bathroom scale is accurate and awesome, with a great retro look.  Another Savers find, this will definitely find a home quickly.

I picked up this set a few weeks ago--it was packaged in a bag, but I knew what it was... this set of vintage unused paint by numbers is great, and not without a nice touch of camp.  Someone totally wants these.  :)

That's it for our thrifty finds this week, but we did make some serious changes to our space, and we'll be shooting the new look soon.  Also, in case you missed it, last week Julia posted all about designing our own wedding website using the Blogger platform here, and I'm sure she'll be posting more wedding planning details soon.  So be sure to check back to see all our updates!

What do you think of our vintage purchases this week?  Did you find anything cool?  Link up your thrifty blog posts below!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! :) I love that metal basket and the hunting dogs paint by numbers! And I can't wait to see how you changed up your space! I don't have any finds to share this week (too busy to get out, really) but enjoy thrifting vicariously though this link up :)

  2. Looking forward to see the changes to your shop, I am sure it will look great! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Me three!
    I love the airline blanket collecting! Faribo makes some good stuff..so very interesting!

  4. i am so in love with those bathroom scales!

  5. I totally want the unused paint by numbers - I will be watching your shop to see when they are listed! Love the dog PBN, too, And the Mikasa GiGi pattern is fabulous.

  6. I'm so drooling over your finds! Love the basket and the scale. Also, you found some great dishes! Do you have any tips for packaging and shipping dishes for minimum breakage? I usually steer clear, but I'm sure there must be a simple way to do it.

  7. You guys scored on those unpainted Paint By Numbers! They are so neat! When you frame one, imagine how many of your house guests will look at it all confused, puzzle over it and then realize what it is. I'm going to watch for those in your shop!

  8. i can never stop myself from adding amazing metal baskets to my cart. so many purposes and so beautiful.

  9. That bathroom scale is amazing, and I'm so envious of your airline blanket "collection." Thanks for hosting!

  10. Thank you for the shout out.

    Great finds as ever. My favourite is the bathroom scales, very cool and the airine blankets, just for the stories they have to tell x

  11. Nice finds this week! Love the pbn dogs, the basket and the blankets! And that scale is totally hot! Thanks for the link up.

  12. Hi Christopher and Julia, I think I entered today's link into last weeks post so I linked up again. Thanks for hosting. I love finding old paint by numbers.

  13. I have that exact Georges Briard roaster! Very pretty to look at.

  14. You guys have such good eyes for finding cool stuff!! Every week I love what you find :)

  15. That paint by numbers piece is great!

  16. Just stumbled across your blog, Wow I'm off to read back posts! What great finds, the dishes and the turquoise airline blanket are my favorites!


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