The Nifty Thrifty: Lane Chest, Phones, and Horseshoe Crabs

This week we had distractions galore (more on the big one in a moment) to keep us away from our usual thrifting, but we did stop at an estate sale on Saturday afternoon right at the start of their 50% off time, and we managed to pull together a bunch of good scores. If only we had had the gumption to get up and actually get there in the morning, I'm sure we would have found tons more! We also found a few other bits and pieces here and there, but most of it came from that one excellent estate.

Since we're preparing to move, we're very busy with said distractions, and photo day fell on Father's Day, we didn't have time to do our usual photo shoot (with all those maps you've probably gotten used to if you read our blog), so we just styled all our finds together in a little vignette and snapped a few shots so we could still share the goods. We probably won't have time to list any of this stuff in our Etsy shop until after our move, anyway, so this will just have to do until then.

We'll zoom in all all the "smalls" next, so let's focus on the bigger pieces first. A week or two ago Chris and I were both sick, but we just couldn't pass up this beautiful Lane cedar chest on craigslist, so we drove up to Salisbury to buy it for $85 from a very interesting guy. We're planning to keep it for ourselves, and maybe put it at the end of our bed in our new apartment. It's basically in perfect condition; the wood is gorgeous, it has a drawer under the chest part, and it even has its original tags inside calling it a "sweetheart chest." Awww. It's doing a great job keeping all our vintage blankets safe. We've amassed quite a collection at this point.

The other bigger piece is yet another mid century ottoman, which we found at the estate sale at an unreasonably low price, and then it was half off! We love the shape of these guys, and we just can't say no, especially when they are in great condition like this one. The legs just have a few scratches, and there are a couple tiny marks on the neutral vinyl upholstery. Overall, this is one of the nicest ones we have found, and we hope the nice neutral color will help it sell quickly.

The lamp we bought at the estate sale, and it is an awesome piece of lab glass with a cork holding up the functional lamp parts. I saw it and immediately knew it would be right up Chris's alley, since he is obsessed with lab glass recently. It came with a hideous shade, so we'll have to replace that, and we'll probably switch out the beans that came inside it for something more exciting. Chris bought the corked glass container at the Salvation Army, and the black vintage phone was another estate sale score.

These three horseshoe crab shells are just a few from a whole shoebox full that Chris picked up at the estate sale. They are all nicely cleaned and shiny, and he is planning to put together some cool shadowboxes or something with them. There was a whole shelf full of shells in the basement at this estate sale... it's so interesting to see what people were interested in, and how they spent their time/money.

We found this awesome red rotary phone at one of our favorite thrift stores in Peabody last weekend. We are always excited to find a nice rotary phone, and we know that there are tons of people out there who love red (we happen to not be amongst them, but we're happy to serve them in our Etsy shop!), so the color was an extra bonus, and helped us justify spending a bit more than we usually do.

The little brown desk lamp came in its original box at the estate sale, and works perfectly. We haven't decided yet if we're going to keep it for ourselves or sell it. Chris got this sweet roll-up metal filing box when he helped clean out the old darkroom at the school where I work (and where he went to elementary/middle school way back when). They were trying to get rid of most of the old stuff in there, so Chris ended up with quite a few treasures for us, but this was probably the best.

Check out that optical illusion! We dug up this awesome little framed piece in the basement at the estate sale and walked away with it for only 50 cents. It will be added to our ever growing art collection and will hopefully find a home on the walls of our new apartment.

But by far the best find of the week (The year! More than that!) was our brand new, and very distracting (blog? what blog?) PUPPY!!

Just bask in the glory of his cuteness for a moment... I do it all the time these days. He's such a cuddle bug and is just the sweetest little puppy we could have asked for. He came to the estate sale on Saturday and helped us pick out all the good stuff while fending off "oohs" and "ahhs" from the admiring masses. Chris is editing all the photos we took, and he'll have a full post with all the details on our adorable new friend in a couple days, so make sure you come back for more puppy love!

Well now I'm totally lost thinking about our lovely puppy instead of all the vintage finds I was supposed to be writing about, but maybe you can bring me back... what do you think of this week's purchases? Are you someone who likes to decorate with red? Are you a fan of optical illusion artwork? Did you find anything cool this week, too? How are the estate and yard sales in your area treating you this spring (almost summer!)?

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  1. Oh my, that's a cute dog. Pomeranian? Mix? Nice haul, too!

    1. Thanks! He is an American Eskimo puppy.

  2. I liked all your finds, especially the optical illusion art and the lab lamp. Great finds...Connie

  3. Super finds, I particularly liked --oh wait PUPPY!!!!! What a cutie --please don't keep us waiting for the important info like name, how old, cute habits so far, etc. :) Congrats on your new (ADORABLE) furbaby (and the ottoman is awesome ;)


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