It's Alive-ing Space: Salem, The Final Look

Julia and I just moved into our new apartment, so we figured it was long past time to do a recap of our old space in Salem.  Here are a few photos that Julia and I took once we had moved our things out, so you can see the bones of the space we were working with, alongside a few pictures of the space in its final form.

See what we we were working with, and what we did with it!

Kitchens are comprised of fire, knives, and danger.  This one was small and dark.

Without furniture we were able to take pictures of a few spaces we couldn't before when there was stuff in our way, like our tiny kitchen.

Oh the magnetic poetry that was written on that fridge...

We miss those glass-door cabinets in our new place. We just want to show off all our awesome glasses and dishes!

This room was key in the birth of the avocado popsicle.

It's great to see the nice clean space, but it does remind us of how much we hated the yellowy off-white paint on the walls.

So many things, so little space. 

Everything has already been moved to our new space and will soon find a home, but it did look pretty good in our old eating space. The bookshelf will be craigslisted away, but we're quite happy with its replacement (you'll see it when we post pictures of the new place soon), and everything else is slowly coming out of boxes.

Organs will most likely never sound here again.

I will miss this awesome radiator cover, but I won't miss how much of our apartment it took up.

Who needs organs anyway.

Sadly, we're going to have to pass on our organ, the Wurlitzer Funmaker Special, but it's going to a good home.  One of our good friends has adopted our Funmaker.  I'm not too bummed because I recently acquired a harmonium!

Not without my couch!

Well, we thought we'd take the couch along with everything else, and we did, but it didn't make it into the apartment and will be listed on craigslist shortly.  So we've re-entered the search for the perfect sofa on craigslist; this can be a very demanding hunt.

Oh the sleeping...

My closet is now empty, but I will remember those awesomely heavy doors that held my things safe... (except for one morning when everything fell to the ground.)

Our next space is almost three times our current apartment!

We both loved our Salem apartment, but with our affinity for collecting cool vintage stuff we continued to fill the space throughout our stay.  With such a maximalist style we had a pretty busy living space by the end, but it does look great in photos. We did our best to take pictures that make the space look as big as possible, but this picture shows how much stuff was in our way all the time... hopefully we'll have enough room in our new apartment for everything!

Dress up... dress down...

Sadly, Julia no longer has her own personal dressing space, but we have whole rooms to occupy whenever we like now!  That should make up for the loss.

Our new apartment has windows facing every direction!

And here's a peek at Julia's dressing room from a different angle.  It was a bit filled with boxes along with the bathroom, kitchen, and just about everywhere else they could be stuffed when we took these photos.

That's it for this apartment, but we are already thoroughly enjoying our new living space, and we'll be making many posts about it soon!

Goodbye Salem, MA. We'll miss you!


  1. Fun taking a look at your space and how you made it a home using vintage...you guys have great style!

  2. Hey guys, do you know if this apartment is still vacant? I love it!

    1. Hi Kelly- I believe it is still available. You can contact Pam of Fairmont Realty at 978-745-0356 if you want to check it out!

  3. I love the bones of that place!!!


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