It's Alive-ing Space: Welcoming a Mid Century Sofa

Since we moved into our new apartment and decided not to keep our old sofa, we've been casually searching craigslist for just the right replacement. We had enough chairs to make it work in the new living space, but we missed being able to sit next to each other, so when Chris showed me the craigslist ad for this small mid century sofa, I knew we had to have it. A couple phone calls and a few hours later we were driving down to Newton to pick it up.

Now our living room area looks like this:

Piecing the sitting area together. I call this "The View from the Hall Closet"

The chairs had to switch around a bit to make it all look right, but the layout is generally the same, only now we can sit on the couch together to watch movies on the tv. Also, Bella likes to sleep on one side of the new sofa (can you find her in the picture?), so it has been providing some quality kitty cuddle time, too. The couch was quite a bit more expensive than our usual furniture purchases at $350, but we figured that it's still way cheaper than a new sofa and is definitely a lot less than this type of mid century couch is worth in such perfect condition.

In the right corner over by the tv is another new purchase we'll probably talk about more in the Nifty Thrifty this week, but here's a little sneak peek: we snagged this mid century standing lamp at a yard sale today for only $18! This is the only room in the house that doesn't have any built-in lighting, so we've been looking for ways to bring more light into the space at night.

Put a sheep on it .

Here's a closer view of the sofa. Love those flat armrests, the great neutral tweed upholstery, and the solid wood (probably teak by the look of it) construction. It really has nothing wrong with it, and is clearly very well made. The woman we bought it from said she purchased it at a vintage market in California several years ago, but it didn't fit right into her new place here in Massachusetts. Fine with us, as it fits perfectly into our living space!

By the way, I took these photos while Chris was napping today, so they may not be quite up to his usual high standards ;)

So what do you think of our new purchase? Have you splurged on any furniture that you just couldn't not get? Do you think the space needs a coffee table? We don't want to crowd it, but it would be nice to have something grounding the area in the middle...


  1. i think, I may have the same sofa! It's teak and made in denmark by Glostrup!

  2. I have no more space in my house!!! I actually saw a great mid-century hutch yesterday, but I have no more wall space. :( Love your cute little sofa. Looks comfy, Kitty approved. LOL


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