The Wedding Ones: German Bridal Ephemera

I've been waist deep in wedding land lately, making a big push to get the Save the Dates (otherwise known as STD's, but I just can't bring myself to call them that...) ready to go.  It turns out that means preparing a surprising amount of other things, too, including the website, the registry, and the hotel block, so I've been super busy working on all those things.  These past couple days has been all about designing, printing, and starting to make the Save the Dates themselves:

This is just a little sneak peek of my pile of practice sheets (the bottom two are the closest to the final thing) and materials, since they're almost ready, but not quite prepared enough for their full post.  I'm going to bring a pile of them to work with me tomorrow and spend all my spare time stamping and coloring.  Then my shifts next week will be all about writing addresses... so excited for that part...

I originally planned to get the Save the Dates sent out right after the holidays, but not nearly enough got done in December for that to happen, so my new realistic goal is to have them sent by the end of January.  That means I'll definitely have them done next week, and I'll be posting all about how we made them ourselves (on a super minimal budget)!

Until then, I thought I would share this bit of bridal ephemera I got a huge kick out of, and I know you'll love it, too:

My coworkers at the children's museum found this magazine lying around somewhere and thought of me (which is awesome).  It's a Burda magazine from 1973, all about the current bridal fashions for every type of wedding!  I picked my favorite pages from the magazine to share with you.

The German on the front cover translates to "the most beautiful dresses," which must be an idiom for wedding dresses in German, since that's all that came up when I did a google search for the phrase.  I had google translate the title on each page, and the translations were so good I just had to leave them as is.  Enjoy!

"for the small wedding dresses short"

"tenderly hooded dresses hug the face"

"petals for the summer bride"

"flowers for the young bride"

"for the winter bride a bouquet of hellebores (Christmas roses)?"

"elated glad we go to the registry office"

Amazing, right?!  Some in a good way, and some in a very very bad way.  Which bride is your favorite?  Which one do you think is the most ridiculous?  I think I'm leaning towards what I'm calling the Little Bo Peep Cupcake Dress for that honor.

I can't decide what to do with this magazine.  I feel like it should go to some worthwhile use... any suggestions?


  1. I love the save the date cards!!! So cool looking!

    1. Yes, I also love this cards. And I find this site http://www.elegantweddinginvites.com is also perfect.

  2. Love looking at these wedding dresses - think I like the fur trimmed coat best! Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Julia - I'm so excited for you and your sweetie! Weddings are so fun to plan. My Emma, who is only 15 has been planning her wedding since she was 8. It's fun to see how her ideas change each year. She just showed me a bunch of Instagram photos of weddings in the Redwood forest and I told her I thoght that's where you and Chris were getting married. We both follow your blog, although we don't comment. I like seeing what you are up to! You are such an amazing, creative, smart and beautiful young woman. So proud of you!! I even used some of your collages as examples for a project I did in one of my classes.

    A bit ago you had a small leather travel purse on your site...I keep looking for it on your Etsy page. DId you decide to keep it? If you ever decide to sell it will you give your old art teacher the first go at it?

    The save the dates are AWESOME. The little bo peep wedding dress is NOT. Keep up all the good work. I miss you. Next time your in P-town let's get together for some tea. Much love - Ms. McBride aka Shannon

    1. Hi Ms. McBride! Thanks for the super sweet comment! Wedding planning has been quite fun, though a bit all-consuming. Tell Emma a redwoods wedding is definitely the best kind of wedding, though I may be a bit biased on that one... she has lots more time to keep planning, though!

      That little leather purse has been sitting around in the undecided zone for awhile now... I like it and am tempted to keep it, though I don't know that it'll get as much use as it deserves. I'll try to decide soon, and I'll definitely let you know! I'm always more inclined to sell things when I know they'll be going to a good home :)

      I'll be in Oregon in April for my brother's wedding, so I'll keep you posted and we'll get together! Can't wait!

  4. The STDs look great! I love the old wedding dress pics, I love them all. My own wedding dress was a vintage 1960s evening gown!

    1. Ooh a vintage 60's evening gown sounds lovely! Mine is a 1950's lace tea-length dress, so I'm definitely all about the vintage wedding dresses, too :)

  5. Its not an idiom, the translation of the phrase literally means "the most beautiful bride dresses". The most beautiful clothes would be just "die schönsten Kleider", but there's a "Braut" added to the "Kleider", "Braut" means "bride", so "Brautkleider" are "bride clothes" the German term for "wedding dresses".


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