The Nifty Thrifty: Fred Press, West Virginia Glass, and JFK

Hey everyone!

We both had crazy busy weeks at work, leaving little time and energy for thrifting (or writing our usual mid-week blog post... oops!), but we did manage to pick up some vintage gems in the little time we had:

Chris found this awesome 60's Sere Wood cheese board designed by Fred Press at Savers.  We usually don't go for cheese boards, but this one is particularly cool with a great mid century design and nice shape.

On the same Savers trip, I picked up this red enamel saucepan with a wood handle.  It is unmarked, but has a great modern shape and is in excellent condition.  Anyone recognize it and know who made it?

Our last vintage Savers purchase for the week was this Polaroid Spectra camera with an attachable antenna and remote control for taking pictures from afar;  I didn't know such a thing even existed!  We'll have to test it out to see if it still works, so cross your fingers for us.  Chris also picked up another Polaroid camera that still has some film in it, so he'll have fun taking some pictures with that.

Last Sunday we went skiing up in New Hampshire, but it was absurdly windy, which was just unpleasant, so we ended up leaving early and stopping at several antique malls on the way home.  In general, we found that most things weren't quite our style or were too expensive (or both), but we did find a few pieces to take home with us.  This red plastic mirror has a great mod shape, and it twists open to reveal a compartment for storing jewelry or cosmetics.  Red isn't really one of our colors, but we know lots of other people love bright red accents, so we're always happy to find red items for our shop.

We were amazed to find this seven piece West Virginia Glass pheasant martini set at another antique mall for a reasonable price.  We love this sort of classy manly barware, especially when it's a full set like this including the original West Virginia Glass sticker on the pitcher!

Last, but most definitely not least, are this pair of awesome JFK bust bookends.  We found these guys at the same antique mall as the pheasant glasses, and we probably paid a little more than we should have, but they were just too good to resist with their marble bases and perfect condition.  We have our own vintage JFK painting on our bar cart (seen in this apartment tour post), so these bookends should feel right at home in our space until we sell them, if we can bear to part with them, that is...

So what do you think of our purchases this week?  Have you had any luck at antique malls in your area?  Link up your latest thrifty finds below!

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  1. WOW....the bookends are awesome

  2. Hi Christopher and Julia, your JFK bookends were my fav this week. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week.

  3. I agree; those bookends are amazing! I recently saw some bronzy Lincoln bookends at an antique mall for a CRAZY price (over $100) -- I'm sure they were marked up due to the success of the film, but still!

    Thanks, as always, for hosting! :)

  4. Bookends are my favorite too! The pot could be seppo mallat, but it might be too rounded at the bottom. A tell tale is the handle, but I can't tell from your picture! Here is one I sold a while back https://www.etsy.com/transaction/65235785

  5. Talk about intimidating bookends! We put our lil mini globe bank in the little one's nursery at the end of a shelf today! Thanks for it!

  6. The JFK book ends are so awesome! Beaaautiful scores as always! :)

  7. Definitely agree that the bookends are awesome. I also love the pot and the mirror is a fun find. Thanks for the link up.

  8. those bookends are just amazing! here in canada you would be hard pressed to find bookends in the likeness of any of our political leaders or pop culture figures. i would scoop those right up and proudly display them.

  9. Ahh my mum used to have a make-up mirror like that. Happy memories!

  10. those pheasant cups look just like the plastic ones my grandma has.

  11. I don't typically go for cheese trays either, but I would have made an exception for that one too! It's such an interesting shape and design. Great find. And I am now going to hunt for Polaroids with film still in them! Not sure why that never crossed my mind...

  12. I love all your finds - of course I do - because they are all things from MY past - it is interesting to find things that are from my adult years in thrift and antique shops.

  13. Oh wow. That pheasant set is amazing! I definitely would have picked it up too. I see those glasses in the thrifts from time to time but never in the condition that you found.

    Thanks for hosting the link up!



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