The Nifty Thrifty: Dansk, Ericofon, and Chevron

We have been slowing down our thrifting recently in preparation for our move at the end of the month (plus we've both been sick :( boo), but we still couldn't resist a few trips to the local thrift stores, and we came up with some good stuff. It will eventually get posted in our Etsy shop, but other things are taking a bit more precedence over new listings on Etsy right now. On to the goods...

Chris found this awesome black and white Dansk enamel bowl at the Salvation Army. It has a great spherical shape, and the enamel is in excellent condition.

We were pretty happy to find more Dansk in the same week: this set of eight yellow plastic Dansk plates (I think they were designed by Gunnar Cyren) look awesome stacked and would be perfect for outdoor eating this summer. We found them at the Salvation Army, as well, but on a different day.

We sold one of these Ericofon style phones (it's a modern version with pushbuttons and even a flash button, as opposed to the rotary on the original Ericofon phone) in red awhile ago, so Chris was excited to find this one for a very good price at Beverly Bootstraps this week. It looks gorgeous, but we forgot to test it out, so we'll make sure it actually works before we post it.

I spotted this pair of Georges Briard teacups and saucers at Savers one afternoon this week, and I love the mod design and sunny colors.

The same day at Savers we also picked up two nice lap size hand-knitted chevron blankets. This three-tone green one, and...

This brown, gray, and blue super fuzzy one. It's actually sitting on my lap right now!

One plate, two large bowls, two berry bowls, three blue saucers, and a tea pot without lid.

Thanks to a comment from Mid Mod Mom and seeing some nice full sets on PDX Picker, Chris headed back to the Salvation Army and found a pile of little blue Temporama plates to add to our lot we bought there last week. We found five small plates and three saucers, and since there weren't enough to add to our set of six place settings, we're dividing the rest up into two mixed lots to be sold on Etsy.

One serving plate, two small patterned plates, five small blue plates, and a gravy boat.

Shipping would be really expensive if we put it all together, so we split it into two (approximately) even groups and people can contact us if they want to make a mix-and-match set (or they could just buy it all!).

It was a small week, but I think everything we found will be great in our shop. We're preparing for our own yard sale next week (more on that another day for any local readers), and a much bigger very exciting event earlier in the week - don't worry, we'll keep you informed :)

Like anything we found this week? We love it when you guys help us learn more about our finds... does anyone have any interesting new info for us this time? Did you find anything great this week? Thanks for reading!

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  1. I haven't gone thrifting for "stuff" in awhile, I did get clothes the other day! (No one wants to hear about clothes. lol) I love the teacups and saucers! Vintage pieces always have such great patterns and colors.

  2. Oh! - the Georges Briard cup and saucer sets- how lovely to me!
    (the Temporama finds are wonderful too)

  3. Perfect finds, as always! Your posts continue to inspire me as I strive to make time to set up my long-anticipated Etsy shop. :)

  4. I've never seen a Dansk bowl (Dansk is, in general, rare in my part of the country). I love it--so simple and elegant. Nice finds all around!

  5. Very nice finds, I would like everything please! Thanks for the link love and I'm happy you were able to get some of the blue pieces for the temporama.

  6. Nice score on the Ericofon, I keep looking for those in the thrift but they get scooped up too quickly. The bowl is really cool too!

  7. Lovely blue pattern, wonderful finds.

  8. Thanks for the link to PDX Flea. Somehow, I'd never heard of that--and the next event is this Saturday! Looks like lots of good stuff there.

  9. very cool finds! take me thrifting? :)

  10. I really like your inspirational outlook - you have motivated me in a deep and sincere way.


  11. Nice Product and designs it very nice work..

  12. Great post. I just have an ericofon like the one you are showing on the post, i'm from London and one of my friends of sweden gave it to me as a gift, i've tried to use it but it doesnt work at all, it dials but it doenst ring when someone is calling me, what do you suggest to do? thanks!

    1. Our Ericofon from this post had exactly that same problem! I think that may be a common issue for these phones... you may be able to find someone to fix it, but as long as everything else works expect the ringer, the easy solution is to have two landline phones--your Ericofon (which won't ring) and another phone that actually rings. That way you know when the phone is ringing by hearing the other phone, and you can still answer using the Ericofon! I'm sure someone more tech-savvy than us would have a fancier solution, but that's what we came up with. Good luck!


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