It's Alive-ing Space: New Apartment!

The long awaited new apartment is here, and it took us so long to post about it that we needed to do a big photo dump.  These photographs are a selection of shots showing the progress of our move. We took two rounds of photos--the first when the apartment was mostly empty, and the second just the other day after we have mostly unpacked.


This is our new living space!  This room and the kitchen combined are larger than our old apartment in its entirety, and besides the fact that we had to buy a second air conditioner to cool the place, we are very excited about this change.  Take the rug Julia bought for our last apartment--it's tiny in our new living room, while it filled up the whole space in our old place.

Just so you're not all thrown off by the photos, these are compilation shots of our new space.  The photograph above is actually three individual shots, and the frame below is made up of four.  We figured that since we had more space we would try to give a more depth-full perspective.  And, yes, it was intentional to leave clear lines between the shots, I'm not a fan of "stitching".  Let us know what you think of these pictures, as we'll probably experiment more with this style if it's helpful!


As we mentioned in our final Salem post, the couch is gone, and for good reason; we had more than 14 chairs and countless other pieces of furniture!  Before, so much of our thrifted finds had to be stored in either my parents garage and a storage unit, but now our new apartment holds it all.  We're using this assortment of chairs in the living area right now, although we are casually searching craigslist for the perfect small sofa.  The victorian chair in the middle was our first big estate sale purchase, and it is still one of the more expensive items we have purchased for ourselves to date. It is a really nice chair, and you can't really tell in the pictures, but the upholstery has a tiny coral-like pattern.

Just ignore the pile of books.

As you can see, there are piles of books and boxes that still need to find homes in most of these photos, but we've quickly made the space ours.

Hooray for space!

The white Eames style rocker, credenza, and hutch in this photo never made it into our old space, but now they're living happily in our new apartment.

Only trees outside these windows.

Our old space had the worst kitchen table area; our window looked out onto the Salem sidewalk, where people could easily look right back at us.  Our new apartment in Groton, however, is surrounded by quiet forest.

Check out our owl andirons guarding our eating-space.

The new table space is very comfortable and even well lit, but sadly, the cable comes in right where my seat is.  Fortunately, we've pulled the leaf out, making the table much larger, and consequently increasing the space between myself and the routers as well.  Eventually we'll sort through that pile of cables and hide it all somewhere better.

The new kitchen is also bigger than our old space, but we'll miss our old glass cabinets.  Also, hooray for Julia being able to reach everything, but who builds a kitchen where you have to bend over to get into all the cabinets? I guess it makes sense with the sloped ceilings.

Wait!  Is that a dishwasher?!!!

Our new kitchen sports many new and exciting features: way more counter space, a dishwasher, a fridge that doesn't make incredibly loud noises, a lovely fire escape for our plants, and more power outlets than we could possibly ever need.  We even have enough space to class it up a bit with a rug in the space, but there is one downfall to the new kitchen: we no longer have a gas stove.  It's not that an electric stove doesn't work or anything, we just like gas better.

We can barely find each other.

This hallway feels longer than the entire building we used to live in.

hutch, hutch, hooray!

We finally have bookshelf space, but we can't bring ourselves to use it as just a bookshelf.  We might bring back our Ikea bookshelf from our old kitchen and put it in the office (after we paint it of course).  Also, note the large painting in the back right of the photo; this is one of Julia's large paintings.  With the great expansion of space we'll finally be able to hang up some of our own artwork, even the big stuff!


The biggest new luxury (besides the dishwasher of course) is clearly the private stairway / entryway.  We had friends over the other day, and nothing beats leading people up your new staircase; it only adds to the excitement and anticipation.

Julia's arts and crafts rocker and our Lane chest are now living in our bedroom.

We decided that instead of using the larger bedroom as our own, we'd make it the office, and use this smaller space for sleeping.  It's in the center of the apartment just across from the entryway; this makes taking the puppy in and out in the middle of the night quite convenient.  Plus, as you can probably tell, we get great light in the bedroom, which helps with getting up in the morning (and on the flip side it's the only room in the apartment with black-out shades).

I love the dark woods with the blue walls and sheets.

This is my side of the bedroom.  Everything is a bit thrown together at the moment, but the staples are there.  Also, the green sheets are out, and the blue ones are back again!  The walls in the office, living room, and bedroom are a very light aqua/mint color so certain things don't work as well as they used to, but the color is growing on us.

Om, nom, nom.
Julia's side of the bed before...

That stack of books is Julia's "to read" pile.

Julia's side now! Much calmer in blue, although we still need to add some art to the bedroom.

Check out the pink tile!

Bella loves our new bathroom for some reason.  We think it's okay, but the bathtub is kinda funky...

The linoleum doesn't look half bad in this light.

We need a new bath mat, but check out the cool new wash-cloths that our friends gave us as house warming gifts.

So open.

I look back fondly on this relative lack of clutter in the office.

It's always the boxes one saves for last that take the longest to get to.

So many boxes to still go through, but it is starting to come together.

This is also Bella's new eating space.

We're totally going to make art at this table.  This is before everything else showed up...

Think we have enough desk chairs?

... and after.  Our office is really becoming a functional space, but we still have lots to do.  Since the living and bedroom were already filled with everything that belonged in them, the office has served as a catch-all for everything else, be it art materials, crafting supplies, old files, office stuff, and all our vintage inventory that's not displayed elsewhere.

Besides the kitchen this will hopefully be one of the most productive spaces in our new apartment.

Check out our awesome new molded ply desk chair!

It fills up so fast!  You always realize how much you actually have after a move, but wow.  I didn't even know I had a wooden box collection, but check out that stack by the desk.

Thanks Trowt!

For the moving process we hired Trowt Movers from Beverly, MA.  They were friendly, fast, and careful.  We couldn't have been more pleased with the job they did; we definitely recommend them to any locals looking to save their backs.

We'll be posting more about the new space soon (including one of Julia's hand-drawn floor plans), but for now we hope you enjoyed the first glimpse of our new living space!  We love hearing what you think, so definitely let us know your thoughts in the comments!  What's your favorite part, or what do you think could be changed to improve it?


  1. I LOVE IT! This place is way cooler then the last place. You guys have great taste in picking places with great "bones". Much better then renting something new. I am in love with the globe display. I look forward to watching you guys turn your new place into a home. :)

  2. Wow! First of all, congratulations on the move! Secondly, you’ve done such an amazing job with your new apartment! I love the eclectic variety of the chairs all within the same area. It definitely lends a punch of character to the place.

  3. How exciting for you! Can't wait to see more of what you do with it!


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