The Nifty Thrifty: Snowed-In Edition

Hey Thrifty People!

We just returned from a wonderful weekend up in New Hampshire.  With all of the snow, we were presented with too many opportunities for winter activities, and because of this we were away from our computers and are now posting a day late.  Our thrifting has been pretty relaxed over the past week, but I managed to pick a few items up when I took my students to Savers to buy some props for a photo project.  Julia went to the Salvation Army, too, but came back empty handed expect for a white IKEA planter for us to use.

We both tried cross country skiing for the first time this weekend and had a blast, and less than two hours ago Julia picked up a nice pair of cross country skis at a thrift store in Keene, NH.  I guess I'll have to decide if I might actually want to use my beautiful norwegian cross country skis, or whether I'd rather buy a pair of newer skis that I don't have to feel bad about damaging.  Regardless, we'll be needing some cross country boots, and hopefully Savers will be able to help us out with that.

So, we didn't have the time or the right space for shooting all of this weeks finds like we normally do, but at least we got something!  This selection, along with the camera below are my finds for the week.

The molded teak tray in the back I picked up at Savers early in the week; it has a painted black bottom, but it is solid wood, which should sell easily on our shop.  I'd probably consider keeping it if we had the space for it.

The little metal slot machine in the middle is actually a pencil sharpener, but the lever works, and the wheels spin!

The Tinkertoy set is awesome, but it is missing a few pieces, perhaps we'll sell it for cheap or just keep it for our future kids.  We love toys that are based on using the creative parts of the mind, and Tinkertoys are just that!  We had a great time the other day when we dug into the box to find out what we had... we made a robot, a car, and a satellite, and had a little too much fun playing with them :)

I also found the awesome set of "prepared slides of assorted plants." I don't have a microscope, but vintage science and learning stuff like this are big sellers on Etsy, and I just can't resist them anyway.

And, of course, the "Bright and Sharp Images Telescope" is my favorite find of the week.  Who doesn't want a hand telescope?  I mean honestly!  I may part with this awesome piece of optics someday, but it'll probably only happen when I've found a better one.  This one has a surprisingly high power of magnification. 

This little 110 film camera, also a Savers purchase, will be either an awesome addition to my camera collection, or perhaps I'll decide to part with it, but the flash cubes are mine, all mine!  Usually I am not a big fan of 110 film or cameras, but I love the compactness of this little guy.  The best thing about this, however, is the little flash cube stand that can be mounted on the camera to give your flash some extra lift.

We've been finding the thrift stores to be a little lacking lately... have you had much luck?  What do you think of our purchases this week?


  1. Another great camera! I can't find any good cameras at our thrifts around here. I think the workers think that if they aren't digital cameras no one would want to buy them. Makes me want to dig around in their trash! Thanks for hosting the party again this week!

  2. I am glad you had fun with the snow, it is the only way that I could deal with it! The molded tray is intriguing, I wonder who made it. Lovely camera too.

  3. Hi Christopher and Julia, you did get some great finds this week. Thank you for hosting, glad I could join in this week.

  4. Savers in Nashua was ripe with vintage finds from March 2010 (when they opened) until around October and a little beyond when Halloween shoppers discovered it, and then the resellers - this was the best time. I found a 10 piece service for 10 of a green Romance of the Stars china set from the 50s, including a full serving piece set, for $35. Also a tiger eye veneered cigarette box with stone interior from the 20s for $6, hand forged aluminum serving pieces from the 40s, and vintage 50s Japanese made jewelry boxes for about $6 each.

    1. but recently, found a set of 1960s bedside tables/sofa tables of solid maple with turned legs, that they sold me for $6 total because the legs were wobbly, but it was in good shape, in need of a little gluing. They were just unloaded outside, and they put a hold on them for me so I could go inside and pay for them.

  5. Love those flash bulbs on the camera!

    Great finds and glad you enjoyed the snow!

  6. Very cool finds, the camera is great!

  7. Love that camera! My grandfather had the same (or very similar one). Thanks so much for hosting the link up!

  8. I miss my 110 mm camera! It was a cheap little thing and it reminds me of the early 90s

  9. the tray is lovely. great find.

  10. Ooh, love the slides! You guys find the coolest vintage science things.
    I recently picked up a very similar Kodak. It still had a roll of film in it. I finished the roll and am going to send it off to be developed (can't wait!) One of the annoying things I've noticed of late is great vintage camera cases marked as if there *should* be a camera. I think they are being ripped off. Also, Goodwill sells a lot of their vintage cameras on their online site now. Sadly.


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