The Wedding Ones: Vintage Finds and Colors

It has been quite awhile since my last wedding post (read all of them here), but it has definitely still been on our minds.

As we go about our weekly thrifting, I've been keeping our color palette and wedding style in mind as I look for vintage fabrics and other things we may be able to use for the big day.

Here's the stack of fabrics I have picked up so far, a few from one of the thrift stores we visited in San Francisco while we were there (read about our wedding planning trip here), and the others from Savers back home.  These are all sheets, so they are nice lightweight cottons that I think will make sense for the California summer wedding vibe.  The air plant on top not only looks cool, but also reflects that the majority of the "flowers" decorating our reception space will be air plants.  I know I want to use lots of fun vintage-y fabrics like these to bring in the layers of color and pattern that I like, but I'm not 100% sure what we're actually going to make with these fabrics... so far I'm thinking of sewing tons of cocktail napkins, or maybe making simple table runners.  Do you have any other ideas of what I could do with these to make cool reception decorations?

It's almost a softer version of our blog colors... I sense a trend. 

Here's a little sample of the color palette we are aiming for.  The green on the left will mostly be brought in with the air plants, and there will be lots of variations of the aqua blues with warm peach and gold hues in everything else, but especially the fabrics.  My dress is a warm ivory color, and I think we will probably use a combination of ivories and whites in the decor, too.  I mentioned in an earlier post that we're not the type of people to just use one or two colors as our "wedding colors" and we plan to style our wedding as we would a room, with layers of colors, patterns, and textures.  There will probably be darker, lighter, and other variations of these chosen colors, but this is the jumping off point.

One other item we have thrifted for the wedding was this swirly white cupcake holder we picked up at Savers a few weeks ago.  I don't think it's actually vintage but it is really fun, and I think it will work well with the look of everything.  At this point we're planning to have cupcakes instead of a fancy wedding cake, and I would like to find an assortment of fun cake/cupcake stands to display them on. 

Well, that's what we've been working on in the wedding planning world recently, mostly thinking and thrifting...  What do you think? Any ideas to help us along?


  1. I could see using the fabric to make a pennant banner.

  2. Bunting is great too. I saw a picture the other day in an Ikea magazine where they hung large pieces of cloth on strings, almost like outdoor curtains. It looked very nice. I love your palette btw, it's not so obviously-wedding-styled :)

    1. Bunting is the word I was looking for!

  3. Love vintage sheets! You could make simple chair back covers and of course a few buntings!

  4. I don't have any ideas, but I do so love your colour scheme. And the cupcake stand! Lovely! :)

  5. I adore your palette and those sheets are great! I've seen fabric garlands on pinterest where long thin strips of fabric are tied along a string and hung. I love that idea as a backdrop with really long strips, or as an accent with shorter strips. Also, you could wrap ball jars in the fabric to make cute vases (blue ball jars would be dreamy). Other ideas: use as a background mat for framed table numbers, fabric tag placecards, fabric pouches for wedding favors, fabric flowers...oh, this is fun! Thanks for letting us come along for the ride!


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