The Nifty Thrifty: RCA and Macramé

Another week ends and another haul photographed, but our sources have been getting a bit slim for our liking.  We've almost exclusively been buying things from Savers, which tends to be pretty fruitful, but we do end up with more exciting things at even better prices when we go to estate sales and flea markets.  Sadly, the flea markets are done for the year, and there haven't been many exciting listings for estate sales recently.  What would really solve our issue is if we could just find another two or three thrift stores to stop at regularly so we could increase the odds of finding the good stuff.  Perhaps we'll work on that this week, but for now we hope you enjoy our most recent finds:

quick money

After my last comment this might be confusing, but we actually bought this at the Hollis flea market in New Hampshire a few weeks back, but for some reason when I went to make the post I forgot to add this picture.  Julia bought this off of a pair of guys that specialized in vintage video game consoles, but they randomly had this vintage 60's RCA radio in the classic aqua turquoise.  We recently listed this on Etsy, and it sold within only a few days; as we write this post it's on its way to Australia.

Another Julia find -- these small wine glasses with silver ombre rims and embossed sunburst patterns are classically mid century, and will definitely not have any issue finding a good home.  We always check out the glassware section of Savers for interesting cups and glasses, but rarely do we find full sets like this in good condition.


I grew up sailing, so you can probably understand that when I found this awesome brass boat at Savers I had to pick it up.  We love brass figurines, but I think this is one of my favorites that we've purchased.

Vroom vroom.

These little wooden public vehicle toys made by Montgomery Schoolhouse are another fun Savers find.  We have a hard time resisting colorful wooden children's toys, and these were no exception. Unfortunately we discovered that they are not actually vintage, just well-used toys made in a traditional style.

you name it we clip it

I found this giant paper clip in the office section at Savers the other day.  I always chuckle a bit to myself when I find giant paper clips because when we first started our Etsy shop we sold an extra large paper clip to a woman who is a self proclaimed oversized paper clip collector.  So when we came across another on the shop of a fellow blogger/thrifter (check out her awesome thrift blog: Tatter and Fray) we let the clip enthusiast know, and she promptly bought it.  We will definitely be letting her know about this one too.

Julia gave me a funny look when she pulled this out of our cart at Savers the other day, but I think it's awesome.  The metal has an exciting oxidized quality to it, and there is no label or name on it so I can use it for my classes if I so choose... and I just might.

So Seventies

... And last but not least; this hilarious macramé lamp / display / plant hanger (?).  Julia and I were both amused and confused when we came upon this at our local Savers the other day.  This is just over three feet tall, bright orange, and it has a glass plate for displaying things (maybe a plant?) just below the lamp feature.  We're excited to add this to our Etsy shop as well, but we had the hardest time photographing it, and we might want to figure that out before the listing goes live. Also, it currently needs a good clean, which we're not quite sure how to accomplish, and it smells like it was in a stuffy old house for a long time; any suggestions?

We hope you've been having good luck with your finds, and please let us know your thoughts as well as your most exciting finds! Also, check back on Tuesday, as Julia will be posting about her latest DIY project.

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  1. That radio is what dreams are made of, I am not surprised that it sold so fast! The hanger lamp thing is really not my kind of thing... but it is original! I am sure you will make it look awesome!

  2. I have two different sizes of glasses that are very similar to what your found, I got them for a wedding gift in 1981

  3. Your posts keep inspiring me to be quick about photographing and listing my finds rather than letting them languish. Your photos are always perfect! The radio is perfection, little wonder why it sold. I'm a sucker for "tacky" finds like the macramé "lamp" type thing but rarely buy them because they're hard to sell/display/photograph as you've discovered. ;)

  4. Love, love, love the radio. Also like the little boat, wonderful shape. The toys remind me of some my children had when they were little.

  5. Oh, I love your blog!. The Macrame lamp is very funny, kitsch to the max!.
    :-) Tina

  6. Aaaaaaagh! I would have totally bought that radio if I had known it was for sale. I have the matching pink one so now I am on the lookout for it's mate. Great finds this week & thanks for hosting your amazing blog party!


  7. I love the radio, brass boat and wooden vehicles! You always find such great things. I was admiring your coloured bricks last week and this weekend i managed to find some toy bricks (Wooden and stone too) for my boy - not quite as colourful but just as fun for both of us!
    Aqeela xx

  8. I love the trophy! I think it's cool and I would have picked it up too. The brass sailboat is really great--I've been on the lookout for brass figures like that but with no luck lately (except the pair of owls I spied in somebody else's cart at Goodwill the other day..OUCH).

  9. Do you know, I just love gazing at your photos! You make everything look amazing, x

  10. Gorgeous photos - I am in love with those little toy cars!

    I've found you via Me and my Shadow's Magpie Monday, following on Twitter and liking on Facebook now - thanks for hosting this great linky.

    Right, now I am off to look at those photos again!

  11. The glasses are beautiful, they are going to go so fast! But of all the things you guys found, I love the plant hanger the most! It is so strange... Maybe leave it outside to air it out for a while. Or dust it really good in baking soda and then vacuum it. Good luck!

  12. I'm adding a gigantic paper clip to my thrift want list. I'm surprised I never knew they existed. I hope I don't become an oversized paperclip collector, too.

    I'm loving the radio, too.


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