It's Alive-ing Space: New Year, New Tour

With the new year comes a new update on our space!  We are currently in the process of re-evaluating our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom so those did not make it into this post, but we still have pictures of them up on our "Tour the Space" page.  For now we have the largest rooms in the apartment to show you: the living space and the office.  There haven't been too many changes in the living space (although the last time you saw it we were in full Christmas mode, and that has all since been put away), but we haven't shared the office since it was full of boxes from our move. It has been quite awhile since we actually showed what our space looks like -- we figured we should take some pictures, and this time we went all out to give you as descriptive a view as possible.

For those who have never seen one of our "It's Alive-ing Space" posts you may be a bit confused about how we take pictures of our relatively small apartment.  If any of you have ever tried to take descriptive pictures of your own space, you know it is very difficult to get the entirety of a room into one photograph, especially without a wide-angle lens.  So what we do--instead of buying a panoramic camera or fisheye lens--is take a series of vertical photographs (so we can get the floor and ceiling, too) which we then align in Photoshop.  This time, unlike in our previous composite images, we decided to crop out the edges and make the transitions as smooth as possible to give you a more seamless perspective of each space.

The Living Space:

For all of you who have seen our space before it may be hard to pinpoint the changes since we haven't purchased any new furniture or anything so obvious.   What we have done is begin to hang our art collection, added some new throw pillows and little things, and we have acquired a bit more plant-life for our space as well (note the large aloe plant on the left).  We love having plants in our space;  the organic shapes and bright greens just give a sense of life to the room.

This view was a bit lacking until we finally got the motivation to add a selection of art to the walls.  We still have many more pieces to put up, but it's a start.  I particularly enjoy having a small gallery wall again; the space above the television was just too bare before.  That wall used to feel a bit awkward, but the art really pulls together the TV with the other things on the hutch and little credenza in a more curated way.

This is the view from just inside our kitchen. To give you an example of how much of an angle you are getting, note the door frame on the left and right sides of the image.  The layout of the room makes it a bit difficult to photograph, but this really shows how the room is divided into a "living room" area (on the right in this picture) and a dining nook (on the left), with a space to walk behind the sofa to get to the sound system in the far window nook to put on a record.

This is looking straight at the eating space wall -- we haven't really put the finishing touches on this area either, though is any area ever really finished?  For example; we should really take the air conditioner out for the season (now that it's mid-winter... oops) as well as get some better chairs for our table.  The display case over on the right used to be in our hallway at our old apartment, but now it sits behind our couch holding some of the most exciting items from our shop.  Julia gussied up the peacock chair with one of her felt ball garlands, but that corner still feel like it's a bit lacking for some reason.

The other thing we are desperately in need of is a coffee table.  We actually like the space as open as it is, but if you are in the Eames style recliner on the left or the side of the sofa closest to it you have no place to put a beverage down.  As you can probably guess this is a bit frustrating at times and can even be a bit stressful when people have wine, coffee, or anything else that would pretty much instantly ruin the sofa.

 The Office:

It's taken from July until now to actually take photos of this entire space, but in our defense it has been difficult deciding where and how to store our Etsy stock in our apartment, and on top of that we have moved everything around in this room many times -- we acquired three of the larger pieces of furniture in here since the move.

Finally we have pictures of our lovely Mid Century Daybed freshly re-upholstered and in its own space!  It's even sporting the pillows that Julia just posted about making.  Another exciting thing to note is that we finally hung our Periodic Chart of the Atoms; it's easily one of the coolest pieces of vintage ephemera that we've found in our travels.

Here you can see our vintage Le Corbusier LC2 reproduction chair as well as the amazing mcm sideboard and our awesome paint by numbers landscape: all of which we picked up over the last few months.

You might remember seeing a fairly similar shot of this side of the room right after we moved in; the biggest difference is that there are many fewer boxes!  As you can see we are still using the same desk, mid century desk chair, credenza, and bookshelf with the addition of a rug that we purchased for $8 at Savers a few months ago.  Both credenzas in the room are filled with Etsy stock (along with that display case from the living space and multiple shelves in the hallway), but there still never seems to be enough space for everything.  We had to move the work table and its chairs into the hallway to get a clear shot of this side of the room, but...

This is what the space usually looks like when our original Steelcase and Eames chairs, and our white Eames style table fill the space.

That wraps up the tour for now, but we are constantly moving things around, and we still have a long way to go before all of our art is on display -- I still don't have even a single one of my photographs up on the walls!

If you would like to see a bit of the other rooms in our apartment, plus a quick tour of our last apartment (where this blog was born) check out our "Tour the Space" page for the grand tour.

See anything in our space that you'd like to ask or comment about?  Do you have any good ideas for improving our space?  What's your favorite part?  Do you love vintage furniture as much as we (obviously) do?
We always like hearing what you have to say!  We're trying to be better about responding to questions in the comments, too!


  1. The living room is my favorite. Your colors and the wood tones are fantastic. It's looking great, you two!

    I really like the bar cart in the corner with JFK on it too, nice touch.

  2. Are those wooden suitcases usable? They actually made a good side table in your space, that was the first thing that caught my attention. Kudos to you!

  3. I love sofas that are upholstered with leather, they are so edgy. The white background color of this entire room made it more spacious, even if there are a lot of things displayed.


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