The Nifty Thrifty: Like a Boon

Hey thrifters!  If we've ever had a more bountiful week I just can't remember.  We made several stops at both Savers and the Salvation Army, and we just kept coming back with more bags.

In other news, we brought home and decorated a beautiful Christmas tree this week, so if you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out here!  Julia's been getting into her usual Christmas crafty mood, so make sure you also stop back later this week for a couple simple needle felting DIY projects.

Which is your favorite homemade Santa?  We vote for the one on the left.

Julia picked up some fun Christmas stuff at Savers including these three hand-painted wood Santas (which are all signed from the late 80's, and it looks like they were painted by people as gifts for friends/family. They're very silly, but a hilarious collection to add to our Christmas decor) and two Christmas glasses, which will be perfect for our egg nog.  Part of the scene on the glasses shows the North Pole Post Office, but for some reason it says the Post Office is in New York... we didn't realize that's where the North Pole was! ...?  In case you couldn't guess, we're keeping these for ourselves.

This set of classic Shiny Brite indent ornaments was one of Julia's picks this week.  She found this pack  of 12 for only one dollar at the Salvation Army in Fitchburg, MA.  We knew that these would be desirable this time of year so we listed them right away, but we had no idea that they would be sold (for quite a good profit) in less than 24 hours!

buy them on Etsy here

Julia also picked up these Shiny Brites at the Salvation Army at the same time.  These are patiently looking for a good home for this Christmas on our Etsy shop.

buy them on Etsy here

And one more set of Salvation Army ornaments Julia found (these are Santa Land hand blown and hand decorated ornaments)...

As well as these adorable little wooden ornaments!  We're planning to keep these mini ornaments and make use of them for some as yet undecided Christmas decorating in our apartment.

Julia and I picked this collection of brass figurines and candle holders at Savers.  We'll probably keep these for the wedding decorations.  Some may be sprayed with enamel (like the candle holder in this post, which will probably get used for the wedding centerpieces, too), and others might stay brass.

I found this Gailstyn-Sutton by Towle teak and glass bowl at Savers.  We have another one of these that we bought awhile ago and kept for ourselves, but we got some good comments about it, so we decided to pick this one up when we saw it to put in our Etsy shop.  There's not a whole lot of information about this company or design out there, but it's definitely a cool piece.

For purple (and brown and red and green) mountain majesties...

This, on the other hand, we will most likely be keeping, as it looks great in our office.  This large vintage paint by numbers is just awesome, and for a whopping $4 at Savers it was definitely a big win.

Some band-aids with your chervil and rosemary?

This is an awesome dark blue Copco spice rack.  We had never seen these outside of the internet until we stopped at Savers early this week, and we were very excited to find it!  We couldn't find any other blue ones in our online research, so that makes it even better.  We get a kick out of the different spice options... especially the band-aids and crab boil!  Ok, we just googled crab boil and apparently it's a thing, but we had no idea that even existed unti now.

Comes with a fun vinyl case, too!

Julia had to do a bit of convincing, but we ended up leaving Savers with this very cool Olivetti Underwood typewriter.  This was our first typewriter purchase, and I was a bit skeptical about it until we got it home and did a bit of research on Etsy, where we found out that these were made in the 1960's and are worth over $100.  Ours has just a teeny bit of ink left on the ribbon, so it will need a new one, but other than that it is in great working order and is rather fun to type on.

His and hers.

For these Savers purchases I needed to convince Julia, but again with a bit of research we decided that they were worth picking up.  Some Etsy sellers actually specifically specialize in selling wooden tennis racquets!  This Pro Kennex "Blue Ace" and Wilson "Lady Advantage" have a surprising amount of nice details, including leather grips and wood inlays.  It's amazing how heavy they are compared to modern tennis racquets, and the "Lady Advantage" even points out that it is a lightweight racquet... not quite.

Julia found this hilarious mushroom planter, made by Sears Roebuck and Co. in 1976, at Savers as well.  It has a small hairline crack, but she just couldn't resist.  It's oddly egg-shaped, but oh-so seventies cute.

Julia was pumped to find five of these crazy patterned mugs at the Salvation Army the other day, because we already had a sixth she had purchased at an estate sale awhile ago.  They're not quite my style, being rather girly and pink, but hopefully someone on Etsy will snatch them up.

This is easily one of my favorite finds this week.  I've found many different photo cubes, but this one (from the Salvation Army) is a rotating music box as well, and it also has the original hilarious vintage photos it came with on each side, including a picture of a very 70's woman on the top and this awesome ski mountain picture on one side.

I picked this Polaroid Square Shooter 2 up at Savers earlier this week.  It was in a bag with the original instruction manual and a bunch of flash cubes.  I'm keeping the flash cubes, but the Square Shooter 2 and manual will be going up on Etsy soon.  We've sold several Polaroid cameras recently, so we're looking forward to adding another.

We also found this Fisher Price Family Play Farm at Savers this week.  We'll probably sell this on Etsy, but it was a bit of a nostalgic purchase since I used to have one of these as a kid.  I'm still a bit freaked out by the fact that there is a dog, and a strange dog man (look in the loft).

The yin and yang of Pyrex.

These black and white clear bottom Pyrex rimmed nesting bowls will be another great addition to our Etsy shop... and, yes, we found them at Savers.  In case you couldn't tell, we had a couple really good days at Savers this week; thank goodness they have a 30% off stamp card promotion going on right now!

And last but not least... we picked up this adorable little micro meals recipe box at Savers this week.  Inside of this little recipe card box decorated like a microwave is a plastic card stand and a selection recipes for your real microwave.

We were expecting the thrift stores we frequent to be relatively empty around this time of year, but they seem to be full of good stuff!  Are you experiencing the same thing in your area?  What do you think of our purchases this week?

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week!  There was tons of awesome stuff, so we are looking forward to what you all came up with this week.  These blogs also host great link-ups that we join, so make sure you check them out, too: Apron Thrift GirlMe and my Shadow, and Sir Thrift-A-Lot

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  1. I LOVE that bowl with the teak stand! You must list it ASAP so I can buy myself a Christmas gift ;)

  2. Well, except for the burlap banner my Mantel is made up of thrifted as well as old family bits and pieces.

    Love your blog, you're many mid century vintage items have awakened my interest in this time period as a collectible.


  3. HOLY MOLY, amazing haul. Love the brass...and those shiny brites for a buck, nice! I love your staging, too.

  4. The vintage ornaments are lovely the bowl in the teak stand is wonderful the black and white Pyrex bowls are nice finds.

  5. I found a set of North Pole, NY glasses last year, it's a Christmas park-bet it's a fun spot!

  6. Wow, once again i love almost everything here! The paint by numbers would have come home with me as i collect them (but have still only found 2 good ones so far!) and that photo cube, oh my gosh! I had that one when i was about 7 or 8! Complete with its original snow scene photos! Wow, memory lane...
    Aqeela xx

  7. Goodness gracious! Look at all the awesome! My indented shiny brites went super fast too. Love that bowl...gonna stroll over to your shop later. : )

  8. Wow. The brass collection is outstanding. I wish our Savers yielded such loot! Ours is awful.

  9. I would expect MORE finds at savers towards the end of December and early January, as people make donations at the end of the year, for tax credits. I remember that Good Will near our old house brought in an extra huge truck for all the end of year donations! Happy hunting!

  10. your tree is gorgeous. i just blogged about real vs. fake trees and am amazed at the number of people opting for fake. yuck! yours is so lovely. you really did find some great things on your treasure hunts. love the glass bowl and teak holder. the spice rack is ubercool too.

  11. Ha! We had a photo cube I seem to remember when I was a kid - complete with headless photos and tank-topped kids. Ours wasn't musical though, that must have been the deluxe version. I feel kinda cheated now!

  12. It was so fun going through your post and spotting a few treasures that I own as well. Great finds!
    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. You guys bought a lot of stuff this week!

    I've never seen the Merry Mushroom plant holder, didn't even know it existed. The recipe box is way cool. I've been on the lookout for one, that one isn't perfect for my kitchen. I found some Copco salt & pepper shakers this week & found a Copco spice rack once.. though it was in poor condition missing the containers. We also had the box of little wooden ornaments growing up. Wonder what ever happened to them.

    And as for our thrift stores... they are pretty baron around here. Look hard enough & visit a lot & you'll find some stuff though. I'm gonna take a break from "hardcore" thrifting for the rest of the year.

  14. Love your baubles, especially the indented ones! Oh my! And the farm! I'd have snapped those up too! x


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