Bringing on the Vintage Clothes

I'm still in Oregon visiting my family (and wedding dress shopping!), but last week we did our first vintage clothing photo shoot and then ran out of time (what with all the California trip planning--more on all that wedding goodness next week once I'm home) to actually write the post.

We've been slowly collecting vintage clothing with the intention of adding it to our Etsy shop at some point, and we finally decided it was time to go for it. I'll be listing all of these in our shop in the next few days, and so I don't have to keep repeating myself, all of these items were purchased at Savers over the past few months unless otherwise noted. We're not looking to turn our shop into a majority clothing thing, but there are certain categories of vintage clothes that we tend to gravitate towards and think will fit in well with our style, which are: furs, skirts and dresses, and aprons.

I have an unreasonable amount of affection for this fox coat. First of all, I love all things fox, and second, this coat is just epic! Crazy gorgeous color, super cozy and warm, and all around awesome.

We posted a picture of this Kangaroo fur coat awhile ago, but we retook photos so they would all match and have a simpler background. This coat is very unique, has a great glamorous style with the length and huge peter pan collar (which can be flipped up with a button to keep it in place), and I like the blonde color.

Ok, this coat is not fur. But it is very soft, very cool, and very vintage. Love the texture and sheen of the fuzzy grey fabric and the intricate silver buttons. It's a bit big for me, but I still love how it looks. This coat actually belonged to Chris's mom; she was getting rid of it awhile back and I thought I would wear it, but it mostly just looks too bulky on me, so I never did.

This super soft little fur coat is just adorable with its hood and 1/2 length sleeves. It would be great for a child or a tiny adult, since the arms are very skinny.

This blue wool skirt is really flattering and professional. I love the bright pop of color on such a classic shape, with the cute side button detail at the waist. If I had a job where I had to dress nicer, I would totally keep this, but I never really have the chance to wear it.

This sweet little vintage skirt has a nice easy shape with a lovely drape. The small scale pattern is actually a simple paisley design, which makes it feel like a more modern take on a vintage style.

This pretty white sundress definitely fits in with the wedding theme, and it could work for someone's very casual summer event. It's a very lightweight cotton with a subtle all-over white on white vine pattern, and the tea length style with an under-layer of lace adds an extra fun vintage vibe. A stretchy back makes it fit securely, and the sweetheart neckline is super cute.

The little homemaker in me loves a sweet vintage apron, and this one was just too good to resist at an estate sale in August. There are abstracted chicken and flower designs in the diamond checks, the giant pocket is awesome, and the pink and grey color scheme is just perfect. We had fun styling this one with some vintage Butterprint Pyrex :)

Chris actually bought this apron, and it is definitely a unique find. The 70's colors and crazy paisley pattern are awesome, and I love the extra large scalloped hem.

What do you think of our vintage clothing pictures? I had a lot of fun picking props and outfits to show off each one. Do you buy vintage clothes? What do you look for in a vintage piece of clothing?

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  1. I love the blue skirt! Very Mad Men and stylish. The aprons are adorable.
    The furs however...let's just say that wearing them might still be quite controversal.

    1. Totally understand a lot of people don't like furs for a variety of good reasons. Personally I love the warmth and style of furs, and I feel like since these are vintage it's one less new animal that's dying for someone to wear a fur.

  2. Your vintage aprons are great I have a few myself.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Furs are not my thing, but I love the skirts and aprons. Nice modeling skills!

  5. The aprons and the fur are amazing!!!

  6. the pics are awesome - what a lovely model. :-) i LOVE the grey coat and the blue skirt. also love the LBD you're wearing in the last photo. great finds!

    1. Thanks :) I'm usually terribly awkward in front of the camera (at least I think so), but we had a lot of fun with this, and I really like how the pictures look.

      The black dress in the last photo is actually a skirt over a dress! I couldn't find anything to wear that looked good with the apron, and my black dress was slightly too short, so I put a black skirt over it to make it work. It looked pretty silly without the apron, but it looks great with the apron on. I wish the was actually cut like that, as it's just a bit too short to wear to work.

  7. Great pictures. I think you look adorable. :) Love the blue skirt, looks great on you.

  8. I want the kangaroo for christmas


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