O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

The Christmas tree is here!  Last year was our first year of having our own Christmas tree, and we got a tiny live tree (see it here) to fit our tiny apartment.  This year we have more space in our apartment, so we went to a local Christmas tree farm and cut down our own full size tree! Ok, so it's actually still a little small, but it's still just taller than both of us, which is a big difference from last year.

twinkle twinkle little tree

Here it is all lit up and twinkling at night!

It all started on Monday afternoon, when we got in my car and drove up and down a long winding road in our area looking for phantom Christmas tree farms. Finally we just looked it up and followed the directions to this huge farm where a very amusing older gentleman confused us with his jokes, and finally gave us a saw to go cut down the tree of our choice...

Are you my tree?

There were lots of awesome trees in just the right size, so it took awhile to pick just the right one.

But once we decided, we knew we had made the right choice. Chris sawed it down, and we carried it back to my little car...

We almost tied our doors shut, but the funny old guy saved us from that fate, and we managed to get our little tree home safe and sound.

Then we had the best Christmas-y evening ever, which involved lots of Christmas music on our excellent Christmas Pandora station, pumpkin eggnog, some candles, and laying out all our ornaments and putting them on the tree together. Ah, Christmas.

The tree fits perfectly into this corner of our main living space, where the Peacock chair usually lives, next to the door to the kitchen.

We decided to go for a combination of "cool white" and normal (read: yellow) white lights, which was partially an accident (Chris bought the "cool white" lights since we needed double the lights from last year, but then we realized the two sets didn't match at all).  I ended up really liking how the two tones look together; I feel like it's a good middle ground between the all-white lights tree, which is elegant but can be a little boring, and the multicolor lights tree, which is fun and festive but can be not so stylish.  Together they have this subtle blue and yellow combination thing that feels a bit like ice plus candlelight.

Another half-accidental choice we made was the decision to go sans tree skirt.  We got the tree home and realized that we didn't have a tree skirt, so I was planning to make one with some of the fabric I had bought at Savers a week or two ago, but then I put the cowhide back under the tree.  I really liked how the rug looked against the green tree and the tree stand we had picked up at Savers, and I realized that I actually had no idea if the tree skirt served a function we needed.  I looked it up and it turns out the main purpose of a tree skirt is to hide the tree stand, so I immediately decided to nix the skirt, and Chris agreed.

I only made 3 (and a half - it's in the background) ornaments in this picture.

A couple close-ups.  See if you can find all the ornaments I made (and read all my ornament posts here!).  At the top of this picture and the bottom of the next picture you can just see two more wool twigs I made that I like even better than the first two I posted about here.

I'm not big on the whole color coordinated Christmas tree look, but I am very big on loving every single ornament I put on my tree, and I think ours work well together, even if they are very eclectic.  I think all our ornaments can be divided into one of four categories: handmade by me, vintage from the thrifts, new from West Elm, or a gift someone gave us.  I've seen other trees that use glass bulbs well, but I've never been into that kind of ornament for my tree.

But I made 5 (and a half) in this one!

I love the structure of the branches on our tree, which I believe is a Balsam Fir. It's like it was made to hold ornaments... oh wait, it was grown for this job. 

I really can't get over how much I love this tree.  It's probably the coolest tree ever.  Or at least the coolest tree we've ever had (which isn't saying a whole lot, since this is number 2, and last year's tree really barely counted, but still).  It also might get a even better when I add another awesome Christmas craft I've been working on... oh, there will be Christmas tree updates. You know it.

Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet?  Did/will you cut it down yourself at a farm like we did?  How do you go about decorating your tree -- glass bulbs, handmade, colorful, one color, silly, or serious? What do you think of our choices?


  1. did you make all those ornaments??there awesome!!

  2. Love the tree! It's looks really great and I love how you have it set up under the stairs!
    Merry Christmas! ~ Lara

  3. The tree looks wonderful Julia!

  4. This definitely was a lot of christmas tree talk! I loved it though :p I'm going through your made ornaments right now, they're awesome! xo

  5. Your Christmas tree is lovely. What wonderful ornaments! We also accidentally got two "colours" of white lights. We needed one more set and were debating at the store what our old lights looked like. Turns out we were wrong. So, we wrapped the new string of warm lights down around the centre of the tree. I am okay with the combo too, like you. We also went to a tree farm to cut ours down...in the pouring rain. That was a first for us. It's usually snow!

  6. I love this time of year, going to get your Christmas tree and decorating it with your kids.

  7. I love this time of year, going to get your Christmas tree and decorating it with your kids.

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