The Nifty Thrifty: Brass, Teak, and The Orb of Confusion

Happy Holidays Thrifters!

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness we unsurprisingly only made one trip to one thrift store this week... and yes, it was Savers, our go-to favorite.  We found a small assortment of vintage awesome, which seem to have a consistent theme; it's weird how that tends to happen.  We just took a couple quick group pictures of our finds, since we're off to the family's house for Christmas festivities this afternoon.

Also, in case you missed it, on Friday we posted pictures of all our lovely (mostly vintage) Christmas decorating around our apartment (read about it here), and we finally managed to get a couple pictures uploaded on Emily Henderson's holiday styling contest.  We would be so appreciative if you would take a moment to go vote for either our bookcase or bar!

While wandering the aisles I came across a few items that I might have a hard time parting with.  First, the hangers on the left came in a set of at least ten, which will now be sporting my dress shirts for when I do that teacher thing.  Second, this little mid century desk lamp with brass gooseneck and teak handle; we will probably list this, but it will definitely hang out with me until then.  And the last thing in this photo, the brass sphere, is just amazing.  Julia and I will probably not be selling this even though it has zero functionality.  It reminds me of something from a sci-fi film in which a mysterious orb appears, and it begins to either trap people inside, release some foreign evil, or both.  Anyways, it is just too cool to list.

The second half of our purchases were equally as intriguing.  Julia and I found this antique-looking decanter that's base was made to look like a globe map, and it's stopper is a little moon globe!  The plastic on the inside of the stopper is a bit damaged from age, but the rest is in great vintage condition.  On the bottom it states that it was made in Italy, and that it was covered with genuine leather; it'll be hard to decide weather this should hang out on our bar or go up on Etsy.  The little leather purse was Julia's find of the day.  It's clearly vintage, but there is no tag giving us any idea where or when it was made.  Due to its size we think that it is made to be a travel purse; it would perfectly fit a passport, cash, and a cell phone, although cell phones were probably not one of its originally intended contents.  Julia has yet to decide whether or not she'll be able to part with it.  And that shiny brass case in the center of the photo is a lovely little cigarette case; we don't smoke, but we know some people who do, and this would make a great gift or Etsy listing.

What do you think of our smattering of finds this week?  Did you find any time to thrift this week?  Share with us in the Nifty Thifty link-up below!

Wishing you all a very thrifty Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you both. Its been fun joining in with your Nifty Thrifty parties this year.

  2. Great finds once a gain. Love the decanter! I would hold on to that for a while! Happy holidays


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