The Nifty Thrifty: Maps, Lab Glass, and Petal Lane

Besides the leather chair we picked up the other day we've had a few very dry weeks of thrifting, but things picked up a bit this week.

If you haven't done it yet, don't forget to go enter to win an awesome little vintage tin globe from the 1960's in our last Nifty Thrifty post!

This Butterprint Pyrex find marked the first of several great Savers finds this week.  We always love finding refrigerator pyrex (especially with lids), but to find Butterprint refrigerator Pyrex is even better.

We picked this up at Savers as well.  We love the mid century stainless steel and teak kitchenware, and this lovely tiered serving tray was no exception.

Julia deserves the credit for finding this full set at Savers the other day.  There are eight dinner plates, eight tea cups and saucers, one creamer, one sugar bowl, and one large oval serving plate.  They are the "Petal Lane" pattern by Taylor Smith Taylor, and they are labeled as the "1959 homemaker set."  It looks like these are pretty rare and collectible, so that's always good!

The other day, while I was teaching, Julia went out to an estate sale.  She returned with this adorable little vintage jewelry box, which was made by Earl Bernard in Japan.  From our research, it looks like Earl Bernard made lots of little whimsical jewelry boxes, bookends, and figurines in this style in the 1950's-60's, but we couldn't really find any information about the brand.  Our music box features a little  French candy shop called "La Jolie Marquise", whose roof opens to reveal an interior covered in fuzzy red fabric.

Unfortunately, the music making part of the box is a bit damaged; we think there is a spring in there that has been wound too tight.  I started testing it to try to fix it, and then Julia looked up these e-how directions for fixing a music box, and I had already done the first two steps.  We'll see if we can easily fix it, or else else we'll sell it as is.

The box is also lightly stamped on the bottom "Irregular", so we wonder if that is related, or if it's referring to something else... it's quite the mystery.

This large 3000ml piece of lab glass is one of two purchases I made this week at a yard sale.  It has a flat bottom so I want to put some bamboo and a japanese fighting fish in it, but it would probably be too hard to clean.

This was the other item I picked up at the yard sale this weekend.  These wood blocks have channels and holes machined away so that marbles roll down, and the blocks can be set up in any way you can think up.  We had actually thrifted another small set of these recently, and have now greatly increased our collection of these awesome creative toys.

At that same yard sale we came across these two boxes of vintage maps, and we bought the lot for a very low price.  The seller was recommending that we use them as wallpaper...  You've probably noticed we love maps, and this was quite the jackpot of cartographic awesome.  We put a couple of our favorites out for the picture, but there's also maps of Mars, the Moon, Antarctica, some ocean floors, and a lot more; we'll probably do a post on our crazy huge collection of vintage maps at some point.

What do you think of our finds this week? How has your thrifting been going? Also, we've been thinking of adding a link-up to our Nifty Thrifty, since some of our favorite thrifting link-ups have become more irregular... what do you think? Would you link up with us??

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  1. Sweet! Love the maps and the music box, hope you can get it to work!

  2. Oooh map heaven!!

    You find the coolest Scandi teak/steel ware too.

  3. The marble run is great, the sort of thing I would get for my daughter but play with myself :)

  4. Well it looks to me like you had a fabulous week thrifting! The china set and MCM dessert stand are really cool. And love love love the maps!


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