The Big News

It's big news time!

Now that we've had a chance to talk to all our friends and family, we're very excited to share the fun with all our bloggy friends (now that I've said it, I promise to never use the word "bloggy" again)...

We had some fun with the camera's timer.

Drumroll, please...

So sparkly...

We got engaged!

Today is actually our five year anniversary, so it seemed like an apt day to share the love with the world. It actually happened a week ago by the campfire the night before shopping at Brimfield. It was very sweet and I was quite surprised, even though we had gone ring shopping so I knew it was coming at some point soon.

Speaking of the ring... we found it at Market Square Jewelers in Dover, NH (fantastic store, we went to all three of their locations to check out all the unique rings they had), which specializes in estate jewelry, because you know we don't buy things new. Chris knows I'm a picky person, and I'm the one who gets to wear the ring for the rest of my life, so he figured it would be best if he let me pick it out (good choice, Chris... he knows me well). I was originally thinking of going with an antique filigree ring from the early 1900's, of which they had lots but none seemed quite right, but then we found the ONE. It's from the 1950's, which is perfect for us considering our obsession with all things mid century, and it's gorgeous. With one big diamond in the middle, and four tiny sparkly diamonds on the side, I think it's super glamorous with an awesome vintage look. It's surprisingly difficult to capture all the sparkly goodness (I just can't think of a better word than sparkly to describe the diamonds) in a photo, but I did my best.

I think it's also rather practical, because unlike most filigree rings it fits really well with a wedding band next to it, it doesn't look bulky on my skinny finger, and it doesn't have tons of tiny holes to clean out if I get paint on it or something.

The family. Bella was so not happy about this and Odo was quite the opposite.

We've jumped right into full wedding-planning mode, and we will definitely be sharing the experience here on the blog. Don't worry, we'll still be doing our usual weekly Nifty Thrifty posts and the occasional peek into our vintage-filled apartment or other thrifty projects, but we'll also start doing regular mid-week posts with all the details of planning our own unique wedding! Of course we want it to be very "us" and as thrifty as possible, so it should be an interesting planning process.

We're still trying to come up with a good tagline for the wedding posts (like "The Nifty Thrifty" and "It's Alive-ing Space" for our other regular themed posts)... any good ideas?


  1. You guys are so lovely and fantastic!

  2. Congratulations! A mid century ring too~how fitting!

  3. Cuteness you two! Congratulations!!

  4. YAY!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! The ring is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the wedding related posts! :)

  5. Congratulation to the two of you, I am looking forward to the wedding planning posts. I am sure it will be a lovely event!


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