The Nifty Thrifty: Back in Action

That's right!  We are moved into our new apartment (check it out here!), and The Nifty Thrifty is back in full force!

It's for you...

We've been really busy with the move and various other events for the past several weeks.  Because of this we were unable to spend the time to give you a full display of the week's winnings, but this week we did our first photo shoot in the new place.  Despite our recent busy-ness, we managed to pick up some awesome vintage finds, beginning with this phone.  We picked this up at a thrift store in Rockport, MA while we were delivering our old organ for a friend.

Gotta have your apple and eggs.

We've been checking out the Savers in Nashua, NH, which is just about as convenient to get to from here as the Danvers store was from our Salem apartment.  This set of Jadeite (Jadite?) by Fire King is one of the many items we picked up while browsing the store this week.  We've never found any Jadeite before, and these plain oval plates and bowls are the simplest we've seen in our research.  Anyone have any good tips for cleaning them up better?

shakey shakey.

I picked up these mid century teak and stainless steel salt and pepper shakers a while ago, but they never got photographed. I'm really looking for a mid century pepper mill, but these were a bit hard to pass up.

This now holds our extra tea candles.

Julia was very excited about finding this small Pyrex cinderella bowl in the Balloons pattern at Savers.  We had only seen pictures online until she found this; sadly, it has been dish-washed so the color is a bit dull, but we're keeping it for ourselves so no biggie.

To keep or to sell!?

This hilarious owl embroidery hoop was one of Julia's estate sale finds this weekend.  This particular sale was very strange, there were a good deal of items to look through, but they were all pretty crappy.  There was a mid century bedroom set, but it wasn't as good as anything we had, and it was going to take a great deal of effort to pick it up.  It was only $50 for the entire set though, so it was hard to say no, but we managed.

Who... Julia.

Julia also picked this owl tray up at a yard sale this past Saturday.  It was made by Couroc, probably in the 1960's, is apparently rather collectible, and features wood and other materials inlaid in a phenolic resin.

Coming soon to Etsy!

These coffee and tea jars are made by Triomphe, a French company, and the lids have a bow and arrow on them.  We love the coffee and tea labels, and they are in great shape, too. We picked these up at Savers the other day.

Mesmerizing, isn't it?

Julia picked up several blankets recently including this uniquely patterned blue one from Savers. It's huge, well-made, and really cool with the organic ikat-like pattern.

Scooper duper!

This vintage ice cream scoop is my estate sale purchase for the week... big spender (it was 50 cents).

Mmmm... Butterprint.

We found this little Butterprint Pyrex casserole at another estate sale this Saturday.  It didn't have a lid, but we paired it with another Pyrex lid we had in our yard sale pile.

If only we had more lids!

We found these refrigerator Pyrex (minus the blue piece) at a great yard sale that we just happened upon on the way to estate sales this past weekend. We added an extra blue medium size refrigerator dish we already had that makes this a full primary set--we're just missing lids for the two larger dishes.

Turkish awesome pots.

I also picked these turkish coffee pots up at the same yard sale.  We've only ever found red and orange turkish coffee pots, so it was nice to find a few cool tones.  These are so graphic and colorful; they'd make an awesome addition to our Etsy shop.

Only one step!

This One Step Plus Polaroid 600 camera and case were one of many Savers purchases I made this week.  I love unique polaroid cameras, and this One Step Plus with Q-Light was just too good to pass up.

First Edition!

I also bought this Polaroid Spectra First Edition camera and matching case at the Savers in Nashua, NH.  I've had several of these spectra cameras at this point, but I've never seen a "first edition" model.

Warm and comfy.

Wool blankets are desirable, and hard to find, but Julia picked this one up at Savers this week.  Its blue, red, green, and white plaid pattern would be great in a boy's room.

No, we're not pregnant.

We'll be keeping this little blanket, not because it's the best blanket, but because it works well with our wall color, and we're looking for more aqua/turquoise accents in our living room. Plus, we like the airy and simple white chevron stripes.

Hope you enjoyed this return back to our classic Nifty Thrifty!  
Remember to check back every week to see what we found on the cheap.  This week we also have several projects in the works to add more storage space for our office stuff, art supplies, etc.

What did you find this week?  Got any new information about our finds? Are you into the owl trend? What's your favorite of our purchases?


  1. You did so well. I love it all really but the tea and coffee jars are particularly cute. You sure have a good eye for things.

  2. The photos of all of your items are beautiful. I love the jadeite plates.

  3. You got some beautiful pieces. I love the blankets and the tea and coffee jars best I think.

    Hope you're settling into your new home nicely. x

  4. Love all your finds, esp. the salt & pepper set...but WOW on the jadeite! I've collected it for years, and only found unbroken pieces twice in thrift stores, ever. It's hard to tell from the photo but those look like restaurantware pieces, which are highly collectable. A paste of baking soda and water can really help with stains, if that's the issue.

  5. your new living space is too fantastic for words. i love the wood and the light and the sloped ceilings... it's awesome! also love that phone and the s&p shakers. great finds!

  6. Wow!! What great finds! I'm very jealous of your little balloon bowl, even if it has been dishwashered. (Don't you hate when people do that to pyrex?) I have the matching large bowl. Hoping to someday find the little one.

  7. Love the pottery pieces! Are they a specific brand? Great colors...they look brand new!

  8. OOOO man o man. I am so glad that I found your blog!! I am so jealous of these finds :) I mean - That's a killer trip to the thrift sto if I ever saw one!

    Pleasure to meet you in blogosphere!


  9. I love the little covered dishes. I grab them whenever I can, too.


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