Painting the Day Away: Part 1

Now that we're moved in to our new place (read all about it here!), we're realizing that we need way more storage than expected to hold all our office stuff, art supplies, etc. So, we're trying to keep it super cheap (as usual), and we decided to gussy up our old IKEA bookshelf with a little spray paint. Actually, a LOT of spray paint... who knew it would take so many cans? While we were at it, we also added a couple other spray painting projects into the mix. We ran out of daylight, and today was way too humid for painting, so we will be putting the final touches on everything and sharing final pictures tomorrow!

For now, check how we tackled this massive painting endeavor:

It started looking like this. We weren't too happy with the wood color (it just doesn't look very good with all our darker wood furniture), so we decided to just paint the whole thing white, so it would be a nice blank canvas to hold lots of books and other things in the office.

We started by removing the hardware, and taping off the inside of the cabinet part. We decided to just keep the inside of the cabinet unpainted to keep it simple. The hinges on this thing are crazy, so we didn't really want to deal with removing the doors... so we just used newspaper and painters tape to keep it all clean and safe.

Let the priming begin! We used Rust-Oleum spray primer and paint. By the way, I swear I'm wearing shorts under my super attractive painting shirt.

It was looking really splotchy after the primer, but we figured it would be a good base coat to cover the wood with white, so I pressed forward with the white paint...

Ooh, it's so pretty!

You can't really tell in the pictures, but it's still a tiny bit splotchy.

But still not perfect (after three cans of paint, nonetheless!), and I'm a perfectionist, so the painting must go on. Another day, another can of paint. Anyone have any good tips for making the spray paint look super even? I did so many nice even thin coats

The other projects we've begun are looking awesome...

What should it hold? Hmmmm....

Ok, we haven't gotten very far yet, but Chris has cleaned out the majority of the mail slots. Once that's done, and after a quick touchup of the white on the outside, it will be ready to go. We actually found this old mail room organizer (it still has some remnants of names under the slots) right across the street next to a dumpster. It sat there for a few days, and then I finally found some workers to ask if it was intended for the trash. They said we could take it away, and now we are very excited to clean it up and put it in our hallway.

I picked up this metal candle holder (the painters tape is over two taper candle holders), at Savers last week for $6, and I thought it would be super fun in a glossy aqua color, so...

Odo admires the pretty blue candle holder.

Boom. This was super easy compared to the bookshelf. I'm just going to finish it off with a shiny coat of clear enamel, and then it will be complete.

All this painting took hours, but obviously we have a bit more to do... we'll (hopefully) be back with the final pictures tomorrow! Have you done any spray painting projects to update old furniture or decor? How did it come out? What do you think about our projects so far?


  1. I have a heap of stuff I intend to paint taking up LOTS of space in our garage, my poor hubbie nearly weeps when he sees me bring home another project ;-) Love all yours, that mailroom organizer is fab!

  2. Like TT above, man, I have lots of thrifted projects to paint, decoupage, etc...gotta get to work. Loving all your before and afters :)


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