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Christmas is only a few days away (assuming we survive the rest of this end of the world day), and our apartment is finally holiday ready!  We're not big on decorating for every holiday throughout the year, but Christmas is the exception, when I demand festive styling all around.

Also, Emily Henderson (my favorite designer/blogger) is hosting a mantel decorating contest (read about it here), or for those of us who don't have mantels, just a general holiday styling contest.  I'm entering both the bar and the bookcase pictures, so please please take a quick minute to go VOTE for us by clicking on our pictures! The prizes are awesome vintage things, and you know how we feel about that  :)
Finally got the pictures up! They're under Chris's name since they wouldn't load under mine for some reason... anyway go vote now!

Our decor is full of thrifted, vintage, and homemade goodies, and we think it looks pretty awesome, so we hope you'll enjoy this little tour around our holiday living space:

First up is the bar.  We wrote a bit about the bar and the corner where the Christmas tree is (that's up next) in this post if you want to see what it was like before.  We don't actually drink much liquor, so our bar cart is a bit spare on that front, but we try to make up for it with lots of cool barware.  To liven it all up for the holidays we added a colorful felt ball garland my mom put together and sent to us (thanks Mom!), an awesome little brass Santa sleigh and reindeer set we bought at Savers for about $5, and a floating star shaped candle in a glass bowl (I bought 3 of these candles at Salvation Army for $1).

On the bottom shelf there are a couple things that are for sale in our Etsy shop; we figure it's all fair game for decorating our own place until it sells.  If you like the look of those wild geen decanters or the silver ombre cordial glasses (they also have little embossed sunbursts, which makes them even more perfect for the holidays), check them out in our Etsy shop!

That white spot to the left of the base is a hiding Bella kitty.

Christmas tree!  I told you there would be updates.  Since my first tree post, we've added a shiny gold candle on the side table (from Savers for a dollar or two), a little pile of presents under the tree (thanks Mom and Dad!), and my beautiful handmade felt ball garland (DIY post here).

Luke Skywalker is grapple hooking it up the right side

Up close you can see the felt ball garland a bit better.  I love love how it looks on the tree!

The layout of the living space means that when we are sitting on the sofa, we're not looking at the tree or the bar, but rather at our little mid century credenza (holding the tv) and bookcase, so we had to go all out on those pieces of furniture to make sure the Christmas cheer would be appreciated all the time!

The bookcase really got the full treatment.  We don't have a fireplace, so the handmade stockings (I made them last year in this DIY post) got hung on two brass holders we picked up at Savers ($3-$5 each).  I haven't had time to sew Odo a stocking to match Bella's little one, so I think we're just going to wrap their presents this year.  On top we added our version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree (the glass jug is for sale on Etsy here) in the form of a branch we grabbed from the yard with a couple Shiny Brite ornaments (on Etsy here).

Getting closer you can see all the fun stuff on the shelves themselves!  The stacks of books are pretty much the only things that stayed, while everything else got replaced with all the holiday stuff we could find:
- a white string ball garland from my mom (thanks Mom!)
- the backsides of both National Geographic sets we have left (on Etsy here and here), which feature awesome mid century Coca-Cola ads with beautiful Santa illustrations
- the white crocheted angels we found at Savers last week (on Etsy here)
- the handmade and signed wood Santas we found at Savers for $2 each (all marked as from the late 80's)
- the rest of the Shiny Brite ornaments (on Etsy here) and the Santa Land ornaments (on Etsy here) in glass containers with corks we found at Savers
- the brass deer candle holders we bought at Savers (on Etsy soon!)
- the lovely single antler we bought from this Etsy shop recently for $22 around our second set of spinning angel Christmas chimes (can't remember if it was from Savers or Salvation Army, but it was definitely cheap)
- a brass snowflake tea-light holder
- the red snowman candle I bought at Savers last week
- and finally a print of a skiing frog and dragonfly Chris bought from the artist at an arts and crafts fair in Oregon a couple years ago (the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts).

On the credenza we have some extra branches from the tree, and we just added the little Danish soldier, a gold candle from Savers (a dollar or two) on a brass pillar holder with simple tree-shaped holes stamped out around the edge from Savers (a dollar or two), a green Yankee candle that was a gift from one of my students last year (it is the Balsam and Cedar scent, which smells amazing), and a little wood quilt shop figurine I picked up at either Savers or Salvation Army for a very small price.

On tv is a fire!  It's this awesome "show" we found on Netflix called "Fireplace for your Home." It has two "episodes," the first with just a fire and its accompanying crackling sounds, and the second adds Christmas music.  Perfect for adding that cozy feeling to a fireplace-less apartment!

What do you think of our holiday styling?  What's your favorite part?  What did you do to decorate for the holidays this year?

Don't forget to go VOTE for us on Emily Henderson's holiday styling contest!!  CLICK HERE and vote for us!  Thanks and Happy Holidays!


  1. this is so welcoming, i have been trying to decorate my new chalfonte apartments like this as welcoming and homey.

  2. I love the antler! It looks like a freaky looking monster hand!

  3. Love it. Your "fire" is very apropos for such a modern retro look....love it all!

  4. Very festive! Love your tree decorations and crocheted angels! Thanks for the kudos.

  5. beautiful and very stylish! i love the whole appartment.
    wishing you both a very Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year 2013!
    love from Finland


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