The Nifty Thrifty: Brimfield Edition

Early last week I had the exciting thought that the third session of Brimfield must be coming up soon.  So we looked it up, and it was starting that very day.  My thrifty radar must be improving.

And most of the panels are sliding dividers!

Unfortunately, due to work obligations Julia and I couldn't go until Friday night, but as you can see from this awesome mid century modern room divider/bookshelf and the items scattered throughout it, we did quite well.  This was our third Brimfield trip, and easily the most successful.  Not because we bought more, but because we knew where to go, and what kinds of things we would be interested in.  So we wasted as little time as possible, and saw everything that we wanted to.  Unfortunately there were some brief downpours, but for the most part we managed to stay dry in peoples' booths.

Your own personal art deco death ray.

Ok, so this crazy thing is a vintage space heater.  That's right, it has a heating coil in the center of the dish, and the heat reflects off of the mirrored wall.  I've seen a few of these before, but this was smaller and more exciting with its art deco / art nouveau base and chromed dish.

Old, but aging well.

I know, we've gone globe crazy, but this was a great deal for being made in the late 1950's.  This Replogle globe, although it's a bit damaged, will make a nice addition to our collection.

Let there be Pyrex behind every door!

Normally we buy Butterprint Pyrex to sell, but in this case we're keeping this.  We've been looking for a good butter tray for ourselves, and we love using Pyrex in our own kitchen... So, when Julia found this one we immediately agreed that we'd found our new butter dish.

Pyrex in the fridge, now Pyrex on the bar cart! It's everywhere!

Besides the bookshelf at the top of the post, this was the find that I got the most excited about.  I love this Pyrex decanter with its huge round cork stopper.  I've even linked to one of these in a post about things I'd like to have from Etsy, but the great thing about Brimfield is that there is no shipping!

Oh Cathrineholm, how you look so good in photos... and in real life.  It's so weird going into a booth and finding a bunch of it; rarities are common at Brimfield. We bought these from the same vendor as the Pyrex decanter, and they gave us a great deal for the bundle.

'n' Fun

This Teach 'n' Fun Telephone is actually a set of colorful wooden blocks for kids to play with.  It's missing one red peg, but the spring actioned rotary function works great, and it still has an attached "cord."

The royal color came with Queen Elizabeth's coronation reel.

This was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me; I love view-masters, and I have never seen a purple one like this (I know it looks rather blue in the picture, but it's much more purple in real life). On a related note, I came across Charles and Ray Eames View-Master reels online, and needless to say, I'll be keeping an eye out for those.

We also saw one of these little banks from the early 1930's being sold for $95.

And last but not least, we found a small tin globe bank from the late 1950's.  Check out that green blob in Africa.  Yeah, that's French West Africa.

Anyone else make it to Brimfield this year?  What did you bring home?

P.S. We have some big news, but it'll have to wait till later this week to do it justice... (read all about it here!!)

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  1. I love these finds. I have a butter dish just like that one. Love the Catherine Holm; especially in yellow. I have only been to Brimfield once and so wish one day I make it back up there

  2. Fun finds! The space heater is super cool (so to speak) and I love the Catherineholm, especially the skillet. I would like to find a Pyrex decanter with cork in the wild but it still eludes me.

  3. such amazing finds! i'm green with envy about the great globes you found. i have quite an obsession with them :]


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