The Nifty Thrifty: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Julia and I went a bit overboard with our thrifting this week, but we're pretty sure we'll come out on top after we list some of our finds. We were MIA from blogging this week since we spent most of our time away from home: first for a few days off in New Hampshire, and then housesitting on the North Shore. Both trips gave us the opportunity to check out at new thrift stores (and old favorites we haven't visited in awhile), which resulted in a whole lot of thrifty finds...

Our best find of the week was this beautiful American of Martinsville mid century credenza.  We were visiting the consignment store in Salem when we found both this amazing server and the globe in the pictures.

Did I mention that we only paid $65 for this sideboard!? We were amazed it was marked so cheap, especially at this consignment store, which usually has higher prices. We snapped it up immediately, and it's now in our office holding stock and looking good.

This awesome globe from 1973 with its amazing clear plastic base was on sale for only $17.50; we really don't know what the consignment store was thinking when they priced these two items, but we're definitely enjoying the benefits. We're adding this piece to our globe collection, as a replacement for a slightly less exciting one, which we will sell on Etsy.

These are the other items we will be keeping from this weeks finds.  The polaroid camera has a sonar that determines what distance to focus at.  I couldn't pass this one up for my collection when I found it at an estate sale this Saturday, even though it was a bit more than I normally spend on Polaroids at $15.  We will also be keeping the yellow wooden toy car and the sheep made with real sheep skin we found these at thrift stores in Keene, NH, for $1 each.

I picked this Polaroid OneStep, case, and flash bars up at the same estate sale where I found the Polaroid Pronto from the above photo.  I think I might keep some of these flash bars so I can use some of my expired Polaroid film with my OneStep cameras, but I'll probably list this camera with a few flash bars.

We found this mismatched set of Danish modern candle holders at a thrift store in Keene, NH as well.  We're hoping to collect more of these for a larger listing, as we love the look of the similar but different teak candle holders together, and it's always better to have at least three pieces to a set (odd numbers look more purposeful, while two mismatched pieces just looks a bit confused).

We found this beautiful set of Danish seasoning-ware at the same Salem consignment store as the credenza and the globe, and we just couldn't resist picking it up. The wood looks amazing, and they're all marked "Stainless Steel Denmark." The tiny spatula is the best; what is that for?

We picked up these colorful Glasbake handled soup bowls with nice glass lids at the estate sale where I bought the Polaroid cameras this Saturday. They'll be up on Etsy for your buying pleasure shortly.

I know right! We found so many sets of salt and pepper shakers this week, but to find this many amazing teak items is just ridiculous. This set is from a thrift store in Keene, NH, and is marked "Burma Teak" on the bottom.

As if we'd have such a good week and not find some Butterprint Pyrex.... we picked this bowl up at the Salvation Army in Keene, NH.

This vintage globe was one of our first finds of the week at a thrift store in Keene, NH.  It's old enough to have the USSR and the Marshall Islands as part of the U.S. so It's at least from the early 80's. A lot of the globes we have found are made by Replogle, and they have a great site to help you figure out the age of your Replogle globe if you're interested.

At the same store Julia picked up this awesome little fireplace for a dollhouse.  We're always keeping our eyes out for cool dollhouse items since Julia took part in the I'm a Giant dollhouse challenge (check out her dollhouse adventures here), but unfortunately there's not a good spot for it in our dollhouse so to Etsy it will go.

And just when we thought we had no more Blendo (after selling the set we bought two weeks ago) we found this large purple pitcher at the Salvation Army On Route 1.  Julia really likes Blendo, but we rarely find it; we have, however, found many blendo-like knock-offs and dish-washed items that aren't worth buying.  This pitcher, on the other hand, is in amazing condition.

Taft not included.

I picked this handmade hot air balloon up at the Keene, NH Salvation Army this week, and I couldn't be happier about the purchase.  For our Etsy photographs we used a President Taft figurine by Marx toys.  Doesn't he look like he's having a good time?

This sugar pot, creamer, and gravy boat were Julia's find at another thrift store in Keene, NH.  The lid of the sugar bowl has a tiny chip, but I doubt it'll detract too much from it's value. It is the Sunrise pattern by Grant Crest, which was made in the late 50's/early 60's. It's quite hard to find any info about online, but it's very mid century and the colors are great.

This is the second of these Ashflash camping lanterns that we've found during the past two weeks.  The first one we picked up didn't have a battery.  So, when Julia and I found this one with a working battery and bulb we were pretty excited.  We'll probably keep the first one we found for our own camping adventures, and list this one on Etsy.

This folding measuring stick is another great vintage find this week at a Keene thrift store.  Rarely have we ever found one of these in such great condition.  This is six feet of foldable measurable fun... and it looks good too.

Julia picked this little owl nightlight up at the same Keene thrift store that we found many of our picks this week.  This'll make a great addition to our Etsy shop; we seem to do very well with small lamps.  The last lamp we listed sold within 24 hours.

These fun little Tupperware cups with coasters / lids were an enjoyable addition to our purchase at the Salvation Army in Keene, NH.  We haven't seen Tupperware with cool designs like these, so we hope that helps them sell!

These plates and bowl were made by the same company (Royal China) as Blue Heaven, a mid century stoneware design that we like.  Julia and I also like to ski, and love to think of fresh snow, so this simple gold (but not metallic) mid century snowflake design caught our eye at another thrift store in Keene, NH.

At Savers in Danvers this past Friday, Julia and I picked up this full set (service for eight!) of dinner plates, cups, saucers, bowls, and small plates, along with a serving plate and bowl, and a sugar and creamer set.  We're hoping to make an Etsy shopper very happy with this mod floral set made by Decostone and designed by Andre Ponche.  Like the Grant Crest dishes, these were also rather hard to find online, so we're hoping they are rare and collectible!

This is just the beginning of the 73 piece set of Swiss Alpine / Chalet by Stetson Marcrest stoneware that we picked up at the Savers in Danvers at the same time as the Decostone.  If you follow our blog, you probably know that we collect this pattern for ourselves, so we were excited to find more; however, our own collection is getting a bit out of hand, so we decided to sell most of what we purchased to share the Swiss Alpine love with some other lucky Etsy buyers.

We've never come across the salt and pepper shakers, the butter dish, or the little blue curvy bowl (what is that for?) before we found this set.

We're planning to sell the group in three sets on Etsy: the service for eight with dinner plates, bread plates, bowls, berry bowls, cups, and saucers; the ultimate serving set with serving platter, serving bowl, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, creamer, sugar dish, blue bowl, and small oval serving plate; and finally, this last mixed lot with serving plate, small oval serving plate, creamer, eight bowls, and eight bread plates. Whew, that's a lot of Swiss Alpine!

Well, as you can clearly see we had a great week.  Have you had similarly huge thrifty windfalls before?  We love your input; did you find something like us, have you been to these stores, or perhaps you like our finds?  Let us know!

Also, we seem to be having a weird sidebar issue that we can't figure out how to resolve... can you see the stuff in our sidebar or is it all at the bottom of the page?  It looks like it's related to last week's Nifty Thrifty post because whenever that post is on the screen anywhere the sidebar disappears to the bottom, but if you're on a specific post or an earlier page of posts where you can't see last week's post, the sidebar appears as usual.  Any ideas??

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  1. That credenza and globe are AMAZING! I saw that same set of yellow dishes at my Salvation Army (GA) last week; I almost bought them for myself because they were so pretty, but I already have five sets of dishes (yikes!).

    1. Thanks, as for having multiple sets of dishes we totally understand... have you seen how much pyrex we buy! :)

  2. Great, great finds! I love the credenza! All those little shelves and drawers inside? Oh my!

    I bought my very first blendo pitcher this weekend. Mine is green with a couple of tumblers. It really is a neat looking glass item.

  3. What fantastic, amazing finds. I'm guessing the curvy bowl is a gravy boat.

  4. Oh. Wow. You scored. I love everything you got. I just love that mid-century look. So clean and modern. I bought a platter that matches those white dishes with the gold snowflakes. It has no markings on the bottom. I bought it from a cute old man having an estate sale. He was so sweet. Your gravy, cream and sugar from Grant Crest are my favorites! Love the globe and never pass one up, but my son's room is getting crowded! Great post! Fun items!

    1. Thanks, our space is getting pretty full of globes as well... we have something like 8 or 9! Eeep!

  5. That sideboard is one of the nicest I've ever seen!

  6. Wowsers! What fabulous, fun finds this week. The credenza was a steal! Thanks for the link to the Replogle website - I think that will be useful as I collect globes and am always trying to determine the age. The blue curvy bowl with the Swiss Chalet set is a gravy boat. If you don't already use it, www.replacements.com is very helpful in identifying pieces (especially if you already know the pattern and/or the manufacturer). Also, www.robbinsnest.com is another good site for china and glass.

    1. Thanks for the info!
      We will definitely be using replacements.com for looking up things like the gravy boat.
      We're also happy to guide people to the Replogle site; Julia almost had a conniption the other day when she realized that several Etsy sellers were listing the same 1980's globe as being made in the 60's! DON'T USE YAHOO ANSWERS!

  7. What. A. Haul. That's really quite amazing. I'm moving to your side of the world. And the credenza's price? I'm speechless.

  8. I can not believe the things you two find! I live in the wrong part of the country for thrifting!! LOL


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