The Nifty Thrifty: From Coast To Coast

As you may know, we were in California this last weekend where Julia and I finalized our plans for a wedding venue, and we might have even decided on a caterer for the reception (but more on all that later this week).  But of course amidst our mad scramble to see all of the places and things we needed to visit we managed to do a bit of thrifting there and back home in Massachusetts.

I only picked up one of these Polaroid cameras in CA, and I think I'll be keeping it, but the other two will definitely be going up on Etsy.

This Sun 660 Autofocus SE was something I thrifted from the Community Thrift Shop in San Francisco, CA.  I really like this little camera... especially the gold rim around the lens.

These adorable little animal snack trays were a find from the Salvation Army in Oakland, CA.  I'm not usually a huge fan of such cutesy items, but these are just great. No maker's mark, and each one has a different color and animal. 

The candle holder on the right was a purchase from a Goodwill in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, but the little brass Buddha incense holder we picked up for free at the Hollis Flea Market in New Hampshire this Sunday.

Julia's mom picked this little beauty up for us a while ago in Oregon, and it happily came home with us.  This is a divided piece of blue Delphite Pyrex, the first we've seen.

This strange piece is a Blendo pitcher, but unlike most Blendo the colored part isn't frosted; instead the color is transparent.  We aren't sure if this is due to wear (there is some wear to gold band so clearly this pitcher has seen some use), or if it was made that way.  This seemingly rare piece was found at the Salvation Army on Route 1 in Saugus, MA.

We found these adorable little brass elephant candle holders at the Hollis Flea Market this Sunday as well.  When we first came upon them the elephants were separated, and not until we started photographing them did we realize that they were meant to connect like they are in this photo; they can even form a nice triangle centerpiece for smaller tables.

These were some of this weeks Savers purchases that I made when Julia was away visiting her parents in Oregon.  I love these corked glass jars, and I just can't help but pick them up when I find them... especially when it's a good deal.

This tin globe was another awesome find from the Flea Market in Hollis, NH.  The globe was made in about 1980, and features the global plane flight routes at the time of its making and some cartoons of landmarks from around the world.

These two were also sitting at a table at the Hollister Flea Market, but we passed them by at first... until we looked them up online.  We quickly returned and picked them both up for a very reasonable price. You pull the levers like a slot machine on these 1950's "Arithmetic Quiz" toys made by Wolverine Supply, and they give you an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem to solve, along with the answers in a separate window.

This is our most exciting find from the week: the oldest globe we have thrifted so far.  This Replogle globe was made during World War II, sometime between 1941-1945. When Julia noticed that Isreal was replaced by Palestine, she knew it was going to be good, and after a bit of research she was able to date it to within that year range. We found it at the same booth (and by booth I mean massive and messy collection of stuff) as the other globe at the Hollis Flea Market.

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  1. Great haul all around. It is always fun to thrift in new places. I think the elephant candle holder is adorable! I always admire globes, but to tell you the truth I find them too bulky for storage. I am glad you are rescuing them.

  2. O. M..G.. That Replogle is FABULOUS...I'm sooo jealous!!

  3. Oh wauw, these are some great finds! Finding a good polaroid camera is on my bucket list :) xo

  4. Huge coincidence this week over on Magpie Monday with both of us featuring elephants.
    Love the globe as I have a thing about them and the retro toy.
    Also the Buddha incense holder.
    Those trays are utterly delightful.

  5. I love the Buddha and the delphite Pyrex! Great finds!

  6. I love those brass elephants! Brass animals are always a fun find in my opinion!

  7. AMAZING scores as always. You two amazing me with your good taste and picking skills :) I thrift everywhere I travel, too. I was about to make an thrift store road map for my upcoming Puerto Rico trip...

    Gonna link to your thrift share in today's post. :)

  8. wow. those globes are stunning - especially the last one. wow again! but i think my favourite pieces are the elephant candle holders. those are so unique. great finds - and, as always, beautifully photographed!

  9. My favorites are the globes, trays and cameras and i think id have brought them all home too!
    Aqeela xx

  10. great, great, great stuff!!

    love the elephants!

  11. oh and i've seen a kitchen tile with the same pattern as those trays. A pig..i think i had it..not sure if i sold it..or broke it. oops!

  12. You are very lucky finding globes, I never see those at thrift prices.

  13. Love those trays, I have some like that in christmas designs. Fab finds as usual.

  14. Thanks for hosting, glad I could join in.

  15. That globe is cool. I've got 3 metal ones, but not one like that! My boyfriends mom came over & told me... "you like metal globes? I just through out a bunch at the school (shes a custodian)." The principal told her to trash them!

    I love them corked jars, too. We had them in the house growing up.

  16. The brass buddha and elephants- love them!!! All of your finds are excellent! :)

  17. Love the globes! My husband just brought a 1960's one home this weekend, and our teenage son laid claim to it. It looks really nice in his vintage styled bedroom....but it would have looked great in our living room too!

  18. I can't link up because I didn't go thrifting this week. :( I love the globes! I really want a big collection of them someday, I only have 3 right now. Can't wait to hear about California!

  19. I have that same Budda incense holder--I make tiny little flower arrangements in it! <3

  20. goodness i am dying over those elephant candle holders right now!


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