The Nifty Thrifty: Apothecary Jars and the Evil Fire King

Yard and estate sales weren't very lucrative this weekend, but we did find some quality stuff at the thrift stores during the week to share with you. Our Etsy shop is going through a bit of an upheaval recently, but we have a big "to do" list to get it all back in shape soon. Until then, you can enjoy our weekly finds...

Also, in case you missed it, last week Julia started a few spray-painting projects to add more storage to our apartment (read about it here), but it was too rainy and humid to paint more for the rest of the week, so she will post the "Part 2" as soon as the rain subsides in the next couple of days. Also, we bought an awesome small mid century sofa on craigslist that we will be sharing with you as soon as we take pictures.

finders keepers.

This small type drawer was my best yard sale find this weekend.  It already has a wire for hanging, and it was only $5!  I often see huge ones of these at flea markets, but they're always expensive.  It is also pretty rare to find one a type drawer that is ready to mount, which adds inconvenience to the expense.  I'll most likely keep this because it's particularly nice, and we have soooo much more wall space in the new apartment.

Taste that sweet plastic rainbow.

Julia discovered these awesome plastic mugs at the Savers in Danvers this week.  They're going on Etsy, but we're really tempted to keep them.  These were made by Chalet, but we haven't been able to learn much about them in our research, so please let us know if you have any info on them!  We love how they are each a different color but share the same retro shape and design.

"It's like Satan's Pyrex." - Julia 

I found this strange, dark Fire King casserole at the Nashua Savers this week.  We've never seen anything like this red and black ombre.  Is Fire King evil?

They'll hold just about anything... anything.

I love these glass apothecary jars... so I always pick them up when I find them.  They're just too cool to pass up.  I've been collecting them for awhile, but soon we'll start listing them in sets in our Etsy shop.

Hooray for Butterprint.

Julia bought this selection of Butterprint Pyrex at both an estate sale (small casserole - we posted about it last week) and the Savers in Nashua, NH (large refrigerator pyrex).  We love finding Pyrex pattern because it almost always means an Etsy sale.

And our new air plants look great in it.

I picked this all-glass apothecary jar at the same yard sale where I found the type drawer.  I like glass containers, but this one's shape is particularly interesting.

We just couldn't resist.

So... both Julia and I picked up some of this light green Pyrex at different times and places.  Julia found the casserole at Savers in Nashua on Thursday, and I bought the pie dish at the Salvation Army on Friday. The pie dish in particular has a lot of those dark black stains in the crevices around the rim and base. We've noticed this issue with other Pyrex pieces before, and have yet to come up with a good way to clean it; anyone have any good tips? Thanks!

Mmmm... Chips.

I also purchased this large glass jar with a wood lid at Savers a while ago, but it has just been hiding during our last few photo shoots.

... or perhaps wonton.

We picked these sweet bowls up at the Savers in Nashua, NH.  We're not really sure what we're going to do with these, but they would make great miso soup bowls.

The tea set.

We were quite excited to add a huge lot of Temporama (by Canonsburg in the 1950's) to our collection this week.  Julia bought almost an entire set of this dinnerware on Thursday at the Savers in Nashua, NH, including these tea cups, which unfortunately didn't come with saucers. We already had a good amount of Temporama waited to be listed in our shop, so we had to re-sort it into appropriate groupings and re-photograph it all.

The serving set.

This large casserole is one of the most exciting pieces we found this Thursday, along with two gravy boats (for which we realized today that we totally left behind their saucer things, so we're going back first thing in the morning to see if they're still there), tons of small plates, some other random pieces, and...

The bowl set.

This group of bowls (soup, cereal, and berry) is just a small selection of what we found this week. We'll be listing it all on Etsy soon!

We have a big question to ask our fellow vintage resellers (or anyone else who has an opinion) this week: what you think about revealing the amount you spend on the items? We've been conflicted about it, and ended up just sharing prices when we are going to keep the item for ourselves, so as not to put off any Etsy buyers with the low original cost of their item (we think we still give good deals on Etsy, but those prices are more based on actual value rather than how much we spent, which obviously has to be way less if we're going to make any money doing this). But, we would really like to share more about how this whole vintage reselling thing works, and we would like to share the money side of things a bit. What do you think? To share or not to share?

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  1. Love the Chalet mugs - so cool. I'm sure you found this but here is a link to an ebay listing that shows these mugs as part of a picnic set. Also, I read somewhere else that they are out of Chicago - not much else I could find. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-CHALET-PLASTIC-PICNIC-PLATES-MUGS-SET-8-/120717287490

  2. What fab finds!!

    Particularly love the printer's tray and your glass jars.

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. Try Bar Keeper's Friend to clean the Pyrex. You can find it at Target by the Comet and Ajax. Use care, but it should take off the guk.

  4. Oven cleaner works on that gunk...
    Not sure what to advise about posting prices on what you are listing on etsy. I feel the same way, that it's best only to tell what you spent on the items you plan to keep, however, that may not even be relevant. Are most of your sales from your blog readers? Maybe not. Plus, if collectors are looking for a specific item, they don't care what a deal you got, they just WANT IT. You did the legwork for them and they would probably be grateful that it is for sale. I'm looking forward to hearing other views on this subject!
    Thanks for a fun blog...

  5. Love that Temporama design, obviously not something we find here in the UK! I reveal my prices but I tend to sell on ebay (if at all) so no one knows about my blog. I don't think I'd disclose what I'd spent otherwise :)

  6. Wow all of that is amazing, but those plastic cups... I am in love, I adore them!

  7. Love the dishes, I usually only share the prices on the things I am going to keep.

  8. Im a pyrex addict, so I love yours and those cups are adorable! x

  9. Letterpress drawers are my absolute favorite. Congratulations!

  10. I wouldn't reveal what you paid for an item, that you intend to sell it. You don't want your buyers to sometimes feel like you are asking too much, you want them to feel like they are getting a great deal. When your blog is linked to your selling market, just seems wise to have a little discretion.
    Just like at a garage sale, I don't tell someone what I paid for the item, unless I paid way more than I am selling it for, and therefore giving the buyer a great deal.

  11. Nice find on the drawer. I love the Pyrex. I've never heard of Temporama before, but I love that pattern-- and how cool that you've managed to collect so many of the dishes.

  12. As always, I'm stunned by your gorgeous mod finds. Makes me want to hunt harder at the flea markets and thrift stores for the good stuff... ;)

  13. So many great things!!! Love the service. Such a clean, sleek and pretty look. I have a thing for Pyrex and really love that pattern! Love all the pictures on the map...looks wonderful! New follower!

  14. Be careful when using Barkeepers Friend on Pyrex because it can dull the finish really, really easily. To clean the crevices, I've found using oven cleaner (make sure to do this outside) works wonders. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe off with a rag. If the crud isn't coming out of the crevices, use your fingernail or toothpick, covered in a towel/papertowel/Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and go along the crevice. Good luck! *And yes, Fire King is evil :)

  15. I have very good luck with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on pyrex. It really is magic!!

    I love those mugs!!

  16. Love these!!
    xo sandra


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