The Nifty Thrifty: Salvation, Savers, and Rummage

Julia and I had a pretty solid week of thrifting, with finds from the Salvation Army, Savers, and the annual Shore Country Day School rummage sale.  Julia and I used to get into the rummage sale early since Julia worked at the school, but this was our first time entering as the general public.

On a side note, last week Julia was going to post about our wedding planning trip to California, but life got in the way, so that will get posted in a couple days. Hopefully we'll also be posting about a few art projects we've been working on, too, so there should be a lot going on around here this week.

These three Thermos brand "insulated jars" in the middle were a little something we picked up at the rummage sale.  The colors are great, and we thought they looked even better styled with a few other plastic items from our inventory.

Julia actually picked these up in Oregon, but we forgot to photograph them last week since they were still packed from the trip.  They're pretty cool, even though the pepper shaker has a bit of staining on the back side, and they both have some crazing.

This is the most vibrantly red piece of Pyrex we have ever found, perfect for the holidays; I was walking through the aisles of the Salvation Army when this divided serving dish jumped out at me.

This was an interesting Savers find -- I've seen faux wood boxes and office supplies at Savers before, but nothing like this flip away metal box.

And to officially start a theme, we bought three more brass elephants this week, although these ones aren't candle holders.  While I was distracted by that red Pyrex Julia found this parade of trumpeting elephants at the Salvation Army.

This set of five brass tulip candle holders were another Savers find.

These geese alcohol decanters were also a Savers purchase this week.  Perhaps we can find someone who wants both these and our duck hunting glasses.  They have a great wintery vibe and would be perfect for a retro bar set-up.

We also picked up this stack of awesome vintage (all from the 1930's and 1940's) books at the Shore Country Day School rummage sale, except the Crimes of Passion book (1975), which Julia picked up at Savers.  Eventually these will be separated and grouped for Etsy listings.

And last but not least, Julia found this hand-knit blanket at the rummage sale as well.  It features rows of colored squares, some of which are divided diagonally with multiple colors, against a brown background.  It is clearly handmade, and thus a bit inconsistent, but the colors are great and it's very cozy for the cold months ahead.  We were a bit surprised to find anything at the rummage sale because all the faculty, staff, students, and families were allowed to buy things before the general public, but we ended up finding some great items; Julia even found an awesome vintage style ski jacket!  Just another reminder that it's always worth a look.

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  1. I think the pyrex might be The bottom to the Friendship pattern piece, which seems popular.

  2. Lots of finds here! Rummage sales have been ok for me, I prefer garage sales now! Love the blanket, are you selling or keeping. If you sell it, do you usually clean it before? How do you clean it? I see so many blankets but I just do not know enough about how to take care of them!

  3. Love that blanket! Great colors.

  4. I love the geese decanters, and of course the elephants! You guys have been styling your photos so creatively lately, too. Great job.

  5. Hi Chris and Julia, love checking out your posts. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Lovely finds. Great salt and pepper shakers. I have been looking for some thrifted blankets, but have yet to find any I like. Yours is great.

  7. man i used to have one of those lamps! brings back memories of camping.

  8. The Christmas Tupperware mugs (guessing here) are very pretty. My BF's mother came over & tried very sweetly to score my Tupperware square plates. Nice try, I told her. Although, she's obsessing over Pyrex now. She gave us a set of Woodland bowls a very long time ago, even before I was into Pyrex & she keeps asking for them back, haha. I tell her, "tough luck, you gave them to us. Plus, we gave you a Golden Acorn divided dish."

  9. i love that blanket, really nice colours. i keep hankering after blankets, i guess it's the early snow that came last week... need to keep warm :)


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