Switching It Up

If this room doesn't look familiar, you shouldn't be worried.  A few days ago we decided to completely swap our bedroom and our office.  We're still figuring out where everything goes, but here's a little look into our new office/shop.  As we finalize the bedroom and put the finishing touches on the office, you can look forward to more details and pictures soon!

Previously, we had chosen the largest room besides our living room to be the office, but due to it's location, and our tendency to use it as a storage unit, we decided to give ourselves the larger space for the bedroom instead.  Best idea ever!  Now our bedroom is huge and perfect for us.  Who would have thought that giving yourself a good amount of personal space would feel so good!  :)  I guess moving from a studio to this space led us to believe that we should just take the smallest room for ourselves, but we're very happy for the change.  It  almost feels like an entirely different apartment now.

Plus, now we have a space to store all of our stock in one place, and when people come to look at items from craigslist they can see what else we have at the same time!  Not sure why, but somehow everything seems to fit together better in the smaller room than it did in our old office, so it really feels like a shop.  I put together this compilation picture of the shop side of the office; it still needs a little more organizing, but we love how functional it is so far.

This is right in line with our new policy of getting our vintage wares to work for us rather than just clutter our space.  Along with this new mentality we are currently looking for space at vintage and antique malls in our area.  We've definitely got the stuff for one, but until we find an open booth slot we'll just sell from our office.

If you live in our area (Groton, MA 01450) and like what you see in our weekly Nifty Thrifty posts (and I'm assuming you do if you are reading this blog...), shoot us an email, and we'd love to have you stop by to see our shop!


  1. Awesome. I love how you're working your stock into your life instead of letting it clutter things up. That blue rug is amazing.

  2. Looks great and I love the photo compilation! It's neat how rearranging a space a bit makes it seem brand new.


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