The Nifty Thrifty: New Year New Finds

Happy New Year!

It has been quite awhile... We hope you all had a restful and joyful holiday!  We ended up deciding to take a bit of a blog break over the holidays, and we had a lovely time relaxing, sleeping in, getting our apartment cleaned up and back in order, and catching up on some wedding planning.  We are long overdue for another "It's Alive-ing Space" post and more wedding planning updates, so you can expect some of those soon!

We didn't do a whole lot of thrifting these past couple weeks, but we did have a few good finds to share, and hopefully you've all been busy, too (share your finds in the link-up below!).  Somehow I ended up doing basically all the shopping, so that's why I'm taking over writing this week's post.  So I don't have to keep repeating myself, everything I found was from Savers. 

This paint by numbers sea scene was only $3 and is already hanging on our wall in our dining nook. It's actually rather well done for a paint by numbers; when you look up close you can see some great brush strokes and thick application of the paint that gives it a more painterly feel than most.

This little rimmed Pyrex bowl is a lovely peach on the outside and a soft golden color on the inside.  I think we're going to keep it to hopefully use as some kind of decor for the wedding, since the colors are exactly what we're looking for.

This is probably the coolest Thermos I have seen.  It's in great shape and the mod geometric bright blue design is just awesome!

This crazy rainbow Morgan Designs Bucket Brigade ice bucket has a clear plastic lid and is probably the funnest (most fun?) ice bucket I have yet to encounter.  When I was examining this at Savers, a woman walked by me and said something like "that thing is so ugly that it's awesome!"  I don't really think it's ugly in the first place, but I'm glad she at least thought it was ugly in a good way...?

Ok, I have no idea what this thing is, but I just had to save it when I found it chilling in the figurines section with all sorts of terrible mass produced things. It has the remnants of a sticker on the base, but the words are long gone.  It's a little standing cat made of leather and covered in real fur so it looks like an eskimo kitty.  Any ideas?

These taper candle holders are also unmarked, but I really like the simplicity of these rustic round blocks of wood.  The wood grain is just lovely, and I think they'll look awesome after I clean them up a bit and get some mineral oil rubbed into them.

As I was slowly meandering through my usual rounds at Savers the other day, I suddenly noticed another vintage reseller I have seen there before picking through a bunch of Pyrex in the cookware section and adding it to her cart which was already chock full of nice vintage blankets.  I scurried over and snagged this complete 400-series set of Woodland Pyrex Round Nesting Bowls.  They usually don't have much Pyrex at this Savers, and especially not full sets like this (and at surprisingly great prices for Savers), so we were both pretty excited with what we got.

That's all for this week!  What do you think of our finds?  Did you have any New Year luck?  Link up your finds!

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  1. Happy new year! Glad you had a relaxing holiday. I'm loving all your colorful finds this week, especially that ICE BUCKET! So cool!

  2. I hope you had a great new year! I love that Thermos - surely the coolest I've seen as well!

  3. EEEEKKK! Loving that full set of nesting bowls!

  4. Today I added a mixture of vintage found while thrifting and vintage given. You both had some great finds this week. I am beginning to love Mid Century Modern. Thanks for Hosting.

  5. It's always exciting to find a complete set of Pyrex!!

  6. Do you find any funky smells at all in the vintage thermoses? Are they tough to clean?

  7. I'm loving the paint by numbers and the cool candle holders! I bet it felt nice to take a break, then slowly ease yourself back into the swing of things. I know it did for me. :)

  8. Glad you enjoyed the break! I agree, the ice bucket is not ugly at all, it's really pretty! The doll - how interesting. I wonder if its something from a souvenir shop?

  9. Every find is gorgeous, as always. I love that muted colors on that seaside paint-by-numbers piece.

  10. Happy New Year!

    Woodland isn't my favourite pattern, but I like them because you have the full set. We were handed down the set by my boyfriends mom, minus the 404. She wasn't given the 404 in the set.

  11. Thanks for linking up. We love the wooden candleholders.

  12. Love the all especially the peach pyrex and the candle holders!

  13. LOVE the paint by numbers piece, it's so pretty!

  14. Hei! Great finds! Your little fur creature really makes me think it might be a Finnish fur troll from the 50's or 60's - if yes then it's likely to be made by Atelier Fauni. Have a look at these here:
    and here:


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