The Nifty Thrifty: Vintage Books and the Davis Flea

It has been a busy week of moving, moving, and more moving, which left us with very little time or motivation to thrift. Just trying to unpack and style our new space and explore our new area has filled our schedule (and then there's taking care of the puppy, too!). We ended up purchasing only a couple small items, and they are all for keeps. We've been trying to just buy things for ourselves (and of course not very much) during the move, since we'll be going back through our Etsy shop and re-evaluating our expired listings first before adding anything new. We're finally getting to the point where we're settled into our new apartment enough to start focusing on blogging and Etsy again, so we should be going strong again soon.

In case you missed it, the other day we posted a final look at our old apartment, with pictures of the space in its final form of decoration alongside photos of the empty space, so you can really see how we transformed the place.

This week we'll be posting all about setting up our new place with our own personal assortment of vintage awesomeness (don't forget, you can follow us on twitter or facebook to keep updated on all our posts throughout the week!), but until then here are the few things we picked up this week, which are already in use in the new apartment, so it's kindof like a sneak peek to the much much more we'll be posting later this week...

We went to a couple small estate sales on Saturday morning, which weren't very productive, but we did pick up a few cool old books. We already have way more books than can fit on our bookshelves, especially since we also want to style them pretty with art and other stuff, but we still can't resist picking up more good ones. All the stacked books on the left are just part of my novel collection, but the two leaning vintage books were half of the ones we bought this Saturday. Black Beauty and The Adventures of Pinocchio were both printed in the 1940's and have awesome cover designs and illustrations. At the same time we picked up two more...

The Wizard of Oz (from the 1940's) and Stories to Remember (1950's) are now acting as an attractive stand for some Butterprint Pyrex from our shop, although I'm not sure it's listed right now. What would a hutch/bookshelf display be without some colorful vintage Pyrex and lots of cool books? Chris in particular loves old books with hilariously generic and epic titles like Stories to Remember and (probably the best title for a basic science/biology book) The Book of Our Own Life, another little book he picked up awhile ago. We know very little about vintage books, we don't sell them, and we rarely buy them, so we basically go based on what looks cool or has a good title... not very scientific. Anyone have good vintage book tips?

At the same sale we picked up a nice Coleman pump for an air mattress (we were looking for one, so it was a good find), and we paid $10 for everything so it was a pretty good deal all around.

On Sunday we headed down to Somerville (just north of Boston) to check out a new vintage flea market, the Davis Flea. We are thinking of maybe applying to vend there later this summer since it seems like it should have a good audience (Somerville has a fairly young population) and is less expensive than our favorite SOWA Vintage Market, so we went to scope it out...

You could write a whole drama about the people behind Odo.

Odo came, too. It was his first flea market, and he had a great time meeting everyone who wanted to pet the adorable fluffy puppy (which was pretty much everyone there... it took us a long time to get through the quite small market). There were some good vendors there, but it is definitely still quite a young and small market, so we'll continue to ruminate on whether or not we want to apply...

Filled with Chris's delicious homemade Sangria. Ah, summer :)

I just bought one little thing at the Davis Flea, which was the glass on the left to match one of Chris's favorite glasses. Mine cost $3 and has different colors: an orange/salmon, purple, and green. It was exciting to find a partner for Chris's glass; a pair of glasses is much better than one lonely glass.

While we were in Somerville, we enjoyed some ridiculously large and delicious sandwiches at Deli-icious, which was just too good a name to pass up... plus they had outdoor seating where we could sit with Odo...

Oh and I cut off all my hair recently...

Not really thrifting-related, but it was quite yummy, and we love good food (who doesn't?).

Anyway, the verdict for the week is we didn't buy much, but we also didn't spend much (always a good thing), and we're quite pleased with the few things we found.

How was your week of thrifting? Does anyone know anything about those colorful mod glasses we now have a pair of? Got any helpful vintage book tips? Eaten any delicious sandwiches recently?

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  1. Popped over from Apron Thrift Girl, I enjoy finding new blog that share thrift shopping. I always seek out books at estate sales, you never know what you might find. Great treasures you found.

  2. Love the Pyrex the most!! They are lovely.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. OOoh exciting times ahead!

    Can't help you with tips on book buying I'm afraid - I'm exactly the same. Who says you can't judge a book by it's cover?!

  4. I absolutely love vintage books too and have way too many. i just cant resist the language and illustrations in them. I like to buy the ones that are utterly charming or beautifully illustrated, that i will actually read or use for a crafting project. Some amazing books get left on the shelves if i dont think i can read or use them - our house is too small!
    Loved this post and your house tour of your old place, what a great blog! I found you through Magpie Mondays which i also joined in with.
    Aqeela xx

  5. I love the 40s books...I totally buy them based on the cover art, too. Odo's also pretty much ridiculously cute. Glad you're getting settled in the new place!

  6. I just bought The Wizard of Oz on Monday, same series. I have way, way, way too many books.


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