Natural Sculpture: Large Houseplants

We've always had small terrariums and little houseplants in our place, but since moving into the new apartment we've been searching craigslist for a larger plant to add to our collection. We think large houseplants add a great sculptural and natural element to any space that makes everything feel more alive (and we're big fans of "living" spaces... har har). We've seen some people getting rid of awesome large plants on craigslist before, and usually at very good prices compared to what we would pay for a mature plant at a nursery, so I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to find a new leafy friend.

We put the new plant in our front hallway for now, as it fits well over the stairs, and it's one of the sunniest spaces in our apartment. I don't think we've shared any good pictures of the entryway before, so here's a look:

We've got benches to sit on, my painting which still needs to be hung so it's propped, and Odo looks like he's about to ring the bells to tell us he wants to go outside; off to the right is the living room, and our crazy new plant is right in the middle, reaching out over the stairs to the front door.

It's a Schefflera plant, which probably had to reach for sunlight at some point, so now it has some long branches heading off in either direction. These photos kindof exaggerate its longest branch, but it is quite a strange shape; it actually reaches towards the window a bit on the other side, as well. It cost us $35, and we are very pleased with the purchase so far. Like our taste in pretty much everything, we like plants that are more unique than not.

Hopefully it will keep growing and get even better with time. For now we're using an antique piano stool Chris got from his grandfather as a plant stand (we added an old plate under the plant since this photo was taken), but that could change if we find another solution.

We're still on the lookout for more interesting plants for other rooms in our apartment, so if you have any suggestions for plant types or places to buy them on the cheap, let us know in the comments!

While we're on the topic, I couldn't resist sharing some large sculptural indoor plant porn. Here are some of my favorites from around the web to hopefully inspire your plant lust:

from here

There are tons of awesome things going on in this room, but the plant just brings it all to life. Use your hand to kindof block out the plant, and you'll see... the room is still cool, but not as amazing as it is with that big punch of nature.

from here

Same thing goes in this room. I have an indecent amount of love for that rug in combination with that sofa, the fireplace, and the hardwood on the ceiling; BUT it's that crazy Dr. Seuss plant in the back that totally makes it.

from here

I've been in love with this giant Fiddle Leaf Fig since seeing it on Emily Henderson's blog (in an excellent post about indoor plant- check it out here). It's like a huge amazing sculpture. The rest of the room isn't quite my style, but that plant makes it all worth it.

from here

Ok, this one is a little weird, but in my opinion, the weirder the plant the better. It's super unique and just makes this whole space feel more interesting and eclectic.

from here

It's like a wooden cave with one little ray of sun (the plant, not the actual sun...). That plant could be totally normal if it was trimmed, but I love the crazy tufts.

from here

The silhouette of this plant is just a block, but it's so interesting in its own winding, wiggling way (say that five times fast) that it works in a different, but very appreciated, way.

There you have it. Big houseplants rock.

Do you have any large indoor plants?  Have you ever craigslisted a plant before? What do you think of our new plant?


  1. I love decorating with plants. I would love to get some huge ones, but I know my cats would get in them too much. Your place is looking really nice.

  2. Nice! Just make sure they aren't poisonous to pets!
    Love the new place!


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