The Nifty Thrifty: A Lamp, Glass, and A Desk Organizer

Hi everyone, hope you all had a solid week of thrifting...  I know we did!

It was rainy this Saturday, and the rare Friday and Sunday sales were non-existent.  No worries though, we always seem to find some pretty thrifty finds:

Wow... "nowadays" is a word (according to spellcheck)!

While on a brief visit to our old thrifting haunts we found this little Italian desk organizer designed by Rino Pirovano for Rexite.  It swivels from a cylinder to what you see in the picture, and unlike most other similar pieces we found online in our research, this one is made the original company and still has the lid.  This is our most recent addition to our long list of finds from the Savers in Danvers, which we rarely have the opportunity to frequent nowadays.

Holds vinyl, books, or magazines... like this awesome Aperture.

This wire stand is also a Savers find, but from the Savers in Nashua, NH, rather than Danvers.  I rarely pick these up, but this one seemed particularly cool.

Our Marimekko napkins fit great in this napkin holder.

Julia found these awesome Tupperware items at the Nashua Savers the other day, as well.  I had to convince her to refrain from buying some other Tupperware things, but this aqua napkin holder and pickle keeper were just too awesome to let go.

Mmmm... Cheese... or Chocolate.

This electric Fondue pot and heater were another great find at the Savers in Nashua, NH.  We've picked up a fondue pot before, but this set was just too good to pass up... and the heater still works.

Got horses?

Julia and I recently bought a large houseplant from a craigslist ad (she posted about it here), and in our communications with the seller we mentioned our Etsy shop.  She looked through our items, and had these for us when we showed up to buy the plant.  We left with an awesome new plant, and a large set of these fox hunt glasses.  Check out our shop soon for a full listing of this set of glasses.

Cork and glass!

This week we picked up two more corked apothecary jars, and three of the small glass containers.  We're planning to look for more and put together larger groupings for future Etsy listings.

This small glass decanter is beautiful, but not as beautiful as...

This glass decanter with a wood stopper was a find from the Harvest of Hope in Peabody, MA; it is an awesome thrift store with amazing prices.  If you live close you should definitely stop by!

This Pyrex decanter!

We picked this up at the Savers in Danvers, MA; we almost didn't realize that this was Pyrex until we were cleaning it.  We try to clean almost every vintage item we buy before photographing it... that's right, we're just that classy.  Anyway, the label is very small, but visible, although not easily photographed as we found out today.  We're a bit curious as to the wood used for the stopper due to it's light weight; it's clearly not cork, but it's also not the dense wood we've seen used for other stoppers.  Any ideas?

Let it snow!

I hope by now we all know that Julia and I love Pyrex, so you understand that when we found this snowflake Pyrex at the Harvest of Hope in Peabody, MA we couldn't resist.  We recently sold a divided Pyrex dish in the same pattern, so hopefully this investment will prove to be just as fruitful.  I also particularly like this pattern because I love to ski.

We're keeping this.

... And last, but not least, this portable lantern/lamp was another awesome find from the Harvest of Hope in Peabody.  We still need to find a battery that works with it (supposedly a 6 volt should work?), but we are going to camp in style once we find one.  This is an Ashflash made by AFC in Hong Kong (part of the British Empire at the time, according to the label).  It's probably the coolest camping lantern we've ever seen...

Any thoughts on this week's Nifty Thrifty?  Did your week yield anything particularly cool?  Let us know!  We love hearing your input... and even better, your words of wisdom!

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  1. Again, you got some cool glass jars, but I'm really loving that sunny yellow desk tidy!

  2. OOH we had a pyrex dish just like that growing up!

  3. I love your blue snowflake pyrex casserole dish!! And I had a fondue pot just like that one... I may still have it... it's in that little cupboard over the refrigerator that I don't open very often.

  4. I do like the snowflake Pyrex pattern! I actually got some cool Pyrex pieces for myself over the weekend. I plan to post pictures of them this week on my blog.


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