The Nifty Thrifty: Lamps, Daybeds, and Enamel

Hey thrifters, we had another solid week of thrifting here at a living space.  During the past week I was housesitting and Julia was teaching art at a summer camp, so we didn't have much time to do anything else to post about, but we're hoping to be a bit more productive this week.  We have tons of art that needs to find good homes on our walls, and there's always more to do around our new place.

Back to the thrifting... here's what we picked up this week:

See the listing here! 

This Danish modern daybed was one of two that we picked up this Saturday at an awesome estate sale.  They weren't priced and were buried under piles of extra cushions and other random stuff, but as soon as we walked into the room we walked right back out and found someone to price the set for us.  They were a very good deal, just like everything else at that estate sale, so we couldn't resist picking up these iconic daybed sofas.  We're selling this piece on craigslist right now since its upholstery and cushions were in pretty good shape.  The other sofa is currently in the process of being completely re-upholstered; the seat cushion's foam is being replaced with a high density foam, the foam is being wrapped in a padding to smooth out the edges of the cushion, and all three cushions will be covered in an awesome blue herringbone fabric.  We'll of course let you know as soon as it is finished!

What a sexy toolbox.

I picked this fun little toolbox up at an estate sale last Saturday, but it got lost in the chaos.  It had to be shown though; I love the pinup girl on the top... classic.

Brighten your day... or night... or desk.

Julia picked this industrial gooseneck desk lamp up at an estate sale this past Saturday.  At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but it cleaned up quite nicely.  The red button turns it on, and the black button turns it off.

We love the pattern of the holes in this piece.

When we went back to pick up the day beds at the estate sale this Saturday we took a second look around, and we picked up a few more items.  This green enamel colander, a yellow 4 cm turkish coffee pot, and a colorful lawn chair.

So green and cheerful.

We also bought these enamel kitchen storage containers at the estate sale on Saturday.  These green containers were just too good to pass up.  These are enameled metal containers, and they couldn't be in more perfect condition.

One tiny and one huge.

Although most of our finds this week were from the estate sales, these glass corked containers were from Savers.  We're working on building a collection for an epic glass container listing on Etsy.

Hooray for Butterprint!

So much Butterprint!  The Cinderella bowls on the left were from the estate sale on Saturday, the small round bowl on the right was one of Julia's finds at Savers this week, and the larger round bowl was from last week.  We're going to sell them all as a set on Etsy; check soon for the listing!

I just hope shipping isn't egregious.

This Dru of Holland enameled cast iron pot was Julia's big find of the week from the basement at the epic Saturday estate sale.  This 3 quart round enamel pot is in almost perfect condition inside and out save for a tiny chip in the enamel on the rim of the lid.  We'll be listing this asap as well.

The spiral is almost hypnotizing.

We also picked up these fox hunt glasses at the same estate sale.  We love foxes, and it'll be very difficult to decide between selling these or keeping them.

This set looks perfect on this map... why haven't we used this one before?!

This great Town and Country Pyrex set of one oval casserole, one medium refrigerator dish, and two small refrigerator dishes (all with glass lids) is the last of our estate sale finds for the week, and we are excited to list these as well.  Refrigerator Pyrex is almost always a sure sale, but we don't usually pick up the Town and Country style.  I guess we'll find out!

Warm, comfy, and attractive.

This Baron Woolen Mills blanket was another Savers find.  We're always looking for wool blankets, but this is the first one we've found at Savers.  Some wool blankets can fetch quite a high price on the vintage market, but we will probably let this one go for around $60.

This is one of the whitest lights I have ever encountered.  Oh color temperature...

This 1980's version of the desk lamp from earlier in the post produces an amazing amount of light.  We are in need of a good desk lamp... maybe we'll just keep it.

A frothy blue sea of granny squares.

... And last but not least, this handmade blue granny square blanket was a purchase from a Peabody thrift store about a week ago, but like the toolbox it got forgotten in the chaos of things.  We will be listing this shortly as well.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we picked up this week, and please let us know your thoughts on our finds!

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  1. I LOVE THOSE CANISTERS! They are amazing!! I got some good Pyrex this weekend from the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Denver. I blogged about it today if your interested is seeing it.

  2. you folks have such a lovely website. great photography. i LOVE the daybed and the blanket - reminds me of the old, old hudson's bay blankets. well done!

  3. ahhh!! I LOVE that day bed! such a great find! feel free to link up here too! http://www.discoverystreet.net/2012/08/nursery-thrifting.html


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