The Nifty Thrifty: Stepping it Up

Howdy Thrifters!

This week we rustled up a fine selection of vintage treasures.  We stopped at several different thrift stores and even an estate sale, and in a slightly different course of events, Julia did most of the buying this week, and she did quite well.  Actually, she did really well; the only items in this weeks post that I bought are the chopper in the first photo, the crazy Boaca Camera, and the spouted beaker near the end.  The rest was Julia... Go Juj!

This Saturday I had to get up early to help out one of the music teachers with a cross-curriculum lesson, but while I was in the classroom futzing with cameras and children... Julia was whisked away to the land of estate sales in the all powerful Civic (her trusty little Honda Civic, that is).  Hours later she returned having visited several thrift stores too, and carrying a large collection of items.  We have been really lazy about going to estate sales this winter, but Julia finally came up with that winning combination of the will to wake up in the morning and a sale that promised some good mid century items.

I think the most exciting of her finds are this brass lamp (from the basement of the estate sale... the basement is always the best) and the Georges Briard cheese plate with attached knife (from a little thrift store).  We will definitely be keeping the brass lamp, but I just gave Julia a Georges Briard mug for Valentines Day, and we just don't need a cheese plate, so it will be listed on Etsy.  And, like I already mentioned, the turquoise chopper on the right was one of my three finds of the week at Savers, of course.

This eclectic set of mid century dinnerware, including a Salem North Star plate, a Royal China Star Glow plate, and three Stetson Marcrest Nordic Mint mugs, was all picked up by Julia at a few thrift stores on her way home from the estate sale.  We're thinking of keeping the mugs, and we'll probably sell the plates, though we do think they look oddly good together.

Julia also picked this mushroom napkin holder and two mint Blendo glasses.  We actually found the Blendo together at Savers the other day, but we were unsure about wether to buy them or not because they are not quite perfect (the gold rims are partly rubbed off).  We eventually decided to keep them until they can join a larger set.  Hopefully this is not just wishful thinking, but we do find a surprising amount of Blendo, so who knows?  Oddly enough, after pulling off the price tags, we discovered that these glasses have Anchor Hocking symbols on their bases; we thought most Blendo was made by the West Virginia Glass Company except for a few Anchor Hocking cruets and salt and pepper shakers, but apparently Anchor Hocking made glasses, too... anybody have any info about that?

Julia and I were also excited about this set of translucent amber plastic Dansk low ball cups and tray.  Full sets like this are a rare find, and even more rare at delectably low prices like this one, found by Julia at one of the thrift stores on Saturday.  Hooray for desirable vintage plasticware!

It's been a while, but I guess we just can't live without more globes.  Julia found this Replogle World Ocean Series one at the estate sale she visited, and of course it came home with her.  We have a bit of a globe problem... we've sold five, but we still own nine.

We have no idea if this Baoca camera is even vintage, although the box leads us to believe it is, but toy cameras like this are pretty desirable these days... ya know, hipsters and all...  So I quickly picked this up at Savers when I came upon it.  An Etsy and a Google search for this guy both came up empty handed, and it's even still wrapped in it's original unopened cellophane.

I also found this spouted measuring cup at Savers.  It does seem to have a crack at the base of the handle (the handle a little wiggly), but it seems to have little to no effect on it's usage.  I'll probably end up keeping this for either photo or plant purposes.  Julia purchased the the other item in this picture, which is a "cake breaker" with a nice blue and white porcelain handle.  We actually have another one of these with the more traditional bakelite handle, which was given to Julia as a gift; we had no idea what it was until we saw an identical one with it's box at a flea market.  In case you were wondering, a cake breaker is used in lieu of a knife to cut a cake, then you can just use a server to pull out the slice.  We were dubious, but we tried it, and it works surprisingly well.

These two are probably for us to keep, until we change our minds that is.  Julia picked up this Rubber Soul Beatles record at the estate sale; we have a couple old Beatles records and they are all amazing, so it's hard to pass them up when they're priced well.  The other Beatle in this picture is a little blue Volkswagen Avon bottle that Julia found at a thrift store on our way home from the Farm last weekend.  Normally we're not into the Avon bottle thing, but this little guy was just irresistible, and we think it will be a fun little styling prop.

And, for the finale, a crazy vintage floral suitcase that Julia found at the Savers in Nashua, NH the other day.  I'm not a huge fan of it, but Julia is, and I know someone else will be, too!

That's it for this week's haul!  A lot more than we've been finding recently; diversifying our shopping definitely helped with that.  What do you think of our purchases this week?  Did you find anything fun?

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  1. SNAP! I have the exact Replogle globe. I'm up to 8 globes and my better half has said NO MORE !

  2. You did well this week! I like the suitcase and I think it fits the Etsy aesthetic quite nicely. The globe of course is another one of my favorites and the camera! I am no hipster but that camera is great. Thanks for hosting.

  3. You're right, the basement is always best!

  4. So many fun things! Great finds. I found a platter like the the gold star plate. I found it at an estate sale. I don't have a lot of retro items myself, but I do love this platter...besides the elderly man at the estate sales was so sweet. I kind of want to hang onto it. :) I have a thing for globes too!! Something about them!! Your smart. I haven't sold any of mine. Running out of room in my sons room. Going to check out your Etsy shop.


  5. Nice finds the mid modern century dishes and Beatles record are great.

  6. My mom used the "cake breaker" exclusively for angel food cakes, which are hard to cut using a knife without squishing it. I don't think it was meant for more substantial cakes.

  7. i am on julia's side with that suitcase - it's gorgeous! i also love the spouted measuring cup. although i think, like you, i would use it for decor purposes only. just to be on the safe side.

  8. You got great finds this week. Always enjoy seeing what you've found. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  9. Great finds this week. I'm always looking for globes and lately they all seem to be overpriced! I really love how the mix set of dishes look together. I'm with you on the Avon bottles, they are not my thing but that blue beetle is a great find! Thanks so much for hosting.

  10. I think the globe, suitcase, mugs and plates would have come home with me too!
    Aqeela x

  11. Lots of lovely stuff, love the cheese board and now I know what a cake breaker is!

  12. I am loving the way that those plates and mugs look together! You should keep them all!

    Thanks for hosting the party!


  13. Love the lamp and the lowballs. Great finds!

  14. Stunning finds and photos as always. So drawn to that camera and its packaging. Beautiful to behold.

  15. The globe!!! That was on my wish list a couple of weeks ago! Good spot. I want to blackboard paint one!

  16. The glass measuring cup looks like my fat separator for making gravy.

  17. what amazing finds! loving looking at all your gorgeous treasure.


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