The Nifty Thrifty: Turquoise, Red, and Flowers

We're a bit late getting the Nifty Thrifty up this week... better late than never!

If you read last weeks post you'll know that we were feeling that pretty much only going to Savers was getting stale, and that we were really hoping to find a new thrift store or two to frequent... Well, we found it: a large Salvation Army thrift store is located a similar distance away from our apartment, and apparently there is another highly rated thrift shop in that area as well, which was unfortunately closed both times we went over there, but we'll plan better next time.  We stopped by the Salvation Army several times this week, and left grinning each time.  Strangely, we don't usually look for clothes at the other Salvation Army stores we go to, but this one was just too enticing, and we each left with more than just home goods  (Don't worry, we'll have another clothing post soon!).

But of course we stopped at Savers too... Where I picked up this red ashtray by Anholt; I often find these in poor condition or in awful colors, but this one is great. We're trying to stock up our Etsy shop with lots of items large and small for the holidays, so this will be a perfect little stocking stuffer for someone (we hope).

This Blue Heaven casserole was one of Julia's finds at the Salvation Army in Fitchberg where we will be frequenting from now on.  We've sold some of this patterned dinnerware in the past, and currently have a draft listing on Etsy that we will be adding this to for a more complete set.

We also found this at Savers.  We almost never buy things off of the "art" wall, but this jumped out at me as Julia was checking out, and we discovered that it was made made in Belgium by a company called Cideart that specializes in dried flower arrangements.  It's not perfect, but it is awesome... we might keep this for an interesting addition to a gallery wall.

Julia decided that she needed another pretty footed mug for herself as soon as she saw this at Savers the other day.  Funny how that works sometimes.  :)

I ended up buying this awesome vintage Edlund jar opener at Savers this week.  I don't think I've needed assistance opening jars since I was a small child, but this is just too cool.  Also, I think this will sell well on Etsy, as another little vintage stocking stuffer.  I did have to buy an assortment of other items with it though because it was in a bag of kitchen equipment--I hate it when Savers does that.

Oh so wild.

This mysterious set of bakelite letter cubes I found at Savers is apparently a word game that came with its own leather die pouch.  The pouch is a bit loose, and if smushed the letters pop out, but this game of I-Qubes was just too cool to leave behind.  We looked them up, and it turn out they are rare, from the 1940's, and used to play a game that is like a combination of Scrabble and a crossword puzzle.  Don't you love it when things you just thought were cool are actually worth way more than expected?

These red and orange mugs were another of my Savers purchases this week.  We have a more interesting pair of Fire King mugs that are very similar in color, but these are nice in a more minimalist way. There are unmarked on the bottom but they remind me of some Glasbake items we sold. Anyone know anything about the brand on these?

Another Salvation Army find!  This large serving plate matches a small selection of mroe Royal China "Star Glow" that Julia and I found at a thrift store in Keene, NH a few months ago.  This will soon join the Etsy listing. Perfect for a mid century winter!

And last but not least; this melamine Prolon creamer and sugar dish set was another of Julia's Savers finds.  We usually try to stay away from plastic stuff for the kitchen, but these are just too much fun, with great shapes and that perfect minty color.

Hope you're all getting your vintage kitchenware ready for a Thanksgiving feast.  I know we are!

Happy Thrifting  :)  And link up your favorite thrifted finds from this week below!

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  1. My fave find is the bakelite game .....LOVE it

  2. That jar opener! My parents had the exact same one. Great finds! Thanks for the link-up.

  3. Great finds once again, i wish i could shop where you do!

  4. Good finds indeed. I love that Turquoise can opener - what a pop of color. Thanks for hosting.

  5. I love everything, but that dried flower "art" is fab! Thanks for the mention last week; I can't believe I missed it (I was taking a blog break to attend a conference). I, too, chuckle every time I see a huge paperclip. I remember when I first listed it on Etsy, thinking, "...no one is EVER going to buy this!" Little did I know... ;)

  6. Love love love the turquoise jar opener! Who knew those existed? And the sugar and creamer set? I collect melamine so those definitely caught my eye.

    Thanks for hosting!


  7. Don't you love when you discover a new thrift store in the area?! I think all of your finds are brilliant, even if they're from Savers. :)


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