The Nifty Thrifty: Starting The Year On the Right Foot

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Hey Thrifters!

Hope everyone is having a good start to another year of thrifted treasures.  We had a light week of spending, but we ended up with some great items.

This large lot of Le Creuset is probably the definitely the most exciting of our recent acquisitions, and we didn't buy a single piece!  The blue-green piece in the front was a gift from my little brother to Julia for Christmas, and the entire vintage yellow set was a surprise gift from my mom because my family is moving, and they don't use it.  My mom got this set in the eighties at some point, and it is still in great shape.  I love it when people I know move; they almost always have good stuff to give away or at least sell on the cheap!  Also, on the right holding up the casserole is an awesome giant French cookbook Julia's family gave her for Christmas.  We're rather excited to have this whole awesome set to keep for our own kitchen.

One more keeper: while on the hunt for Christmas gifts last month we came upon these at Anthropologie, and we took a liking to them.  Each ceramic jar has a small chalkboard patch for labeling the little container.  Julia spotted this one at our local Savers this week and we grabbed it for much less than the Anthropologie price.  We mostly only post about our vintage finds, but this little guy is just the beginning of all the non-vintage items we have purchased for our own personal use;  Julia just thought this piece was cute enough to post about.

on Etsy here

We snatched this collapsible egg basket up at Savers the other day, and it is already making a lovely addition to our Etsy shop.  These wire baskets are very functional, but they are also pretty interesting visual objects too.

on Etsy here

This Mr. Bartender jigger pourer is the perfect tool for any mixologist.  It is in perfect vintage condition with its beautiful chromed exterior and vintage box.  This Mr. Bartender piece is a pouring tool that measures and pours exactly one jigger of alcohol so you know you're serving consistently.  As usual, we found it at Savers.

on Etsy here

We found this small Dolphin storage jar the other day at our local Savers as well.  This has already been added to our previous lot of two matching larger Dolphin jars.  With their teak lids and stylish shape we are hoping these will sell quickly as a set of three.

And last but not least, Julia picked up the six small Jeannette Hellenic Green bowls a few weeks back, and this week I found a matching large bowl /  ice bucket (?) at Savers.  We had yet to list the bowls yet, but we think the set is much more exciting, so hopefully they'll be up in our shop soon.

A light week, but we've been trying to put more of our effort towards preparing older items (ones we've had lying around longer, not necessarily older by age) to be listed on Etsy.  It's amazing how quickly things can get back-logged around here.

What do you think?  Did you have any luck this week?  Any great vintage gifts like ours?

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  1. The yellow Le Creuset cookware set is pretty much the neatest thing I've ever seen. It almost takes your breath away. Have a good and thrify week.

  2. The yellow Le Creuset is amazing! How lucky!

  3. The Le Creuset set made me swoon.

  4. We don't have Anthropologie in Canada, but I love finding the odd item in the thrifts that Urban Outfitters sold that I never would have bought new.

  5. Even after a light week you have such fun stuff to share!

  6. Oh my gosh, that Le Creuset set!!! Amazing gift -- I've never seen it in that color! As far as vintage gifts go, I got a gorgeous set of jadeite canisters for Christmas from the parents. I love them so much that all I can do with them so far is stare at them. ;)

  7. That Le Creuset set up is AMAZING!!! Take care of it and your children will likely be able to use them. The Anthropologie jar is great and I'm sure could be easily replicated on any number of containers that need spiffing up. Thanks for hosting!

  8. I have some of the same Hellenic set in blue, the bowl came with silver tongs which leads me to believe it's an ice bucket. The tongs could have been added in retrospect but that's what makes sense to me. BEAUTIFUL haul and photos, as always. I LOVE when I get loads of retro swag for free :) Thankfully there's enough of it around for that to happen.

  9. The LeCreuset set is a treasure. I have one oval lidded pot in turquoise and it is in its 44th year of use. Love you blog. Thanks for hosting.

  10. I say this every week, but you find the BEST stuff!

  11. Nice finds! So glad to have found you!

  12. Hi Christopher & Julia ~ nice to meet you! I found your blog through A Vintage Green (link party). I love resale shopping for "treasures", especially vintage things. I wrote a post just the other day about some of my finds...I think I'll edit that post to include a link to your party! :-)

    Oh - this isn't exactly thrifty, but it's cheaper than Anthro...that cute little jar with the chalkboard label? They have these at Target now. :-)

  13. I always love your photos! That jar set should go pretty quickly, it would look great in a vintage themed kitchen.

  14. I am drooling over the Jeannette Hellenic Green bowls and ice bucket! Awesome find!!!


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