The Nifty Thrifty: Polaroids, Bookends, and Some Cacti

Hey Thrifters,

We had a productive week of thrifting and sales.  For starters, just hours ago I sold a Broyhill Brasilia Dresser for $350 that we paid $25 for!  But we also found some pretty awesome items when we stopped twice at Savers this week.

By the way, in case you missed Julia's wedding planning post this week, our DIY Save the Dates are done and awesome!  You can see how we made them in this post.  Now on to the vintage finds...

These carved stone bookends are some of the most exciting items we picked up this week.  We've never found a pair of bookends worth purchasing until now.  Hopefully this is the start of a trend.  We think they were probably supposed to sit upright (like the one on the right), but they almost look like a bird when they're laid down like the one on the left.

These two cactus candles were made in Paris, but we found them in excellent condition at Savers.  We love these, and we will definitely be keeping them.  They'll be perfect for adding the look of a plant to dark corners where houseplants wouldn't get enough light.

This pink Polaroid Cool Cam, on the other hand, will be up on Etsy as soon as possible!  The pink and gray camera will have no difficulty finding itself a home.  This was quite the week of Polaroids...

We also found this Polaroid OneStep CloseUp as well as a OneStep and a Spectra 2 camera.  The other two actually had film in them, and I've been shooting the expired film that was still in them, and I couldn't be having more fun with that.

This wooden spool will make a great addition to some Etsy buyer's home.  We had an amusing time trying to figure out interesting ways to photograph this thing.

This black metal candle holder was actually not found at Savers; I received this as a freebee in an Etsy sale when the seller felt bad about a late shipment.  It's cool but we don't really want to keep it, so I guess we'll just turn around and sell it...?  Anybody know anything about this little guy?

This adorable little gadget is actually a vintage "Outdoor Mini Camera" 110 film size keychain camera made for The Nature Company.  I love vintage miniature cameras, like minox, lomo, and more, but usually they were related to spying rather than shooting landscapes.  This one has folding parts and is just awesome.

Julia picked this adorable little set of 70's Franciscan Floral serving bowls and lidded container at Savers, too.  We were a bit hesitant at first since they're not quite our style, but I'm sure that we'll find someone who needs these bowls.

What do you think of our purchases this week?  How did your thrifting go?  Don't forget to link up your fun finds below!

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  1. The candle holder looks similar to a Dansk candle holder that we have.

  2. Love the delicious pink camera!!

  3. I have an old SPICE Polaroid from the height of the Spice Girls fame! Wouldn't ever part with it!

  4. Loving all of the beautiful finds as always. I agree with Tammi, I have a Dansk candle holder that looks really similar.

  5. Love the finds...esp. all the cameras. I love when there is still film in the camera!

  6. I love those bookends! I had a similar set in the shop a while back and they sold really quickly. The dishware is really pretty, too ~ I've never seen that pattern. Nice finds!

  7. Those Polaroids are freakin awesome! Oh, how I miss them. I bought one of the new Fuji ones, and it is cool, but just not the same. Also, love the candles! Great finds this week.

  8. The pink and grey Polaroid camera would have fit perfectly in my childhood bedroom - a great colour scheme!

  9. Love the mini camera and the cacti candles! Really fab finds!

  10. I'm in love with that pink polaroid!

  11. I just have no idea how your so fortunate to find all this stuff! Wow!
    Aqeela x

  12. Lovely finds! The cactus candles are awesome! :)

  13. I adore that pink camera. Very cool!

  14. Those bookends, so awesome! And the Franciscan set, I actually really like it!

  15. You blow me away every week with your finds!

    Amazing profit on the dresser, you must be chuffed.

    And my heart skipped a beat at that pink polaroid!

  16. I'd love to find some Dansk metal candle holders, never mind being sent one for free! Lucky you two!!

    And the cactus candles are so unusual. Really nice shapes too, I'm not surprised you are keeping them!

    There's something really nice about those floral dishes - you guys have a really keen eye for the sweetest finds out there! :)

  17. Are you selling the dishes? Believe it or not, I found a partial set of thos dishes and fell in love with them! Yes, and they are not my style at all. I haven't found any matching pieces for them yet. Let me know!

    P.S. I know they are heavy, sigh.


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