The Nifty Thrifty: Blendo, North Star, and the Snack-Master

Greetings thrifters! Julia and I here at a living space had a decent week; Julia finished our most recent DIY projects and we posted about our new (to us) mid century couch, but our Saturday of estate sales and yard sales was a bust.  We went to several yard sales and a few "estate sales," but unfortunately, these were falsely listed.  We frequently end up at these so-called "estate sales" only to find out that they are actually moving sales or just plain yard sales.  This is incredibly frustrating when we often drive much farther for estate sales (where there should be a whole house full of good stuff for sale) than we would for yard sales, which usually don't have the type of vintage items we are really looking for.  Have you guys run into these falsely listed sales?

Boo for one's of things...

We did find a few small items at Savers this week, including the mid century Libbey fish glass ($2 for a pair, but sadly one broke in transit), tiny lotus bowl ($1), and huge duck glass.  We're definitely keeping the first two for ourselves, but we have yet to decide what to do with the duck glass.  The small Lucy mug was purchased at our most fruitful stop this week: on Friday we went to a yard sale of someone who used to run a vintage store, and we left with a full car and empty wallets (we only had $37 between us, but we probably could have spent more...).

Everything's enamelated.

This big yellow enamel ladle is in excellent condition, and was also one of our finds at the Friday yard sale.  It may be a bit gratuitous, but we just can't help but pick up colorful enamel items.  I bought the red enamel Turkish coffee pot awhile ago, but we decided to sell the two as a pair on Etsy.


This set of eight colorful frosted glasses with gold rims were an exciting find at the same Friday yard sale.  We had seen these on Etsy before, but Julia and I had never seen them in person until this past Friday.  We believe these are "Blendo" by West Virginia Glass, but we can't really decipher the mark on the bottom of the glasses.  If anyone has more info about this style of glass we'd love to hear your input.

A very classy ring for you, Ma'am.

This beautiful cream rotary phone was an exciting find at (surprise!) the same sale.  We've sold a similar style phone, but it was push-button and this one has a nice rotary base; this one even has a great faded image of a greek goddess in the center of the dial.

The plate holder was our only purchase this Saturday... Wah wah.

This Friday sale also yielded these great mid century plates.  This set of six will be a great addition to our Etsy store, but they might be slightly mismatched.  The pattern is called North Star, and it was produced by Salem, as we know from the label on the bottom of one of the plates, but the others have no marking and a different footprint... any ideas?

So many food substitutions... I had no idea.

These vintage Betty Crocker recipe card boxes were a fun Savers purchase earlier this week.  We're not sure if we'll sell this as a set or individually, but one of them has some hilarious clippings (explaining what you can use to substitute for milk, butter, etc. for baking) taped to the underside of its lid.  Regardless of how we decide to sell them, the clippings will stay; they're just too good to remove.

Hooray for marbled plastic... so classy.

We also picked up these funky plastic snack trays at the same Friday yard sale.  They are Snack-Master Trays by Aim, and they have been specially designed to be held like an artist's palette, so you can effortlessly enjoy your snack and beverage anywhere.

Let there be light... or at least more of it.

And now for our most exciting purchase of the week!  ... and guess where we got it.  If you guessed the same Friday yard sale you'd be correct.  There were so many awesome items at this sale, but our cash was limited.  We might just have to send the people who had the sale an email about some of the things we had to pass up, but this lamp is a keeper. The lampshades are fiberglass with faux wood and cream stripes.  Very mid century, and very cool for only $18.  You can see a picture of it in daylight in our last post about our new sofa here.

Until we found this standing lamp, the living room in our new apartment was a bit lacking in the lighting department, but now we actually have enough lights to see the entire space at night.  Unfortunately, if we want to light up the entire room we need to turn on between four and six different lights in the same number of different places.  Thankfully we don't often need all of them on, but having them all is better than having to move lights as needed.

We were very interested to hear what you all had to say last week about revealing how much we spend on items we plan to sell.  Sounds like most people agree with the policy we have followed of only sharing the prices of items we plan to keep, but we'd love to hear any more input you all have on the topic.  As always, thanks for stopping by, and let us know what you think of our finds!

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  1. Grrr. I HATE those "estate sales" that are just someone's small pile of junk. I want to ask: do you have a dictionary? Look up what an estate is! I've started to pay little attention to ads and just plot the most time effective route for my Sat yard sales. It had paid off - I get to as many as possible and make better scores than chasing down false leads. Makes me less angry, too, lol.

  2. Your lights are awesome.

    Also love the pastel colours of the frosted glasses.

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. LOVE the enamel finds! I do love a bit of vintage enamel! Gorgeous blog too, I just discovered you through Me & My Shadow x


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