The Nifty Thrifty: Dansk, Lamps, and a Projector

We had another enjoyable week of thrifting out here (starting with our new cow hide rug that Julia posted about on Friday), and we're quickly posting a day early, since we're out enjoying our Labor Day weekend with friends.  We didn't find a ton of stuff like we did last week, but we think we found some quality items, so I hope you enjoy this weeks finds nonetheless!

This lovely little group of items is a selection of this weeks finds that we just can bear to part with.  I have seen this little black and gold striped Pyrex, but never in this good of condition or with the lid.  Normally we'd sell both the Pyrex and the white Dansk Kobenstyle pot, but the white is one of my favorite colors of Dansk... and it is in almost perfect condition.  We picked up both the Dansk and the Pyrex at the Savers in Nashua on Friday.  This vintage book is just too funny to get rid of; it's full of action-packed stories and exciting activities boys (and girls, too) might be interested in.  We found it in Rockport at the same time as this guy:

Ok, most people wouldn't have a use for this, but as a photographer and a photo teacher I just couldn't pass up this Kodak slide projector set for under $20 at a little thrift store in Rockport this morning.  I just love the faux wood paneling on the side of this projector.

Julia and I are always looking for mid century barware, and these glasses are just too cool with their silver ombre.  We picked them up at a Goodwill in Portsmouth, NH when we were up there to buy the cowhide rug.  This is the first time we have found any of this silver rimmed mid century barware, and we think we've heard something about shining up the silver, since it's rather dark at this point; so to those of you who know about these types of glasses, what do you recommend?

When it rains it pours, and this week was raining Dansk.  Julia found this melamine Dansk pitcher and divided serving tray, both designed by Gunnar Cyren, at two different thrift stores (Salvation Army and Goodwill in Portsmouth) on the same day!

We rarely buy lamps, but this little mid century set of wood and marble bedside lights were just too good to pass up at the Goodwill in Portsmouth.  Now we need to find some cool shades to complete the set to keep, or we might just sell them as-is.

We also made a great find at Savers with this crazy handmade blanket; it has solid black and pastel stripes around the outer edges, but the inside stripes are very fun and colorful.

Hope your week was fruitful, and let us know what you think of our finds!

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  1. Wooow...so many treasures. Love the projector, terra print pyrex, everything! I'm sure you'll do well selling those treasures! I feel like the lamps are rare scores, I rarely find little mod lamps like that.


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