The Nifty Thrifty: Owls, Kangaroo, and Temporama

Another week, another Nifty Thrifty. This week we found fewer items than usual, but what we did pick up was quite exciting. Chris's favorite item of the week didn't get photographed yet (he doesn't want me to give it away, but here's a hint: it sounds awesome and might replace our organ), but he's excited to do a post about soon, so stay tuned!

First up, our only estate sale find of the week. It was rainy on Saturday, so most sales were canceled, and we only found three to visit. Of those three, only one had anything of interest, and by "anything" I mean just one thing, which we bought:

These awesome vintage owl andirons have yellow glass eyes and a fantastic retro style. The attached log holders have definitely seen some use, but the owls are in remarkably good condition. We're guessing that when they sit in front of a fire, you can see the light flickering through these owls' eyes. Now if only we had a fireplace to put them in... Since we don't, we'll probably sell them to a very lucky buyer on Etsy.

Chris just couldn't resist this hand-painted Polaroid transfer of Rockport, MA (a nearby town on the North Shore of Mass) at the Salvation Army on Saturday afternoon. The great thing about Polaroid transfers is they are one-of-a-kind, especially when they have been hand-painted. We are adding this to our personal art collection.

This sunny Pyrex juice carafe is perfect for lemonade on a warm summer day. Chris picked it up at Savers this week, and it will be headed right into our Etsy shop. We've been enjoying using food to liven up our photos (you'll see more of that in a bit), and we really like how this picture came out... what do you think?

This huge set of Temporama by Canonsburg was an awesome find this week by Chris at the Salvation Army. We've seen bits and pieces of these classic atomic dishes around before, but never in these numbers. No one else on Etsy has such a complete set, and we'll be selling ours in two units; first, this set of six each dinner plates, small plates, soup bowls, and berry bowls. And then...

This mixed lot of a serving platter, a gravy boat, a teapot without a lid, one dinner plate, two small plates, two soup bowls, and two berry bowls. We figure if someone is looking for a full set of dinnerware they can take the first option, and if someone wants to add to a collection of Temporama they can take the mixed lot. Chris actually bought the teapot a few weeks ago at Savers, and we were just going to keep it since it had no lid, but now that we have all this Temporama, we figured we would just add it to the mixed lot. We picked up the gravy boat on Saturday at Savers in Nashua, knowing that we could add it to this collection. Everything else was part of the set Chris bought all at once at the Salvation Army.

This doctored one gallon jug was just too weird for us to pass up at the Salvation Army on Saturday. It looks as though someone sliced a glass wine jug right down the middle and added a wood plate in the middle - it has notches for the glass to fit into, and a cork to keep it all together at the top. We're not quite sure what it is for, but it looks good with strawberries and eggs, right?

Chris is a bit obsessed with buying glass containers recently, and this week was no exception. This one has nice thick glass and an attractive shape. We bought it at the Salvation Army in Nashua on Saturday.

If this looks familiar, it should, because it's the second one we have purchased this year (we posted about the other in March here). Chris bought this awesome Fischer-Price light up globe at Savers this week, and this time we might actually be able to let it go into our Etsy shop. It features a sliding lens (on the left) that shows a scene from different areas of the world when you line it up over the white circles. Hilariously, we discovered that some of the white circles are a bit misplaced, putting the Eifel tower in Spain and the Statue of Liberty in Wisconsin. Oops?

And now for a few cozier items...

I picked up this earthy orange, green, and brown hand-crocheted blanket at Savers on Monday, when it was 50% off for the Memorial Day sale. Our other purchase that day, which unfortunately wasn't on sale, was yet another Lane step table to match the one we picked up on the side of the road last week. It needs some work, too, so we will be refinishing our pair together.

This beautiful wool blanket is in good shape, and is a black, grey, and white plaid accented by simple tan stripes. It would be perfect for a boy's room or on a sofa in a classy bachelor pad. I found it at the Salvation Army in Nashua on Saturday, and it will be in our shop soon, along with the other blanket.

We've been thinking about adding vintage furs (and maybe even some vintage clothes eventually) to our shop, and this week we're jumping into the furry goodness, because this coat was just too cool to resist at Savers, especially since we had a coupon for 30% off (love those stamp card promotions). It is made of amazingly soft kangaroo fur, and has a sweet peter pan collar that is actually designed to be turned up and buttoned together for extra warmth. We didn't even know that kangaroo fur coats existed (or that it got cold enough in Australia to warrant fur coats). Our lovely model is Chris's sister, Rebekah, and she affirms that the coat is super cozy and comfy. We love vintage fur because you can get all the style, class, and comfort or fur, while reusing animals that have already been made into coats.

Some of them are a bit different from usual, so what do you think of our finds this week? What do you think about fur coats? Did you find anything extra special this week?

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  1. Very interested to see your wine jug as I posted about one this week, also! I had never seen one before...I was guessing perhaps it was a cheese and crackers serving dish? Yours is lovely!

    1. That's so weird how people seem to find the same things all over the place at the same time... how does that work? It is such a strange item, too, but I bet you're right about the cheese and crackers idea. We just used eggs and strawberries to make it look pretty for the photos, but it was really hard to keep the eggs from rolling off as we closed the top :)

  2. Fab finds. I found a large set of temporama dishes last year at the SA, and I realized that I was missing all the blue pieces, as you are, so I wentbback and hunted down every single bit of blue temporama, I explained to the manager that they belonged together and he gave me a break in the price. I sold my set fairly quick. Good luck with yours.

    1. Your comment sent us back to the Salvation Army where we found eight little blue saucers to add to our set! We didn't realize they were Temporama since they weren't labeled, and luckily no one else seemed to notice them either :)

  3. Those owls are so creepy, but in a good way. You found some awesome things--would love that crocheted blanket for my granny blanket collection!

  4. Woah! The owls, those plates, the lamp...amazing finds! :) As always.

  5. wow! what are the chances! i saw the same glass jug just a second ago from Small House by the Sea (http://smallhousebythesea.blogspot.com/2012/06/week-ill-be-sharing-some-of-my-favorite.html) amazing! love the globe! hope i can find one here too :)


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