The Wedding Ones: The Look and Feel

In case you missed the big news: we're engaged! Let the wedding planning begin...

Since these wedding posts will be a bit different than our normal fare at a living space (though still very much related to our style and being thrifty), we decided to call this series of posts "The Wedding Ones" Plus, you know we love to come up with weird titles for our regular posts. We hope you'll join us as we put together our own unique little wedding!

We're just starting to come up with a coherent idea of what we want, so here's a little overview of the general look and feel we're thinking about for our big day:

from here

The first thing we both agreed on immediately was that we want to get married outside amongst the redwoods; they're beautiful, epic, and a great symbol for a well-rooted marriage. We just bought our plane tickets to visit the Bay Area in mid-October to decide on a venue, and we'll definitely post more about the venues we're considering and our decision to get married in California. But no matter where we choose, we know there will be redwoods and lots of nature. (If any of you have any great San Francisco/Santa Cruz area redwood venue recommendations, please let us know!!)

from here

I love the aqua vases, the succulents, air plants, and the pop of a warm tone.

from here

I definitely want to incorporate some colorful vintage fabrics, to add some of the pattern and color we love.

Vintage fabric by Gabrielle Cie

We love crazy weird florals like this one; I have a ton of this fabric, which has just been waiting for a good project.

from here

If you've looked at most of our pictures, you probably know that we love maps...

from here

And globes. So there will definitely be some of that... maybe all our vintage globes as props on the tables? The colors on globes are just perfect for us, plus check out that sneaky air plant in there with the globes, too. (If you like globes, too, make sure you entered our giveaway for an awesome little vintage globe here!)

from here

We're definitely feeling the air plant thing. Chris has loved air plants for as long as I have known him, so even though it seems to be a trendy wedding thing right now, it actually feels just right for us.

from this post

Mmm... aqua, air plants, and a little DIY (I think those three things might show up a lot more...)

from here

I love this simple table with baby's breath bouquets. It looks so delicate and frothy (while being super inexpensive, yay!). Just replace some of the clear glass with, say, some aqua mason jars?

from here

Air plant / mossy log, anyone?

from here

Chris likes this boutonniere. We don't know what those curly-q things are (any ideas?), but the succulents and the ferns are right up our alley. This is a detail shot from this beautiful wedding:

from here

Just look at that lovely ferny redwoody goodness.

After seeing it on Go Haus Go (one of my favorite blogs, which is written by Emily who is also chronicling her wedding planning), I used the Sherwin-Williams Chip It tool to help me pull out some of the colors I am feeling for our wedding. I totally agree with Emily about not just picking two wedding colors, but rather decorating our wedding like we decorate our home, which for us means lots of wood (redwoods, check), lots of patterns, and a varied, but not crazy, color palette. I'm enjoying these two images I put into the Chip It tool:

The original photo is from here

I love love the colors in this photo. There will definitely be a lot more greens (all around us, and in our decor) and maybe some darker blues, too, but the rest is pretty spot on.

The original photo is from here on Etsy

I swear I didn't mean to have a vintage van theme to these two pictures... it just happened. This photo brings in more of the natural tones (greens and browns), along with our touches of white and aqua, though I think we'll also have some bits and pieces of a warmer color like the touches of soft coral in the first picture.

What do you think of our general color palette and style ideas so far? Any great planning tips you can give us as we're getting started? Have you seen any beautiful pictures that seem to fit with our style that you can pass on to us?


  1. I wonder if the curly-q things are fern fronds that haven't opened yet. It is very cool. Love the idea of having the wedding in the redwoods - so symbolic. Also, I like the first color palette a lot and am drawn to the Holiday Turquoise and Golden Gate - it seems that color is meant to be if you are having the wedding in the San Fran area. I, too, love maps and globes so I am anxious to see how you plan to incorporate those. Fun!

  2. Hellloooo priviledge green! Gorgeous.

    Btw those are purple fiddleheads, they are the supposedly edible tops of ferns, we see green ones at the markets in Vancouver sometimes but I have never seen the awesome purple!!

  3. I believe that's a fiddlehead fern. Here's another bouquet with the same. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/269165/fall-wedding-bouquets/@center/272502/bouquets#/98037

    Congratulations again, I can't wait to see how cool and crafty this will be! I love the look/colors already.

    PS: Please start a wedding pinboard?!

  4. Yeah purple fiddlehead! Love the priviledge green!

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